VA Manufactured Home Guidelines

VA Manufactured Home Guidelines On VA Loans

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In this blog, we will discuss and cover VA manufactured home guidelines on VA loans.

Gustan Cho Associates has invested substantial time tailoring loan programs to cater to our nation’s veterans, including those seeking VA loans for manufactured homes. Many of our borrowers opt for VA loans, and we have earned a national five-star reputation due to our adherence to VA Manufactured Home Guidelines.

Importantly, we maintain a policy of no lender overlays on VA loans, ensuring that veterans are not subjected to minimum credit score requirements or maximum debt-to-income ratio caps on AUS-approved VA loan findings. Additionally, VA loans for manufactured homes do not have a maximum loan limit, providing veterans with ample financing opportunities.

VA Lenders with No Lender Overlays

VA mortgage loans are instrumental in helping veterans purchase homes and support their families, adhering to VA Manufactured Home Guidelines. A substantial segment of our clientele consists of veterans who qualify and receive approval for VA loans without lender overlays, contingent upon their adherence to timely payments for the past 12 months.

Consequently, we actively engage in programs to advance our veteran community’s financial success within the framework of VA Manufactured Home Guidelines.

Specialty VA Loan Programs at Gustan Cho Associates

Gustan Cho Associates is dedicated to providing VA RENOVATION LOAN solutions, mirroring HUD’s FHA 203k loans. Our firm participates in the Mortgage For Heroes program and offers comprehensive VA MANUAL UNDERWRITING services. We prioritize assisting individuals honorably serving our country, recognizing their pivotal role in safeguarding our freedoms.

Throughout the recent months, we’ve observed a surge in inquiries from veterans regarding the acquisition of manufactured properties.

In this blog, we aim to shed light on navigating the VA Manufactured Home Guidelines with Gustan Cho Associates, empowering veterans with insights into leveraging VA loans for purchasing manufactured homes. We delve into the significance of manufactured properties and offer essential considerations for prospective buyers to ensure informed decision-making. Click here to apply for VA lender with no lender overlay

What Are Manufactured Homes

Understanding VA Manufactured Home Guidelines is crucial before purchasing such properties. As per the definition provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), a manufactured home is a structure that can be transported in one or more sections. These homes adhere to Federal Manufactured Construction and Safety Standards, ensuring their structural integrity and safety. Familiarizing oneself with these guidelines is essential for anyone considering buying or financing a manufactured home through a VA loan.

What is the Oldest Manufactured Home That Can be Financed?

The age of the manufactured home that can be financed can vary depending on the lender’s policies and state regulations. Generally, lenders may have restrictions on financing older manufactured homes due to concerns about their condition, compliance with current building codes, and depreciation.

Lenders may have a minimum age requirement, typically around 10 to 20 years old, for the manufactured home to qualify for financing. Homes older than this threshold may face more scrutiny during the appraisal process and require additional inspections to meet safety and structural standards.

It’s essential to check with individual lenders to understand their specific requirements regarding the age of the manufactured home for financing. State regulations may also influence financing options for older manufactured homes, so it’s advisable to research local laws and regulations relevant to your situation.

Are Trailer Homes Mobile?

Yes, trailer homes, also known as mobile homes or manufactured homes, are designed to be mobile. Mobile homes are constructed in factories and then transported to the desired location, unlike traditional stick-built homes built on-site. They are typically mounted on wheels and have towing mechanisms, allowing them to be moved from one place to another, hence the term “mobile.”

While mobile homes are designed for mobility, many owners place them in a permanent location, where they are often placed on a foundation or set up in a mobile home park. Mobile homes can still be moved once installed in a permanent location, but it typically requires specialized equipment and may involve significant costs.

It’s worth noting that the term “mobile home” is sometimes used interchangeably with “manufactured home.” However, “manufactured home” is a more modern term that reflects construction standards and regulation advancements. Homes manufactured today are constructed in compliance with strict federal building codes administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Can You Do VA on a Manufactured Home?

Using a VA mortgage is one of the best programs to use to buy a manufactured home. It must be clearly labeled with the certification that it is built to these standards. Any manufactured home built to be specific standards is a complete dwelling designed for year-round living. That is important because you can only use a VA loan to purchase your primary residence.

Manufactured Home Requirements on VA Loans

The home itself is constructed in a factory on a permanent steel frame and later transported to the site where the axles are then removed and the home itself is attached to a permanent foundation. Being attached to a permanent foundation is critical for buying the property. If the property itself is not attached to a permanent foundation, we cannot offer a mortgage loan on that property. Rules of thumb, if the house can easily be moved, do you need a personal loan, not a mortgage. 

