Shopping For Insurance For Best Premium During Mortgage Process


This BLOG On Shopping For Insurance For Best Premium During Mortgage Process Was Written By Alex Carlucci of Gustan Cho Associates

Shopping For Insurance
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Shopping For Insurance is one of the tasks required during the mortgage process. Borrowers need to get a homeowners insurance declaration page to their loan officer prior to the clear to close.

  • Taking plenty of time and shopping for insurance will not just save homeowners money now but can save them tens of thousands of dollars over the course of many years
  • When speaking of pity- there are many reputable available companies who offer great insurance premiums by location with a licensed agent available to help homeowners shop

In this article, we will cover and discuss shopping for insurance for the best rates on Homeowners Insurance during the mortgage process.

Shopping For Insurance For Best Rates

Buyers looking to purchase real estate, vehicles, recreational vehicles, commercial property, etc, all want the best interest rate.

  • This is just like home buyers wanting the best mortgage product and terms
  • But they rarely have a team of professional agents shopping for the best insurance to make sure the principal payment is the best cost premium
  • Homeowners insurance premium varies from agent to agent

It is recommended to shop for the best insurance premium.

Choose Insurance Broker With Access To Multiple Carriers When Shopping For Insurance

How to choose an insurance broker with access to multiple carriers when purchasing insurance

Principal, interest, and taxes drive up the cost and sometimes there aren’t any ways to dramatically lower prices, not in your control ( LIBOR rate, county tax..).

  •  Insurance provides a different option
  • This is because more than 50 insurance companies exist that operate on different formulas to calculate property insurance rates

This also holds true on auto, recreational vehicles, boats, and commercial property insurance.

Supply Versus Demand

When the supply side is high on a product with low demand it indicates, prices will be low or fall:

  • With supply-side being average or moderate with the relative demand for the product remaining high-delivers higher prices

Insurance Brokers offers a high supply of insurance products and different variations to fit condominiums, houses, buildings, automobiles, and commercial property which allows the consumers to pay less for insurance.

Let Alex Carlucci Work For You When Getting Quotes For Insurance

Why work with Alex Carlucci when getting an insurance quote

Companies want the business. Insurance Brokers offers insurance consumers to companies that offer discount pricing through local agents.

  • When a homeowner or investor or commercial owner seeks a property- the insurance is a factor that is included in the payment
  • When detailing a home purchase it is mandatory to pay close attention to it
  • A close look at a mortgage bill or a homeowners insurance bill shows an owner with a $2400 insurance plan for their residence which equates to $200 a month in addition to the home cost
  • Let’s just say you have access to the company a,b and company ab
  • With company a providing $2400, company b provided $2546 and company ab provides a quote for $2450
  • The previous example shows 3 companies who offer about the same price and maybe different coverage

Insurance brokers have access to a large variety of insurers competing for your business which automatically drives the cost down on a property.

Insurance Brokers Versus Captive Agents

Mortgage Brokers sometimes ask homeowners or auto owners to name 7 insurance companies:

  • After 2 minutes of silence, the client normally stops at 4 companies – shopping for insurance with a licensed agent who has more than 50 companies
  • Brokers help consumers locate the best cost insurance provider and it will lower mortgage
  • Finally, to complete the precious example- imagine that the consumer from the example previous contacted an agent and after a few minutes and research – an agent presents a policy which cost $1200 per year
  • A policy of $1200 will decrease the owners’ mortgage payment by $100 per month, saving the family or owner $1200 or more for the year
  • Would an extra $1200 benefit homeowners for Christmas or any month of the year?
  • I know that reputable broker with service, product education, and terminology and we promise to find the best cost insurance for your property

Brokers should be available 7 days a week to assist with lowering the P.I.T.I. total cost by lowering the insurance cost.

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