My Experience With The Gustan Cho Team

My Experience with The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates

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This article is about a borrower’s testimonial on My Experience with The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates. We will discuss and cover a borrower’s experience with Gustan Cho NMLS 873293 of Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group. Many buyers start the mortgage process of mortgage approval by going to their local bank. This is great, so long as you have A+ credit, with no blemish points on the report. Often home buyers will do this because they have a banking relationship with them, thinking that a mortgage approval should be easy, even with less than perfect credit. They quickly become disappointed when their local bank denies the mortgage application and the resulting feeling of thinking they do not qualify for a loan anywhere. It takes a great emotional toll on a person to have their mortgage application rejected, to be treated as a score or a number. Gustan Cho NMLS 873293 and Gustan Cho Associates, powered by Nexa Mortgage, which has made it their mission to help those who were otherwise turned down by the big banks and lenders with overlays.

Getting Rejected By Multiple Lenders

My Experience With The Gustan Cho Team came at a crucial time. When a mortgage borrower with less than perfect credit obtains approval from another lender, likely after multiple rejections, they start to question the solidity of the pre-approval. They also start to wonder if the company is “legit” or if this will be a very expensive loan. It is important to understand that all lenders are governed by the same rules and regulations, regardless of what overlays they may or may not have. Borrowers are not going to pay for a high-cost loan due to their credit score and are not going to be gouged to the gills in the fee. These are regulated and disclosure requirements are present for high-cost loans. There are tolerance levels and the lender must stay within these tolerances.

Getting Approved For Mortgage at Gustan Cho Associates

After obtaining a pre-approval from The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates, borrowers often Google these companies to see reviews and if they really deliver on their promises. There will be bad reviews on any lender, even the largest and most well-known banks. There will also be positive reviews, but let’s face it, most only write reviews if they have had a bad experience. Let me tell you about my experience with Gus and put your minds at ease.

My Experience With The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates

Upon applying for a mortgage, we had a pre-approval from a large bank. We did this prior to listing our home which sold within 24 hours on the market. We found a home and submitted it to this big bank and they turned around and then denied the loan, with NO solid explanation. It was devastating and scary all at the same time. I made it my mission to not let my family down and find a mortgage lender that would deliver on its promise and hold true to the mortgage approval. I was in a reactive mode which never sits well with me, I am a planner. I plan everything and usually have backup plans for my plans; I did not have a backup plan for this!

How Gustan Cho Associates Has Helped Me

This was because I had just had a pre-approval that was worth nothing.

I reached out to Gustan Cho Associates. Gustan Cho NMLS 873293 pulled my credit and said “this is crazy, of course, we can make this happen!” I was still skeptical. This was because I had just had a pre-approval that was worth nothing. Gustan Cho and his team probably suspected my apprehension and did a very good job of reassuring me that we would be just fine. After careful review of all of our documents and submitting our application through the AUS, we received our pre-approval letter.

The Mortgage Process with The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates

Trisha Mangiaracina was our Loan Coordinator. She immediately had a call with me to review all items on the application, credit reports, and the process. I believe in our first conversation, I pretty much asked if this was for real, could I trust it? She reassured me that day and regularly throughout our process. She worked closely with me with regards to any documentation that was needed and our homeowner’s insurance documents. She worked hard each day and advocated for us when we needed an advocate. It was always fun talking with Trisha and she did a great job at keeping me informed on each aspect of the file she was working on.

Operations and Processing Team at Gustan Cho Associates

Our Mortgage Loan Processor was wonderful! She worked hard at getting all of the documents ready for submission to the Underwriter. She advocated for us to outside vendors who needed to provide information and were not very timely. The support staff held our hands through waiting for IRS Tax Transcripts during a time when the IRS was not processing any returns, let alone returns that had extensions. At one point I had asked Trisha Mangiaracina what happens if we did not get the required documents from the IRS prior to the mortgage commitment expiration date. Her response to me mean the world which simply said, “We are committed to you for as long as it takes, do not worry about it.” The processing staff worked on their days off, worked even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!  On Christmas, I had received the official notification that we had the official Clear to Close!  I never imagined that lenders worked and communicated with borrowers on Christmas!

Teamwork At Gustan Cho Associates

Michael Gracz, the National Sales Manager at Gustan Cho Associates was our Mortgage Loan Originator. Mike Gracz always kept me up to date with our file status. We spoke nearly daily throughout the entire process. My loan officer, Mike Gracz was the best, an MLO that should serve as an example to everyone. Not only to other MLO’s but to borrowers on what you should expect from your MLO! I could write an entire article on all of the things Michael Gracz has done for me and my family, I will save that for another time. The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates is lucky to have such a committed professional as they do with Michael Gracz.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, My Experience With The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates Family delivered on their promise to me, and service throughout was better than I have ever experienced. This was not my first home mortgage and we have used large and small banks in the past, this surpassed all of those experiences. Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage And Real Estate Informational Center is an extremely informative website with countless blogs and articles on loan scenarios and valuable information. Like for My Experience With The Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Associates and thank everyone at Gustan Cho Associates for running a AAA plus company and have never met such a wonderful close-knit group of professionals.

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