VA Manufactured Home Guidelines On Property Requirements

VA Manufactured Home Guidelines On Property Requirements:

  • Now that we understand what a manufactured property is, let’s go into some specifics on the properties themselves
  • Back on June 15, 1976, HUD enacted the new building standards for manufactured properties
  • In order to be eligible 4 mortgage financing manufactured property must be constructed after June 15th, 1976
  • The property must be considered “real estate” and not on leased land (you must own the land below the manufactured home)
  • The home itself must be attached permanently to a foundation up to FHA guidelines
  • If the home itself passes the checkpoints just listed, a HUD certification label often referred to as a HUD tag will be affixed to the exterior

This tag will be a company with a HUD data plate which will help the appraiser confirm the manufacturer’s name model name, year manufactured, and serial number to the specific property.

Using VA Loan To Purchase A Manufactured Home

How to use your VA loan to buy a manufactured property:

  • Utilizing your VA benefits to buy a manufactured property is very easy with Gustan Cho Associates
  • The beginning of the process is no different than buying a stick-built property

Below are the steps to apply for a VA mortgage with Gustan Cho Associates:

Step 1:

  • Call Mike Gracz on (800) 900-8569. After a brief one-on-one consultation, either Mike or one of the other loan officers at Gustan Cho Associates will help you

Step 2: Send in the following documentation:

  • Last 60 Days Bank Statements – to source money for escrows
  • Last 30 Days Pay Stubs
  • Last Two Years W2’S
  • Last Two Years Tax Returns
  • Driver’s License
  • Certificate of Eligibility 
  • (additional documents may be needed)

Step 3:

  • Obtain Pre-Approval Letter
  • Depending on your qualifications, you may need to work on credit or assets before obtaining the pre-approval letter
  • If you do not qualify today, our team will put you on a fully customized financial plan to qualify for your VA loan as soon as possible
  • Assuming we were able to get you pre-approved, you will then be able to go out and shop for a home

Step 4:

  • Submit an offer to purchase a home
  • Once you and your family select the property you would like to buy and your offer is accepted, you will send the contract to your loan officer

Step 5:

  • Loan Disclosure package
  • The support staff at Lone cabin will send you all of your loan disclosures
  • This is when the process officially starts
  • For more information on the loan process, please see our MORTGAGE PROCESS TIMELINE BLOG

Step 6:

  • Appraisal, Engineering Certificate, Underwriting
  • Congratulations on making it to this Milestone
  • Now that the disclosure package is signed, it is time to order your appraisal and Engineering certificate for the manufactured property
  • While those processes are being completed, your loan will be submitted to the underwriter
  • Once the underwriter completes the initial approval, you will send in remaining documentation to achieve your clear to close
  • The engineering certificate is part of buying a manufactured property
  • This stuff is not part of buying a stick-built home

Step 7: 

  • Receive official clear to close and set up your closing

Step 8:

  • Close at the title company and sign the loan documents. GET KEYS!!

Now it is time to celebrate. You are officially a homeowner!!! Click here to apply for VA to purchase a manufactured home

What Is An Engineer’s Certification

What is an engineer’s certification? As mentioned above, this Engineer’s Certificate is only part of the process when purchasing a manufactured property. The lender will require an engineer certification on foundation compliance. A professional and licensed structural engineer must certify with a stamped letter that the foundation of the manufactured property meets or exceeds the HUD guidelines.

It needs to abide by the rules and requirements that are specified in “The Permanent Foundation Guidelines for Manufactured Homes (PFGMH), put in place in September 1996”.

Other Rules And Regulations During Manufactured Home Buying Process

The lender must be provided verbiage that there is no visual indication that the manufactured home has been previously installed or occupied at another site or location. This verbiage must be on the engineer’s certificate of compliance or the appraisal.

If there are improvements to the structure such as in addition, the structural engineer must provide verbiage that the improvements meet the HUD guidelines specified in the PFGMH. The cost of this engineering certification is the responsibility of the veteran. The lender must accurately disclose this fee to the borrower on the initial application.

In some instances, a previous engineer certificate can be used as long as it is dated within five years of buying the manufactured property. Restrictions apply. 

