Condominium Questionnaire

Condominium Questionnaire

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Project Name
City State Zip Code
I . Has control of the project been turned over to the H.OA?

Date turned over:

Yes No
2. Are the amenities complete? Yes No
3.   Is all construction or phases complete? Yes No
4. Are common areas and recreational facilities associated with  the entire project (or the subject phase) complete?

•If no, does the project developer have sufficient funds for completion?

Yes No
Yes No
5.    Is condo project a cooperative? Yes No
6.    Is the condo project a condo hotel? Yes
7. Is the project a timeshare or segmented ownership protect? Yes No
8. Is the project a multi-dwelling unit condominium (in ‘Which ownership of multiple units Is evidenced by a  deed and mortgage? Yes No
9. Does the condominium complex represent a legal, but nonconforming use of the land (if zoning regulations prohibit rebuilding to current density in the event of destruction? Yes No
IO- Is the project a conversion?

if yes is the conversion a gut rehabilitation? (Where the renovation has stripped the property to the shell and all HVAC and electric components have been re laced.

Yes No
Yes No
If the builder is in control of the project, or the H.O.A. has been in control far less than a year, please submit the Declarations, B laws. Insurance Cert, Bud et and Appraisal with the completed questionnaire.
Il. Is the Project built on a Leasehold Estate? Yes No
Number Of Phases


Subject Phase
Total Number of Units
Total Number of Units for Sale
Total Number of Units Sold
Total Number of Units Rented (Investor Owned)
Total Number of Owner Occupant (Principal Residences & Second Homes)
Does any single entity own more than 10% of the total units in the entire project? Yes No
Highest number of units owned by one entity
12- is any portion of the project designated Tor commercial use only?

If yes, what percentage of the project?

Yes No
13. Does the condo complex:
a. Allow Daily Rentals?

Percentage available for daily rentals

Yes No
Contain a rental desk? Yes No
                       c.   Participate on a mandatory rental pool? Yes No
Provide food service? No
e.      Provide daily Housekeeping?

f.       Provide Blackout dates restricting the owner’s use.

14. Is the protect the subject of current litigation? Yes No
Please provide a letter of explanation far any litigation.
15. What is the amount currently held in reserves for replacement or repatr of mator components? s
16. Total number of unit owners currently over 30 days past cue with their monthly H.O.A. fees.
Total dollar amount of past due.
17. Are the taxes for the individual units included In the H-O-A lees? Yes No
Projects in which the taxes are included in the H.O.A fees are ineligible.
HOA contact Phone Number


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