Importance For Open House For Sellers


Open House: Marketing For Seller

There are many reasons why a homeowner decides to sell their home.  It can be because they no longer want to be a homeowner or they are getting a job transfer out of state.  It may be because they are retiring and moving out of state to a warmer climate.  A homeowner may decide to sell their home either to upgrade to a bigger home or downsize to a smaller home.  Whatever the reason is for a homeowner deciding to sell their home, a home will have the best chances of selling in the first 90 days of listing it.  Some homeowners need to sell their home to use the equity of their home to purchase their new home and may not qualify for both mortgages or cannot afford for both mortgages.  Hiring an aggressive full time real estate agent who the homeowner gets along with is key in the home selling process.  One of the most important techniques used by many professional realtors is offering open house on the subject property.  Many home sellers are not too keen on having an open house because they dread the thought of having strangers in their homes and the cost that they have to incur by window dressing their home such as hiring a professional cleaning service or landscapers so their homes show well.

Open house is a great marketing tool in competitive real estate markets and is a great way of marketing your home.  Open house is not just for retail home buyers but also for realtors who represent clients who are looking for homes in your particular area in your price range.

Open House Offers Exposure: Key In Marketing

Pictures and videos are excellent marketing tools in marketing your home.  However, nothing compares to a potential home buyers seeing your home in person.  Offering an open house will set you apart from your competition who does not offer an open house.  There are so many opportunities when you offer an open house.  Your realtor can hire a professional staging company where you maximize your marketing optimization.  A staging company can bring in new decorative items as well as new furniture.  Staging companies are professionals who know how to maximize the creativity on your open house so it shows way better than the competition.  Staging professionals know what the home buyers are looking for.

Benefits Of Open House

Your realtor will be in charge of your open house.  Your realtor will most likely do a lot of legwork prior to your official open house.  Your realtor will most likely invite dozens of realtor colleagues from other real estate offices, pass out flyers, and advertise in local newspapers.  The main advantage with having an open house is that you get multiple people all at once.  Whenever there is a regular showing, you need to show one family at a time.  A successful open house can bring in dozens of potential buyers and realtors all in one day.  Whether you want to be present at your open house will be up to you.  Your realtor and you can talk about it whether there is a benefit of you being there.  Me personally, if I were a home buyer, it will be nice to speak with the actual homeowner so I can speak to them about the neighborhood or questions the realtor cannot answer.  It is more personable that way.  However, I have never seen a homeowner when I was shopping for a new home.

Listing Your Home With Real Estate Agent

Not all listing real estate agents do open houses for their listings.  However, many realtors do open houses and open houses is part of their marketing plans.  Prior to signing a listing agreement with a realtor, find out what the realtor think of open houses and if they do open houses for their listings, find out what their strategies are.  Some realtors do open houses just once while others will do them once a month.  Open houses do require a lot of work and a realtor that implements open houses for their listings says a lot.  Realtors who do open houses are real estate professionals who take their jobs seriously and not ones who just lists their listings hoping someone will just call in and hopefully get a sale.  Open houses are strongly recommended and statistics prove that homes that do open houses sell much faster due to exposure.


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