Drawbacks In Purchasing Manufactured Homes

Drawbacks to buying a manufactured home. Many Americans want to purchase manufactured homes because of the price point and location. Usually, a manufactured property is cheaper than a stick-built home. They are also on larger plots of land. The privacy and solitude outside of major cities is a major draw for manufactured homes.

Some things to consider if you choose a manufactured property. Your insurance cost will be higher than a stick-built property. This is due to the higher chance of damage with extreme weather. Contact your insurance agent for more about your additional premiums.

VA Manufactured Home Guidelines: Upfront Costs With Buying A Manufactured Home with VA Loans

The Upfront costs associated with buying a manufactured home are also higher than a stick-built property. The main difference is the engineer structure report. The dollar amount for an Engineer’s Structure Report can vary quite a bit depending on the size of the property and location.

If for any reason the property does not pass an appraisal or Structural Engineering report, the borrower loses all funds spent on those inspections. Adding a small amount of financial risk in the buying process.

Other Lending Requirements And VA Mortgage Guidelines

VA Manufactured Home Guidelines

It is no secret that a VA mortgage loan is usually the best loan product available to our veterans. They do not require a down payment, do you not have monthly mortgage insurance, and usually have lower interest rates compared to conventional mortgages. This creates a trifecta opening homeownership to our brave veterans.

Understanding The Basic VA Agency Mortgage Guidelines

Many veterans reach out to Gustan Cho Associates for confusion on VA guidelines. This is due to the fact that most lenders have lender overlays on their VA mortgage products. Many lenders will tell you to need a 620 credit score to apply for a VA loan. However, that is an overlay, not a guideline. The VA guideline does not have a minimum credit score requirement.

VA Manufactured Home Guidelines and How Mortgage Underwriters Analyze Borrowers of Manufactured Homes

To obtain a VA loan, underwriters are more interested in your payment history than your actual credit score. If you have the past 12 months with all on-time payments and no non-medical collections, chances are we can get you approved You will need to have a little money in the bank for closing costs and reserves. The seller can also contribute up to 4% of the purchase price to help you pay for your closing cost.

VA Manufactured Home Guidelines Versus Lender Overlays

Not all VA lenders have the same mortgage guidelines on VA loans. Gustan Cho Associates is a mortgage company licensed in 48 states with no lender overlays on VA loans. For more information on the VA loan products that we offer, please call (800) 900-8569. You may also email Mike Gracz at

Qualifying For VA Manufactured Home Loans With A Lender With No Overlays On VA Loans

Contact Gustan Cho Associates for more details on buying a manufactured property with your VA benefits. We are available 7 days a week and even on holidays. Buying a home is an exciting time for you and your family. We would love to help you through the process. We know you will love working with Gustan Cho Associates!  Qualify for VA manufactured home loan with a lender with no overlay

FAQ: VA Manufactured Home Guidelines On VA Loans

1. What are VA loan guidelines for manufactured homes? VA loans are a great option for veterans looking to purchase manufactured homes. The property must meet specific criteria, including being permanently attached to a foundation and labeled with a certification that it meets Federal Manufactured Construction and Safety Standards.

2. What is the oldest manufactured home that can be financed? The age of the home eligible for financing can vary by lender and state regulations. Typically, lenders may require manufactured homes within a certain age range, usually around 10 to 20, to qualify for financing. Older homes may require additional scrutiny and inspections.

3. Are trailer homes mobile? Yes, trailer homes, also known as mobile or manufactured homes, are designed to be mobile. They are constructed in factories and transported to desired locations, often mounted on wheels for mobility. While they are designed to be moved, many are placed in permanent locations, requiring specialized equipment for relocation.

4. Can VA loans be used for manufactured homes? Manufactured homes that comply with VA guidelines can be acquired through VA loans. These guidelines include the home being labeled with certification, permanently attached to a foundation, and meeting minimum property requirements set by the VA.

5. What upfront costs are associated with buying a manufactured home with a VA loan? Upfront costs for buying a manufactured home with a VA loan can include expenses such as an engineer’s structure report, which can vary based on property size and location. It’s essential to be prepared for these costs and understand that funds spent on inspections may be lost if the property fails inspections.

6. How do I qualify for a VA loan with no lender overlays? Working with a lender like Gustan Cho Associates, which offers VA loans with no lender overlays, can simplify the qualification process. While some lenders impose additional requirements beyond VA guidelines, Gustan Cho Associates focuses on the veteran’s payment history and reserves rather than strict credit score minimums.

This blog about VA Manufactured Home Guidelines On VA Loans was updated on March 25th, 2024.

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