Reverse Mortgage Guidelines For Senior Homeowners

This BLOG On Reverse Mortgage Guidelines For Senior Homeowners Was UPDATED On January 30th, 2019

Reverse Mortgage Guidelines For Senior Homeowners

A reverse mortgage is a mortgage loan program that applies to those who are at least 62 years old or older and have equity in their homes.

  • Borrowers do not need good credit or income to qualify for a reverse mortgage
  • However, mortgage applicants do need equity
  • The amount of equity depends on how old they are
  • The older the borrower, the less equity you need

In this article, we will cover and discuss the benefits of reverse mortgage guidelines.

Reverse Mortgage Guidelines Require Are Equity

Reverse Mortgages Guidelines Require Are Equity

A reverse mortgage is a mortgage loan program where the lender will do a refinance on the current home. Borrowers no longer have to pay the monthly mortgage payments.

  • Monthly mortgage payment interest gets added to mortgage loan balance every month
  • The balance does not get paid until the homeowner sells the home or passes away

The homeowner needs to pay for the following:

Reverse mortgage loans are only available for those who are owner occupant:

  • Not available for second homes or investment homes

Mechanics Of Reverse Mortgages

Mechanics Of Reverse Mortgage Guidelines

Reverse mortgages are for those homeowners who have equity in their homes and are at least 62 years of age.

  • The younger the homeowner is the more equity that is required
  • The mortgage lender assumes that the homeowner will live longer and will have the liability for the longer life span
  • For example, if a homeowner is 62 years of age, the lender may require 40% equity in the home
  • Whereas if the homeowner is 72 years of age, the equity requirement might be 30%
  • If the homeowner is 80 years old, the equity requirement might be 25%
  • There is a chart on the amount of equity required where we can discuss on future articles
  • These figures are just for illustration purposes

We will not cover the specifics because reverse mortgages are complex deals.

Housing Counseling Required

Housing Counseling Required

The borrower also needs to take a housing course. Once receiving a completion certificate they can move forward with the reverse mortgage.

  • The homeowner can take cash out from a reverse mortgage or get monthly cash or a line of credit
  • If the homeowner does not have enough equity for a cash out refinance or a line of credit, they might be able to qualify just for a reverse mortgage where they no longer have to pay any more mortgage payments

Borrowers Of Reverse Mortgages Do Not Ever Need To Make A Mortgage Payment

Borrowers Of Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages are a great mortgage loan product for seniors

  • Those who have limited income
  • Can no longer afford their mortgage payment
  • Or those who need extra cash but cannot due a cash-out refinance mortgage loan 
  • This is because they are retired and no longer qualify for a refinance loan due to no income or limited income

Qualifying For Reverse Mortgage

Qualifying For Reverse Mortgage

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