Benefits Of Hiring A Realtor

With today’s technology on the internet and social media presence, many feel confident they can sell their homes themselves without the services of realtors.  There are many benefits of hiring a realtor. They feel that paying 6% commission is way too much and whatever a realtor can do, they feel they can do it themselves.  This can be true to some and many homeowners do a great job in selling their own homes themselves.  Trying to sell your home yourself might be a great idea during a seller’s market, where demand exceed supply.  However, there are many benefits in hiring a realtor to list your home.

Benefits Of A Realtor To Sell Your Home

A professional realtor represents buyers and sellers for a living.  They know what sells and have other network of realtors who represent clients.  Realtors can advise you on how to price your home and do a full blown marketing campaign.  Remember that your realtor does not get paid a dime until they close your home and they will do everything possible to sell your home to a qualified buyer.  Your realtor will network with other realtors and will most likely organize and schedule open houses periodically.  They will also spend money on newspaper ads, mass mailers, and other forms of marketing.   Your realtor will only show your property to qualified buyers armed with a strong pre-approval letter from a mortgage lender.

Benefits Of Hiring A Realtor: Knowledge

One of the best benefits in hiring a realtor is that they are somewhat of busy bodies.  They snoop around and know what comes up in the hot sheet everyday.  They know what is on the market, what homes are under contract, what homes sold, and what homes are listed off the market.  For example, if a home that listed for $300,000 recently closed for $265,000 and this is a comparable home to yours, the realtor will find out how long it was on the market, what types of recent improvement the home had, and the type of marketing the listing realtor used.  Your realtor can use comparables like these to help the home seller price their home accordingly for a quick sale.  Whatever a realtor can do, the home seller can do as well but the key question is time.  Does the home seller have the time to aggressively market their home like a professional realtor has?

Benefits Of Hiring A Realtor: Buying A Home

If you are a home buyer, I strongly suggest that you hire a realtor to represent you in your home search.  Your real estate agent will represent you and act on your best interest.  One of the most important things you need to consider is the neighborhood.  Location is key in real estate.  Your real estate agent can research properties in the best school districts, close to shopping centers, close to expressways, lower property tax areas, and low crime rate areas.

By Gustan Cho

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