Why Hire A Real Estate Agent?


Should I hire a real estate agent?

Why hire a real estate agent? Why not sell or buy a home by yourself and save thousands of dollars in commissions? The question of why hire a real estate agent often comes up, especially with homeowners trying to sell their home.

Many home buyers and home sellers question why hire a real estate agent when there is so much information that can be found online.  Many home buyers also think that not having to hire a real estate agent would give them a better price on a home purchase offer.  Home sellers often feel the 6% real estate sales commission is too steep and contemplate on selling their homes by themselves by listing it online on real estate websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and Realtor.com.  A 6% real estate commission to a real estate agent on a $200,000 home is equivalent to $12,000.  This is a lot of money and can mean on whether or not a home seller walks away with cash after the home closing after closing costs.  If the home seller has experience in marketing and is educated in real estate, this could mean a huge savings.  However, most homeowners who do not have experience in buying or selling homes can hinder a fast home sale by trying to sell their homes themselves without the representation of a professional real estate agent.

Advantages O Why Hire A Real Estate Agent

Home buyers, especially first time home buyers, should be represented by a professional real estate agent.  Real estate agents are not just people who get you into homes.  Real estate agents are professionals who know the area, know the schools, know the proximity of shopping districts, know foreclosure rates in the area, know the comparables in the area, know the taxes and future development plans of the area in question.  Real estate agents most often than not know about potential listings that are not on the market and can narrow the search on a home that is suited to you and your family.

Why Hire A Real Estate Agent? Experience

Real estate agents have the experience that a homeowner or home buyer does not have.  Home buyers and home sellers can have a lot of resources from online needed to purchase a home or selling a home, but the experience of a realtor is invaluable and in my opinion, worth every penny.  Home buyers are not responsible for the sales commission to the real estate agent.  Home sellers are the party responsible for the sales commission.  A real estate agent can bring a much valuable asset to both the home buyer and home seller and help them make informed decisions.

 Realtors Can Offer Guidance And Knowledge

Professional real estate agents who are full time real estate professionals can offer guidance and knowledge to home buyers.  A home that is listed for $200,000 with $10,000 in property taxes may be a worse deal than a home that is listed for $300,000 with $4,000 in property taxes.  Realtors know the high priced property tax districts in the area, areas where they have the best school districts, areas where foreclosure rates are high, areas where single family homes are surrounded by apartment complexes with subsidized housing, and areas where new development is planned where it can potentially lower property taxes for the home buyer in the near short term.  Realtors are well aware of comparables in the are and can help negotiate the purchase offer for home buyers and price the home accordingly for home sellers.

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