Rookie J.B. Pritzker Ranks Among Least Popular Governors In The U.S.

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BREAKING NEWS: Rookie JB Pritzker Ranks Among Least Popular Governors In The U.S.

Pro-Tax Rookie JB Pritzker Ranks Among Least Popular Governors In The U.S. according to a recent poll.

  • J.B. Pritzker is a political newcomer
  • Pritzker has tried many times running for political office in the past but to no success
  • He has never won any office he ran for
  • In 2008, JB Pritzker was caught on FBI wiretap tape  with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in a potential scheme to buy the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Hussein Obama
  • You can hear JB Pritzker expressing strong interest in the vacant U.S. Senate seat
  • Pritzker even suggested any statewide office as well
  • The 5.5″ 500 pound heavyset overweight obese JB Pritzker can be heard on the wiretap about his desperation wanting to have a position of power in a high level state appointed position like state treasurer
  • Nothing further came forth with Pritzker getting a high level state position
  • Nothing came out of the wiretap that was released
  • Pritzker was not charged but Blagojevich was eventually indicted and convicted for corruption and sentenced to 14 years in jail
  • In 2019, President Donald J. Trump commuted Blagojevich’s 14 year sentence
  • Blagojevich was released from federal prison after serving 7 years
  • Eventually, JB Pritzker set his eyes in becoming governor of Illinois
  • He spent over $171 million to fund his campaign and was elected governor in 2018
  • In just four month after taking office, JB Pritzker ran into some trouble with getting himself under federal criminal investigation for tax fraud
  • Recent poll rankings on the least popular governors in the nation by Morning Consult ranked first term freshman rookie Illinois Governor JB Pritzker eighth least-popular among the 50 U.S. governors
  • Independent voters were not too fond of Pritzker either according to the poll
  • As time passes, many Illinoisans are having voters remorse in voting for JB Pritzker

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover how Rookie JB Pritzker Ranks Among Least Popular Governors In The U.S.

The Road On How Freshman Rookie J.B. Pritzker Ranks Among Least Popular Governors In The U.S.

JB Pritzker, a billionaire and heir to the Hyatt Hotel Family, was always a politician wannabe since the 1990’s:

  • However, JB Pritzker was never successful until he spent over $171 million to buy his way to the Illinois governor’s office in 2018
  • In 1998, Pritzker ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in Illinois’s 9th congressional district but did not win after spending over $500,000 of his own money
  • Pritzker came in third out of five candidates in the Democratic primary
  • He only got 20.48% of the votes which did not give him a chance
  • It is no secret Pritzker’s thirst and hunger to become President
  • He is eyeing a ticket to the 2024 Democratic Party Presidential nomination
  • JB Pritzker has been a professional politician for only two years years but is trying to make a name of himself nationally
  • Many critics and political analysts think Pritzker is politicizing the coronavirus pandemic to brand himself as America’s Governor and the nation’s health czar
  • Illinoisans had high hopes having the heavyset freshman governor when he was running
  • Many compared JB Pritzker to President Trump
  • A billionaire with no political experience so many figured Pritzker had business savvy and was the golden ticket to fix the mess in Illinois
  • However, Pritzker is no Trump
  • Donald Trump is a savvy businessman with a track record of building and growing his business to become an international successful profitable empire
  • Donald Trump knows how basic business works
  • You cannot spend more than you make
  • However, JB Pritzker seems clueless and lost when it comes to business 101
  • As time passes, more and more people are realizing Pritzker’s talents in solving problems
  • How did such an incompetent businessman become a billionaire?
  • Why is Illinois deteriorating at an alarming speed?
  • Why are so many businesses and individual taxpayers fleeing Illinois at an alarming rate?
  • Why does Illinois have the highest tax rate in the nation and the state broke?
  • Why is Pritzker and Democrats keep on raising taxes and the state cannot meet their debt obligations?
  • Why is Illinois ranked as the most corrupt state in the nation?
  • Why is Chicago the most corrupt city in the U.S.?

Illinois is ranked as the most corrupt state in the nation. Public corruption in Illinois is costing taxpayers $550 million every year.

Pritzker Politicizing COVID-19 To Get Federal Bailout And Increase Taxes

It is no secret Chicago is the most corrupt city out of any other large metropolitan city in the nation.

