Pritzker Incompetence Ruining Illinois Economy And Housing

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BREAKING NEWS: Pritzker Incompetence Ruining Illinois Economy And Housing

Pritzker Incompetence Ruining Illinois: Anyone with half a business brain knows that you cannot spend more than you take in.

  • There are 50 states in the United States
  • Why is it that certain states such as Texas, Florida, Georgia, and dozens of others raking in billions in revenue and are having a population explosion
  • Illinois got a new freshman rookie governor in 2018, JB Pritzker
  • Pritzker is a newcomer to politics
  • JB Pritzker was always a wannabe politician but was never successful in getting elected to public office
  • Pritzker is the heir of Hyatt Hotels
  • However, he is not a self-made billionaire
  • He inherited wealth through the death of his father
  • Many Illinoisans thought Pritzker may have the solution of fixing Illinois’ financial crisis

Pritzker turned to be a major disappointment for Illinoisans. Not only are individual taxpayers not happy but business owners are leaving the state in record numbers.

Pritzker Incompetence Ruining Illinois With Record Number Of Out-Migration

Is Pritzker incompetence ruining Illinois with a record number of foreign trips

The election of JB Pritzker turned out to be a nightmare for both business owners as well as individual taxpayers.

  • The only solution the rookie freshman governor seems to have is to increase and create new taxes
  • The thing that blows expert’s minds is the rookie governor is not just raising and creating new taxes but is also spending money like a drunken sailor
  • Pritzker has approved salary increases to state lawmakers when the state is in a major financial crisis
  • He also approved over a $220 million wage increases to senior high-level state employees under the recommendation of House Speaker Michael Madigan, who is currently under federal criminal investigation for fraud
  • Pritzker himself got himself into a criminal federal investigation for tax fraud just after four months of taking office
  • JB Pritzker and his wife MK Pritzker have removed toilets from the home they owned next to their Gold Coast Chicago residence in order to claim it uninhabitable thus saving over $331,400 in property taxes
  • When JB Pritzker got caught for his tax fraud scheme, he immediately wrote a $331,400 personal check to the Cook County Assessor’s Office
  • Federal agents and investigators are still investigating Pritzker’s tax fraud scheme
  • Pritzker denies the allegations and claims he nor his wife did anything wrong
  • Pritzker Incompetence Ruining Illinois Economy And Housing markets
  • Never before has Illinois has so many businesses and individual taxpayers leave the state

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover Pritzker Incompetence Ruining Illinois Economy And Housing.

Pritzker’s Power Hunger Is Getting Out Of Control

It is no secret JB Pritzker has power control issues.

  • Pritzker has threatened business owners with fines and arrests if they do not comply with his executive stay at home order
  • A state circuit court judge ordered Pritzker’s stay at home order illegal after April 8th, 2020
  • Clay County Circuit Court Judge Michael McHaney ordered Illinois can reopen effective immediately and ruled Pritzker’s stay at home orders are illegal and invalid after April 8th, 2020
  • However, JB Pritzker has relentlessly ordered extended stay at home orders despite the judge’s ruling
  • JB Pritzker got the Illinois Attorney General to represent him in court
  • Judge McHaney ruled Pritzker in contempt and threatened to jail the heavyset overly obese governor
  • At the last minute, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled a stay on Pritzker appearing before Judge Mike McHaney until the judge rules on a final case of Pritzker
  • Pritzker thinks he is above the lower court’s ruling and is adamant in punishing small business owners who are defying his extended executive order
  • Pritzker announced any businesses that defy his extended executive order will face fines, arrests, criminal penalties, and jail time

JB Pritzker said he is trying to save lives and will show no mercy to business owners and staff who fail to wear face masks.

Pritzker Incompetence Ruining Illinois Businesses

JB Pritzker announced he will fully enforce in criminalizing businesses that do not comply with his extended executive stay at home order.

  • This is Pritzker’s second attempt to criminalize business owners who fail to enforce his mask rules, despite a previous failed attempt
  • Pritzker got the approval from state lawmakers to legalize police and prosecutors to utilize criminal fines of up to $2,500 to enforce his emergency mask order
  • During a Joint Committee on Administrative Rules meeting on August 11th, state lawmakers sided with JB Pritzker in agreeing for police and prosecutors to issue tickets and fines up to $2,500

Jammi Cash of Gustan Cho Associates has been following the legality of Pritzker’s mask mandate. Jammi Cash’s research findings show Pritzker’s mask mandate is unconstitutional and illegal. Jammi said the following:

