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This BLOG On Chicago Home Buyers Advice On Home Purchase Was UPDATED And PUBLISHED On March 22nd, 2020

What are some Chicago buying tips for buying a home

Prominent Chicago Realtor Julie Hayward Launches Her New Book To Help Chicago Home Buyers

Most realtors, real estate attorneys, title agents, loan officers, and Chicago Home Buyers and Sellers heard of Julie Hayward.

  • Julie is one of the most respected realtors in Chicago and the Chicagoland Area
  • Like many other people, Julie Hayward, Owner, and President of Edge Realty got into real estate when the market was booming in the early 2000s
  • Julie Hayward, one of the top Real Estate Agents in Chicago and its six surrounding counties got my start in commercial real estate

Here are the six counties of Illinois Julie Hayward is an expert in and knows these areas like it’s her back yard:

  • Cook County
  • Lake County
  • Will County
  • Du Page County
  • Mc Henry County
  • Kane County

The Great Real Estate Meltdown Of 2008

After the real estate and mortgage markets market collapsed in 2008, Julie’s husband Chad Hayward who was a prominent real estate attorney, began assisting his real estate clients in other legal areas such as bankruptcy. As his business in this area of practice grew, Mr. Hayward needed help and being a natural-born leader and with her instincts of helping others, Julie naturally jumped in to help her husband’s clients who desperately needed help.

Julie Hayward’s Experience In The Legal Field

What was Julie Hayward's experience in the field of law

Julie began working more and more with short sales—and Julie found that she enjoyed the complexities of the transactions and the experience of helping people rebuild their lives. Julie gave hope where hope was needed and usually found a way, even in the strangest of circumstances, to satisfy all parties involved. Julie learned and learned fast in working with rapidly changing markets. If you worked in any real estate related field, you would know how rapidly the markets have changed. The Hayward Family also became victims of the Great Recession of 2008 and unfortunately, both Attorney Chad Hayward and Realtor Julie Hayward were in the real estate business where it hurt them financially. Giving up and changing fields was not an option for Julie and Chad Hayward. The economic disaster that our country was going through made them stronger than ever and thinking back, both Hayward’s feel like it was a very expensive education but a once in a lifetime experience any entrepreneur can possible go through. This experience makes Julie able to work with all types of clients.

Julie’s Take On The Real Estate Business In Chicago

Julie Hayward feels that the real estate business has changed over the years, thanks to the Internet, with buyers and sellers having access to far more information than ever before—and so valuable as an agent has changed.

This is what Julie Hayward feels about the real estate business in Chicago:

  • Julie feels that realtors no longer hold all the information on which properties are for sale, what their specifications are, and who the competition is
  • Julie Hayward believes that most information is readily available online, even if it is not always accurate.
  • Ms. Hayward also believes that clients do much more research before contacting agents (or even while working with them) than ever before
  • Therefore, Julie feels that in today’s market, it is important to find a real estate agent that not only has a passion for the business but can also enhance the client’s experience and support the tools that are readily available to them online
  • Julie preaches her business model of making the buying and selling process easy, enjoyable, and providing information and knowledge is where agents contribute value

What makes Julie Hayward one of the top realtors in Chicago and its suburbs is due to her strong belief that buyers’ and sellers’ time and money in the long run with her expertise and guidance.

Real Estate Agents Knowledgeable And Experienced Helping Chicago Home Buyers

Julie Hayward’s extensive experience in real estate and practice of guiding her buyers and sellers through the buying and selling process and passing her experiences and knowledge on to her clients, colleagues, and mortgage loan officers like myself. It’s her hope that her knowledge empowers the public to close a successful real estate transaction and saves them their hard-earned money.

Yet, home buyers and sellers may not be interested in the “do-it-yourself” approach but are seeking information to prepare their home for sale or to guide them through the copious paperwork involved in real estate transactions. In that case, Julie Hayward wishes and hopes that her new book serves her viewers well.

Recovery Of The Chicago Home Buyers Market And Having Resources To A Lenders Network

How to Recover Chicago Home Buyers' Market and Owning Resources for the Lender Network

A real estate agent is not created equal. Julie Hayward is hands down the best of the very BEST realtor that I have met. The way I view realtors are like professional football quarterbacks. A real estate agent is similar to a quarterback where a great realtor quarterbacks a deal.

How Realtors Can Help Chicago Home Buyers

Here are some of realtors duties:

  • Great negotiator
  • Knows the area
  • Knows what values homes should be priced
  • Knows real estate attorneys
  • Knows other realtors
  • Knows title companies
  • Knows insurance agents
  • Knows mortgage professionals
  • Knows appraisers
  • Knows home inspectors
  • Knows contractors

Contact is key. The best realtors know mortgage loan officers who are specialists in certain areas of mortgage lending. Julie always consults with me if I have the newest and greatest mortgage lending products. Here is what I offer Julie and her team of real estate agents:

  • 21 day closing from the time I get the signed disclosures from her Chicago Home Buyers
  • No FHA Lender Overlays and can do an FHA Loan with a 580  FICO and minimum down payment required is 3.5% down payment on an FHA Loan
  • I can offer Chicago Home Buyers VA Loans With Bad Credit
  • Zero money down payment and minimum credit score required on a VA Loan is 580 and no debt to income ratio caps on VA Loans
  • Chicago FHA Loan Limits is capped at $365,700 for Chicago Home Buyers
  • Chicago Home Buyers do not have to pay off outstanding collections and charge offs to qualify for a mortgage with Gustan Cho Associates
  • Maximum debt to income ratio on FHA Loans is capped at 56.9%

About The Author

Julie Hayward specializes in the resale of residential properties in the distressed and luxury markets.

  • She has extensive experience in working directly with buyers and sellers in the acquisition and disposition of their properties
  • Additionally, she works closely with asset managers, sellers, and foreclosure defense attorneys for single and multi-family properties placed in foreclosure
  • She has closed over $315 million in commercial and residential real estate transactions over the course of her career
  • Julie has negotiation experience in working with such lenders such as Fannie Mae, Bank of America, CitiMortgage, Wells Fargo, HUD, and Chase, among others

Julie earned a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and then participated in Harvard Business School’s Management Certification Program. She is the Managing Broker/Owner of Edge Realty and a certified specialist in REO and bank-owned properties and currently resides in the Chicago area with her husband and four children.

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