How Can I Improve My Credit Scores To Qualify For Mortgage

This Article Is About Advice On How Can I Improve My Credit Scores To Qualify For Mortgage

Many consumers ask how can I improve my credit scores to qualify for mortgage?

  • There a minimum credit score requirements to qualify for mortgages
  • Each loan program has its own credit score requirements

In this article, we will discuss and cover ways of improving your credit to qualify for a mortgage.

Credit Score Requirements To Qualify For A Mortgage

Here are the required credit score requirements for the following mortgage loan programs:

Gustan Cho Associates has non-QM and alternative mortgage loan programs that are non-traditional.

Effects Of Credit Scores In Qualifying For Mortgages

What are the effects of credit results in qualifying for mortgages

Low credit scores mean higher mortgage interest rates:

  • This means it costs borrowers more money when it comes time for them to secure a mortgage
  • Lenders penalize borrowers with low credit scores
  • This is because lower credit scores mean higher risk borrowers
  • Many times, it is worthwhile to wait until the applicant have repaired their credit scores before applying for a mortgage
  • Borrowers should always work with mortgage brokers and/or bankers who they feel comfortable with and someone who will act in their best interest
  • A mortgage broker should give borrowers various options that would be most beneficial for them
  • I, for example, advise my clients that they can qualify for a lower interest rate if they can get their scores up if that is the case
  • Ways on how I can improve my credit scores to qualify for a mortgage may just be by paying down their credit cards
  • Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group assists folks in assisting them to boost their credit scores

Borrowers who just got their credit scores plummet due to a recent bankruptcy or foreclosure should start repairing and reestablishing their credit as soon as possible.

Credit Scoring Models And How Can I Improve My Credit Scores To Qualify For Mortgage

Credit scoring models are complex and often vary among creditors and for different types of credit.

  • If one-factor changes, one’s credit score may change
  • Improvements in credit scores usually are dependent upon one factor or another taken into the credit scoring model formula by each credit bureau

Only the credit bureau can explain what might improve a consumer’s credit score under the particular model used.

Nevertheless, scoring models generally evaluate the following types of information in your credit report:

What is a credit report

Here are some factors on how I can improve my credit scores to qualify for mortgage:

  • Paying bills on time
  • Overall payment history of consumers is an important factor in the credit scoring model
  • Late payments will negatively impact borrower’s credit scores
  • Collections accounts, charge offs, and late payments will drop consumer credit scores
  • However, scores will improve as the derogatory credit tradeline ages
  • Large balances on revolving accounts will negatively impact consumer scores
  • Higher balances will hurt consumers
  • Paying down revolving accounts will greatly boost scores
  • The longevity of credit history with a creditor shows strength and stability
  • Lack of credit will hurt consumers
  • Multiple inquiries are not good:
    • Hurt consumers
    • Lenders view multiple inquiries as not favorable
  • The amount, age, and type of accounts consumers have determines their scores

Borrowers with any questions, please contact us at Gustan Cho Associates.

There is no obligation or cost involved. Even if consumers just filed bankruptcy and are not ready to buy a home until a later date, contact us. Let’s work together in rebuilding your credit.  Consumers with low credit scores and who want to prepare to qualify for a mortgage click APPLY NOW FOR PRE-APPROVAL or call us at 262-716-8151 or text for a faster response. We are available 7 days a week. You can email us at [email protected]

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