Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunities At Gustan Cho Associates

This Article Is About Nationwide Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunities At Gustan Cho Associates

Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group now has career opportunities for remote loan officer positions nationwide. Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunities is extremely rare because most mortgage companies do not want licensed mortgage loan originators employed under their umbrella if they cannot be supervised. Gustan Cho Associates is aggressively recruiting remote loan officers nationwide.

One year of full-time loan origination experience required. Join our team at Gustan Cho Associates a mortgage company licensed in multiple states with no lender overlays on government and conventional loans. In this article, we will discuss and cover Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunities At Gustan Cho Associates.

Career As A Loan Originator Today

How to quickly make a career as a lender

The mortgage business has changed since the Great Recession and the Real Estate Meltdown of 2008. The entire mortgage industry went through a meltdown where sub-prime lending came crashing down and never recovered. Mortgage giants Washington Mutual and Countrywide along of hundreds of other mortgage companies closed their doors. Countless mortgage loan originators left the mortgage business and sought employment in other fields. The SAFE ACT was created and launched and countless mortgage rules. New mortgage laws and regulations were implemented and the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, CFPB, was created. The National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry, NMLS, was created and launched where all mortgage loan originators had to complete a 20-hour pre-licensing course and pass the national NMLS SAFE ACT exam.

Background Investigation

All mortgage loan originator candidates were required to pass both federal backgrounds. investigations and state police background checks on states in which they seek to be licensed. Another important requirement of all loan officers who are applying to get their mortgage loan origination licenses is that every candidate needs to go through a credit check. Every state has different credit requirements.  Certain states do not put too much emphasis on the mortgage loan originator’s credit scores and credit report while other states will scrutinize a candidate’s credit report and credit score. Every year all mortgage loan originators need to undergo a credit check as part of their license renewal process.

Training A New Loan Officer

Training a new MLO is extremely time-consuming and takes time. A lot of time. The best analogy that I can use is like training a trial attorney. Say a straight-A law school student graduated from Harvard Law School. Now, this recent Harvard Law graduate needs to study to pass the bar so he can get his law license to practice law.  After many grueling months of studying, the Harvard Law School graduate finally aces his bar exam Now what?  He meets all of the qualifications of being a lawyer with having a law degree from one of the most prestigious universities in the world and with his admission to the bar, he can now practice law and represent clients seeking legal help. But is this new lawyer ready to practice law and represent clients in a court of law?  This is the perfect analogy of becoming a loan officer today, especially in the area of specialty we at Gustan Cho Associates specialize in. I have been a real estate investor for over two decades and got my loan originator’s license in March 2012 and have originated and closed thousands of loans. However, I still run into situations where I do not have the answers and have to get a second opinion. I have worked with underwriters and underwriting managers where even they did not have the answers and had to contact HUD, VA, USDA, or Fannie Mae. The mortgage business is a very unique business where there are thousands of guidelines out there. However, every borrower may have a unique situation where the loan officer needs to be creative Over 75% plus percent of all borrowers that Gustan Cho Associates are borrowers who either had last minute mortgage denials by other lenders or were going through a very stressful mortgage process because of one reason and one reason only.

Number One Reason For Stress During The Mortgage Process

what is the difference between remote job offers for a credit counselor and a branch loan specialist

The number one reason for last-minute loan denials or major mortgage process nightmares is due to the fact that the borrower was not qualified properly by the loan officer. The pre-approval stage is the most important step in the mortgage process. Borrowers who are qualified properly will have no issues during the entire mortgage process and will not just close their home loans, but will close their mortgage loan on time and with style. One of the two most important emphases placed when working with Gustan Cho Associates is Compliance And Training. No matter how many years a loan officer may have been in the business, every loan originated by a remote loan officer will be reviewed and make sure that there are no violations of disclosure rules and regulations. It is not a matter of getting fined by the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, CFPB, but one mistake can trigger a mess in the entire mortgage process wherein some situations, the whole mortgage process needs to be restarted where everyone has wasted precious time due to an error that someone has overlooked. We have a team player mentality and we all look out for one another. A loan officer who joins our team does not have to worry about being left alone. Management and team members are available 7 days a week to help one another.

Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunities Versus Branch Loan Officer

Many mortgage companies will allow mortgage loan originators to work from their home office. However, there is a catch.

Remote loan officer career opportunities are now available at Gustan Cho Associates. Depending on the mortgage company, they may allow a loan officer to work remotely from their home but may require that the loan officer come to the branch office for mandatory meetings either a few days out of the week or a few times a month. Regardless, most mortgage companies do want their mortgage loan originators to be able to come to the branch office and will not accept any licensed loan consultants that are totally remote where they are not able to come to the branch office if the need be. Gustan Cho Associates now has unique remote loan officer career opportunities with qualified leads provided to all new LO’s. We offer the support of a great marketing team where we will help you brand your name and promote your services nationally via custom-created informational optimized and backlinked websites with our proven consumer-direct business platforms and realtor referral network.

Career Opportunities At Gustan Cho Associates

Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group is always looking for talented individuals who are interested in joining us as licensed remote loan originators. We are not looking for quantity but the individual quality of the loan officer we want to represent our team. All candidates will be fully vetted via background, financial, and character investigations. A good percentage of our loan officers at The Gustan Cho Team are prior borrowers of Gustan Cho Associates where they realize the importance and responsibility the loan consultant has. Our LO’s are available to all of our borrowers 7 days a week, evenings, and holidays. Our motto is that we are not salespeople who sell products. We have licensed mortgage loan originators. Our borrowers are banking on and give us the most private credit and financial information and depend on us making sure that their home loans close and close on time.

Role Of A Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator

An MLO represents clients where these clients depend on them. The borrower is not the only person dependent on the MLO but so is the borrower’s family. We are looking for individuals who have been successful in their field and were the best of the best and are now looking for a new career as a licensed mortgage loan consultant. Experienced loan originators are welcomed to apply with us for Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunities. However, more important than production is how they, as loan officers, treat every borrower and the willingness to adapt to our business model. All calls or emails from our borrowers need to be replied back timely and customer complaints are not tolerated.  The borrower is always right and there are no two sides to the story. Education is the key for all borrowers so any question they may have is an important question and there is no such thing as a dumb question. The only dumb question is a question not asked.

Join Our Growing Team Today With Our Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunities

What Does Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group Offer?

If you have an interest in being part of our team, please call or text Gustan Cho at 262-716-8151 or text us for a faster response. Or email at [email protected] There is no cold calling necessary and all new loan officers will be assigned to borrowers who have been qualified for a home loan. We normally have more leads than loan officers to handle them so having a shortage of borrowers for loan officers to service will never be an issue. As long as you have at least one year’s full-time origination experience, we are interested in talking to you. You need the passion to help home buyers realize the dream of homeownership become a reality, we like to talk to you for Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunities. We are available 7 days a week to speak to anyone who wants to join our growing national team for our Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunities.

Remote Loan Officer Career Opportunities: What Does Gustan Cho Associates Offer?

5 days of training/orientation at our corporate headquarters in Lombard, Illinois is mandatory for all new hires. All expenses paid; flight, room, and board, plus expenses. A team of 700 plus licensed and support personnel. No lender overlays: By no lender overlays, zero overlays and we go off AUS FINDINGS on government and conventional loans. Full benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance for employee and families of employees 401k Plans. Guaranteed bi-weekly draw. Guaranteed leads: These leads are fully qualified borrowers with completed 1003s and docs. All full-time loan officers will have assigned Loan Officer Assistants (LOA). All our pre-approvals are full credit approvals signed off by our mortgage underwriters. Competitive rates. Top compensation plans. Alternative Financing Loan Programs: NON-QM Loans, Bank Statement Loans, Condotel & Non-Warrantable Financing, Down Payment Assistance Programs in most cities and counties. Please contact Gustan Cho at Gustan Cho Associate Associates today at 262-716-8151 or text us for a faster response. Or email us at [email protected] There are countless talented loan officers who do not have leads. We guarantee you that we can keep you busy 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have more qualified borrowers than loan officers. Check out our Zillow Reviews:

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