Top Realtor Bennie Chukwurah Offers Home Buyer Advice

Home buyer advice by Bennie Chukwurah is that buying a home just like getting ready for the Olympics, needs some planning, some preparation, putting things in perspective and finally crossing that finish line. Every successful venture in life needs some work put into it, it’s not like walking into Walmart and picking up keys to your home, you have to start at least a six months preparation towards it.  Let’s do a one on one preparation guide to getting you started.

Home Buyer Advice # 1

Step 1:- Check Your Credit: – Check your credit for free on, this is the most important thing you can do first. See what is in your credit file, some people think their credit is so bad because they had issues years back while in college, but have never really checked to see what is there, my first advice is check to see what you are up against, it might shock you or amaze you.

Home Buyer Advice # 2

Step 2:- Fix Your Credit: – Checking your credit will reveal issues that you know or might not know about. Now that you have the knowledge in your hands, it’s time to go to work and fix it. If you have minor issues, you can fix them yourself by paying down your debt, settling collection for little, paying every bill on time, getting a secured credit cards for those with no trade lines. AVOID AVOID AVIOD LATE PAYMENTS. However, in situations where you are over your head contact a credit counselor or repair expert.

Home Buyer Advice # 3

Step 3:- Start Saving:- Nothing in life is free except when you win the lottery, so knowing you have to pay some money during closing with the exception of the Veterans, start a savings plan immediately. Most people will say I can hardly keep up with my bills but that is not true. Calculate your regular monthly bills and see what they are, I am talking about rent, utilities, auto note, cell phones bill, (not the iPhone 6 you will love to get) just your reoccurring bills and subtract it from your income, that will tell you how much you can save every month.

Home Buyer Advice # 4

Find A Great Mortgage Lender To Work With:- Getting a lender that will get you pre-qualified after the credit has been fixed will be a great starting point. Once you are pre-qualified for a home you need not the one you want because we all want the million dollar homes but how many of us can afford it? At this point your lender helps you cut your coat according to your size and get you ready for home ownership.

Home Buyer Advice # 5

And finally you are ready for a great Agent like me, a realtor with great knowledge and expertise to help you walk the streets of home ownership. Do not go alone, there are things you do not know that comes with a contract, let the realtor lead the way. Ask for a referral from family or friends and if you are the Houston area, check for Century 21 Olympian and look for me and my colleagues, you will be taken care of.  After buying the home, don’t forget to pay your bills, set up auto mortgage withdrawal and make your mortgage #1 priority.

About Bennie Chukwurah

Bennie Chukwurah is the top producer for Century 21 Olympian which is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Bennie Chukwurah is not just a top producing licensed real estate agent in the state of Texas, but is also a licensed mortgage loan originator with The Money Store, a mortgage banking firm headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey known for its no mortgage lender overlays and lenient underwriting standards. Bennie Chukwurah has network of realtors throughout the United States and all of her clients, whether real estate clients or mortgage clients, become her lifelong friend. Bennie Chukwurah is a firm believer that knowledge is king and is always studying new laws and regulations and keeping updated with real estate prices, foreclosures, and market trend not just in the Houston area, but the United States as a whole. Bennie Chukwurah is available 7 days a week and can be contacted at 281-760-9879.

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