  • Illinois is ranked as the second most corrupt state in the U.S.
  • However, many experts think under the leadership of JB Pritzker, Illinois should make to to first place as the most corrupt state in the U.S.
  • Many experts already think Illinois is in first place and not second
  • Four Illinois governors were convicted and sentenced to federal prison
  • According a report from the Illinois Policy Institute, from 2000 to 2017, public corruption cost Illinois taxpayers more than $550 million per year
  • This total cost of public corruption was $9.9 billions which means a cost of $800 per Illinois resident
  • JB Pritzker ran on the promise he will fix corruption and fix the financial mess in Illinois
  • However, two years into his first term, Illinois still remains as one of the worst managed state on the verge of a financial collapse
  • Many experts and political analysts believe JB Pritzker is politicizing the COVID-19 pandemic to get a federal bailout
  • Pritzker intends on using the federal bailout to fix the budget deficit the state has been facing for many years
  • However, the Trump Administration and Senate Republicans said there is no way U.S. taxpayers will be bailing out financially irresponsible and mismanaged states like Illinois, New York, and dozens of other states

Again, JB Pritzker is doing everything in his power in making the COVID-19 outbreak the reason for not just getting a federal bailout but a reason to increase taxes in Illinois.

JB Pritzker Under Federal Criminal Investigation For Tax Fraud In Less Than Four Months In Office

It took freshman rookie first term Governor JB Pritzker less than four months after getting sworn in as Illinois governor to be under federal criminal investigation for tax fraud. Rookie JB Pritzker Ranks Among Least Popular Governors due to many reasons but corruption? JB Pritzker did not waste any time in getting under federal criminal investigation like six of his predecessors who were charged with corruption and four of them were convicted and sentenced to federal prison:

  • JB Pritzker and his wife MK Pritzker ordered their contractors to remove toilets from a home their owned next to their main primary home in Chicago’s Gold Coast
  • According to the Chicago Sun Times, JB and MK Pritzker intentionally made the home he purchased next to his principal main residence uninhabitable
  • This was easily done with the removal of the toilets which did not take long to do
  • After his plumbers removed the working toilets, Pritzker then appealed his property taxes contesting it was too much for a home that was not habitable
  • By doing so, the assessment went from over $6.25 million to $1.1 million which gave JB and MK Pritzker an 83% property tax reduction
  • The property tax reduction saved the Pritzker’s $230,000 every year which was a major loss for the city, county, and state
  • Besides an annual $230,000 in property taxes they saved, JB Pritzker got a $331,000 in property tax credit from the Cook County Assessors Office
  • This is because he was overpaying property taxes on an uninhabitable house
  • However, JB and MK Pritzker got caught from this elaborate criminal scheme
  • JB and MK Pritzker’s property tax fraud scheme leaked out to the press
  • When JB and MK property tax fraud scheme leaked out, JB Pritzker paid the Cook County Assessor’s Office his savings of $331,000 for his tax fraud scheme
  • JB Pritzker had a press conference
  • On his press conference, the governor said whatever the alleged tax fraud scheme he and his wife MK Pritzker is accused of was perfectly legal and that he nor wife wife did nothing wrong
  • When asked if leaks of being under criminal investigation of tax fraud, he said absolutely not
  • However, federal criminal investigators did launch and started an investigation into JB Pritzker and MK Pritzker’s tax fraud scheme in April 2019
  • Illinois leads the nation as being the most corrupt state
  • Six Illinois governors were charged with public corruption
  • Four of the six Illinois governors were convicted and sentenced to federal prison
  • Can JB Pritzker be the next Illinois governor charged and convicted for public corruption and sentenced to federal prison?
  • Sure seems like he is on the right path
  • Pritzker has set the record in being under federal criminal investigation in just four month into his first term in office

The federal criminal investigation is still ongoing and has not been closed like Pritzker has said. Sources close to the Pritzker federal criminal tax fraud investigation say federal investigators are digging even deeper into the tax fraud scheme. The Pritzker fraud investigation is now being expanded to former Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios and others involved in helping JB and MK Pritzker.

High Hopes For New Rookie Freshman Governor JB Pritzker Backfires On Illinoisans

As mentioned earlier, many Illinoisans had high hopes when JB Pritzker got elected Illinois governor.

  • Prior to Pritzker taking office, Illinois and many cities and municipalities in the state were in deep financial trouble
  • The state’s broken pension system is one of the main reasons why Illinois is getting deeper in the red every year
  • The pension system is being run like a Ponzi Scheme and the only way to fix it through pension reform
  • However, when Pritzker took office, he said he will not considering changing the pension system
  • Pension reform is out of the question
  • Instead, the governor’s solution was to increase and create taxes and change the state’s flat-tax to a progressive tax system
  • He call’s his progressive tax proposal the FAIR TAX
  • Flat tax is when the state taxes a set percentage for everyone
  • The proposed Pritzker’s FAIR TAX was going to affect over 100,000 small business owners where the forecasted tax increase was 47% for them
  • Small business owners are hurting big time than business owners of other states
  • This is because of Illinois being one of the first states to shutdown and the executive orders in keeping the state closed by Pritzker
  • Small business owners employ two thirds of the state’s workforce
  • Due to Pritzker’s executive lockdown orders and restricting businesses on how they do business, Illinois leads the nation as having the highest unemployment rate in the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Again, due to Pritzker extending his stay at home executive orders, Illinois leads the nation as having the most number of mortgage delinquencies
  • The current state income tax rate in Illinois is 4.9%
  • However, progressive tax is a graduated income tax that taxes higher wage earners a larger percentage
  • The last state to change a flat tax to a progressive tax system was Connecticut and it turned out to be a major disaster
  • Pritzker’s FAIR TAX proposal needed voter approval on November 3rd’s election
  • Illinois FAIR TAX amendment proposal was voted down by taxpayers on November 3rd’s election
  • This infuriated the heavyset obese governor