State lawmakers on the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules voted Aug. 11 along party lines to uphold the rules, with six Republicans voting against it and the five Democrats who were present voting in favor of Pritzker. Eight votes in opposition were required to halt Pritzker’s rule. Under Pritzker’s new rules, mask enforcement would be directed at businesses – not individuals. The business owners would be punished if their customers or staff were not wearing a mask after repeated warnings. They need to be reminded and reminded and then fined if they are not following this rule for the state of Illinois. Pritzker is vilifying the very businesspeople who helped the state develop mask guidelines. Instead of cooperation and collaboration, the Administration chose politics and confrontation in developing this rule, abandoning the partnership with retailers that have helped guide our state through this pandemic. While the Administration preaches the importance of individuals wearing face coverings, they are clearly not interested in taking responsibility for their own orders. Instead, they are exporting their enforcement responsibilities to others and playing politics with the pandemic. Make no mistake: their actions have once again put retailers and their employees in harm’s way. Pritzker’s emergency order takes a three-step approach to gain compliance with the mandate he issued May 1 requiring masks to be worn inside all public places. First, businesses will receive a written warning for failing to comply with the order. If they don’t comply, customers would be asked to leave the business for public health reasons. If that still does not work, businesses can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor and receive a fine up to $2,500. The governor said he did not want to punish regular people for not wearing masks, which is why he applied his rule to business owners and not individuals.

Business Owners Can Get Fined And Jailed If Customers Do Not Abide By Pritzker’s Mask Mandate

Most Illinois business owners do not like the fact JB Pritzker is treating them like criminals for the actions of individuals.

  • The majority of small business owners support individuals wearing masks
  • However, small business owners do not like the fact they are getting penalized if their customers do not abide by the mask mandate
  • It is not the individual who is not wearing the mask that gets penalized
  • It is the owner of the business
  • Business owners said they cannot control the actions of individuals

Piotr Bieda of Gustan Cho Associates said the following:

Pritzker also won a small victory for his emergency powers Aug. 10 in the Illinois Supreme Court. The high court granted a stay in a case from Clay County filed by state Rep. Darren Bailey, R-Xenia, challenging Pritzker’s authority to continue filing emergency executive orders in response to COVID-19. Pritzker was to appear in Clay County circuit court on Aug. 14 for civil contempt of court hearing after he continued issuing emergency orders after county Judge Michael McHaney ruled Pritzker’s emergency powers expired in April. Bailey wanted Pritzker held in jail for contempt until he rescinded his orders. The Supreme Court is requiring McHaney to rule on one more count in Bailey’s case before a contempt hearing can take place. The order seeking mask fines was not Pritzker’s first attempt at imposing criminal penalties to get people to follow his orders. Pritzker on his own in May amended Illinois Department of Public Health rules so business owners could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, including up to a year in jail, for violating his closure orders. He made the change without consulting the Illinois General Assembly. The rule never took effect, however. Pritzker withdrew it hours before a vote May 20 when it was clear he didn’t have the support of the state lawmakers on the JCAR, which has oversight of such rulesSignificant public backlash caused many lawmakers to quietly abandon support for Pritzker’s moves, and the legislative session ended without him being able to get lawmakers backing for any criminal penalties to add teeth to his executive orders.

Illinois Business Owners Hurt The Worst Than Any Other States

Businesses in Illinois got hard the worst out of any other states.

  • Illinois was the first state to shut down and the last state to reopen
  • States like Georgia, Florida, Texas opened prior to May 1st, 2020
  • Illinois is still not fully reopened
  • As time passes, it hurts small business owners
  • Many small business owners either called it quits or filed bankruptcy
  • JB Pritzker is no doubt politicizing the coronavirus outbreak for his own political benefit
  • Pritzker’s dream is to get elected President of the United States
  • He plans on being on the 2020 Democrat ticket for President
  • By being tough on the coronavirus pandemic and be the nation’s governor during the coronavirus pandemic, Pritzker thinks he will gain national popularity

However, this is beginning to backfire on the oversized heavyset obese rookie governor.

Damage Done To Illinois Due To Incompetent Governor And Politicians

What is the damage done to Illinois by incompetent governor and politicians

There is no reason why Illinois needs to be in such a major financial crisis. Why is neighboring Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin thriving and raking in billions in revenues and Illinois is on the brink of bankruptcy? Poor leadership. Many are saying Pritzker’s incompetence is ruining businesses and families and he needs to get impeached. The state of the economy has deteriorated rapidly under Pritzker’s leadership.

Jammi Cash said the following:

Regardless of whether criminal fines are assessed, Pritzker’s COVID-19 mandates and the economic downturn have already left workers and businesses damaged. More than 1.5 million have been unemployed and $86 billion was lost from the Illinois economy. Pritzker is looking to add more economic pain Nov. 3 by pushing his “fair tax,” which would impose tax rates up to 47% higher on more than 100,000 small businesses in Illinois that create the bulk of the state’s jobs and are struggling to remain afloat.

Pritzker is becoming increasingly unpopular with his leadership. He seems clueless, lost, and baffled on how to run state government.  Many are calling him the worst governor in Illinois history. Others rank him as the worst governor in the nation. The rate Pritzker is leading, he will most likely become a one-term governor. He can kiss his dream of becoming president goodbye.