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Health Care Insurance Open Enrollment For Consumers

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This BLOG On Health Care Insurance Open Enrollment For Consumers Was UPDATED On October 23rd, 2018

Open enrollment for health care insurance begins on November 1st for the next plan year.

  • With tens of thousands of plans available, finding the right coverage that best fits your needs and budget can be often overwhelming
  • Sometimes people just buy over the phone or internet without knowing how the plan works
  • Others are often confused about how one plan compares with another and just end up giving up with getting health care insurance

In this article, we will discuss and cover the Health Care Open Enrollment For Consumers.

Costs And Need For Health Insurance

What is health insurance? Open registration for consumers

Health Care Insurance is necessary due to the high cost of health care.

  • One visit to the emergency room can cost thousands of dollars
  • If you are admitted to the hospital for days or weeks, that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars
  • A routine doctors visit can cost several hundred dollars and prescription drugs can be an ongoing expensive expense
  • One of my clients recently had to get admitted to the emergency room and was hospitalized for a week
  • The combination of MRI, cat scans, medical tests and health care cost him over $50,000
  • Good thing he had excellent health care insurance
  • If he did not have health care insurance, this cost would have bankrupted him
  • One of the biggest reasons why consumers file bankruptcy is due to not having health insurance
  • The thousands of dollars they have incurred in medical costs nearly wipes any consumer out financially

To have peace of mind, getting a good health care insurance plan that suits your needs is worth every penny.

Homeowners Should Have Health Insurance

Why homeowners should have health insurance

Every homeowner should not just have homeowners insurance but medical insurance as well.

  • Nobody knows when a person is going to get sick and hospitalized for an extended term
  • On the flip side, nobody knows when they are going to get T-Boned by an uninsured motorist
  • The uninsured motorist can be an illegal alien with no insurance
  • The victim of the crash can be as careful as they can be and not be at fault. Still, one overnight hospital stay can cost $3,000 per day
  • This does not include costs of surgeries, medicine, and MRIs, and/or X-Rays
  • An extended hospital stay can easily cost over $100,000
  • Collection Agencies can go after the equity of your home

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