JB Pritzker said all Illinoisans is going to suffer financially. He said he may not have any other choice but to lay off 15% of state workers and cut government services. Pritzker also threatened taxpayers he has no other choice but to increase state income taxes for everyone at all income brackets.

Rookie JB Pritzker Ranks Among Least Popular Governors Due To First Years Performance

Pritzker did not waste any time governing the state the first year in office.

  • Many Illinoisans were not too happy
  • This holds true for both individual taxpayers, business owners, and investors
  • In late spring 2019, Illinoisans were hit with 20 raised or new taxes
  • This includes of him doubling the state’s gas tax
  • This was a total of $85 billion worth of tax increases
  • Even with all these tax increase, the governor failed to balance his first budget as he promised that he would
  • This was the start of his credibility not only for taxpayers but to his political allies as well
  • Pritzker ran on the promise he will fix Illinois’ financial crisis, lower taxes including property taxes for the middle and lower class households, and get the state under control
  • However, taxpayers were seeing the opposite
  • Pritzker not only doubled the gas tax and increased taxes on anything and everything he could think of but even hiked fees on vehicle stickers and license plates
  • He was a governor out of control and getting a reputation of the “TAX BASTARD” and “THE OBESE OUT OF CONTROL TAXING PORKY PIG.”
  • Pritzker’s mission to brand his name nationally was becoming true
  • However, in a negative way

Tammy Trainor, Chief Operating Officer at Capital Lending Network, Inc., said the following:

The summer of 2019 saw Illinoisans hosed with 20 new and raised taxes. And at least one poll suggests the governor’s approval rating could already be paying the price. The consulting firm surveyed registered voters in Illinois between July 1 – the effective date of Pritzker’s doubled gas tax- and Sept. 30 to capture voters’ attitude toward their governor in the third quarter. This most recent update shows Pritzker’s approval rating at 43% with a disapproval rating of 42%, while 14% of respondents did not have an opinion. The governor might be most troubled by the direction in which those attitudes have trended. The firm’s first-quarter polling showed Pritzker enjoying 40% approval with only 29% who disapproved. Pritzker’s disapproval rating has spiked substantially to 42% as his approval rating has remained largely unchanged. Pritzker’s support is strongest among Democrats. When approval is subtracted from disapproval, that net approval rating is plus 47 percentage points with his party members. That same net approval rating is minus 56 percentage points with Republicans and minus 11 points with independents.

JB Pritzker’s popularity among the nation’s governors is plummeting. This is amazing for a freshman first term governor with no other political experience. His popularity rating ranks at the  sixth-least popular among the 23 Democratic governors.

Losing Respect And Illinoisans Questioning Pritzker’s Competence

Pritzker did deliver on his promise of legalizing marijuana and increasing casinos in Illinois. However, revenues are a dent on what Illinois needs. Pritzker and his allies need to realize that they cannot spend more than what they take in. Pritzker seems clueless and the way he is headed, he will no doubt be a one term governor. Unless he makes some good decisions and stop increasing taxes, his political ambitions in becoming President of the United States will be nothing but a fantasy. Pritzker made some bad decisions while in his first two years in office. Nobody likes tax increases. However, voters do realize that tax increases are necessary to keep state government running. But JB Pritzker gave state lawmaker raises when the state was bleeding financially. Furthermore, Pritzker approved over $220 million worth of wage increases to high-level state workers. What was he thinking?  Why is neighboring Indiana raking in millions in revenues and Illinoisans moving there? A great competent governor who is running Indiana like a business. Lowering taxes to attract new taxpayers and businesses. Lowering property taxes to attract  home buyers and real estate investors. Watching they do not spend more than they take in. Illinois is facing a massive exodus of taxpayers and businesses to other lower taxed states. Many Illinoisans do not feel safe and stable living in Illinois due to incompetent politicians who do not know what they are doing. Property taxes in Illinois keep on increasing with no maximum cap in sight. The only solution the governor and politicians have to solve their financial irresponsibility is to keep on finding ways of increasing taxes.