Separate Chicago From Illinois

Separate Chicago From Illinois Movement Gains Momentum

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This ARTICLE On Separate Chicago From Illinois Movement Gains Momentum Was PUBLISHED On October 22nd, 2019

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A separate Chicago from Illinois movement has gained momentum as the city is deteriorating financially.

In this article, we will cover the movement of a Separate Chicago From Illinois and whether this concept will come to fruition.

Separate Chicago From Illinois Possible?

Separate Chicago From Illinois?

  • What seemed to be a joke is now becoming serious
  • More and more Illinoisans are talking about Separate Chicago From Illinois
  • The city is facing a financial crisis that the mayor does not seem to have any solution
  • The city has been raising taxes and creating new taxes to no avail
  • Increased and new city taxes do not seem to be making a dent in fixing and/or improving the city’s finances
  • To add more stress to taxpayers, the Chicago Teachers Union started a Teachers Strike
  • Chicago school teachers are demanding more money, benefits, and working conditions despite the imminent bankruptcy facing the city
  • Despite tax hikes, the city pension debt increased by $7 billion since 2015

The city is losing taxpayers daily, adding loss to revenues.

Illinois Versus Other States And The Economy

What is the economy in Illinois and other states

The economy is booming nationally.

  • Never in history did we have a bull market without a recession that lasted this long
  • Our last recession was back in 2008
  • It was the longest recovery in history
  • However, the Trump economy is on fire
  • The lowest unemployment numbers in 50 years
  • The lowest mortgage rates in history
  • There are more jobs than workers
  • States like Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, and many others are raking in billions in revenues and attracting new businesses and taxpayers
  • Why is Florida raking in billions and Illinois so broke?
  • Why is Memphis booming and Chicago broke and on the verge of bankruptcy?

The bottom line is running local, county, the state government is like running a business. If politicians run it like a successful business and pay attention to not what they make but what they spend, there is no reason why the government should be broke. Incompetent and clueless leaders will ruin the city, county, and state governments.

Reason Why Government Face Budget Crisis

Simple answer:

  • Chicago and Illinois are broke due to mismanagement and poor leadership
  • The government needs to be run like a business
  • It is not how much you make but rather what you spend
  • Government leaders need to have low taxes and incentives to attract new businesses and residents to their city and state
  • This is not what is going on in Chicago and the rest of Illinois

Both Lori Lightfoot and J.B. Pritzker are forcing businesses and taxpayers to leave due to high taxes. Not just high taxes, but creating new taxes.

History Can Repeat Itself

Separate Chicago from Illinois is not out of the question. The state of Virginia split into two states back in 1863. West Virginia was created after it split off from the state of Virginia. Illinoisans want separate Chicago from Illinois just how West Virginia was created. There are 50 states in the U.S. since 1959. Separate Chicago from Illinois would make it the U.S. having 51 states. Support Illinois Separation Chairman Collin Cliburn said the following:

I believe that it’s two different types of worlds when you look at rural and urban areas. We have enough votes by Illinoisans to support the separation of Chicago from the rest of Illinois. The split would make the city the 51st state in the United States. I’m interested in helping separate the Chicago area so we can get back to living again without taxation and this terrible stuff that we’re going through. The government has let the southern part of the state down. We just continue to see everyday there’s new news stories about elected officials and their corruption. We see a different ideological viewpoint about how to govern ourselves. I feel like the majority of down state Illinois feels the politicians up there, just don’t care what we say. I believe that they’re ones for more liberal things, kind of like abortion. You know it just upset everyone down here. We already gotten the full amount of required signatures in Edwards and Cumberland County and says the movement is gaining momentum in Jefferson and Effingham County. There’s this discussion about all of this wealth and how Chicago is a great economic engine, but they’ve got the poorest funded schools, they’ve got the highest amount of debt, a horrible pension funded system. Yet they’re supposed to be the answer for the rest of us.

The United States Congress has the authority and power to authorize and admit Chicago as its own separate state with the approval and signature of the President of the United States.

Michael Gracz a Senior Vice President of Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage News said the following:

The U.S. Constitution under Article 4 Section 3, guarantees us a small or republican form of government. We don’t have that today in Illinois.

This is a developing story by Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage News. We will update our viewers as more develops on this story.

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