My Experience Moving To New Home And Mortgage Process

This Article Is About My Experience Moving To New Home

Moving is the worst experience for most people: My Experience Moving To New Home. I now know the reason why everyone constantly is making jokes about people always having “something to do” when it comes to helping you move. Moving is by far one of the worst things you will ever have to do in your life. I have done it 4 times. But between moving out of my rental, into my in-law’s house, and finally, into my current home, I did parts of 3 moves over the course of 4 months. In this article, we will discuss and cover My Experience Moving To New Home And Mortgage Process.

My Experience Moving To New Home To Bigger House

Moving To New Home To Bigger House

The first thing I noticed during our move from our townhouse was over the course of 2.5 years and having our daughter grow up, we accumulated a whole bunch of stuff. It got to the point where we were constantly packing more and more boxes and were like “where did this all come from?”   Granted we had some furniture from our first home that wasn’t being used here, so that took up some room in the basement. However, after those items, there was just A LOT of “stuff.”   What we did to try and combat this was to use the 1-year rule and that is if we hadn’t used/thought of the item in a year it would get donated or thrown away. This worked to an extent, but we still had boxes and plastic tubs that would fill an entire basement.

My Experience Moving To New Home With Storage And PODS

Since we were moving into our in-laws and were going to be in between houses for a few months, we decided to rent PODS to store our belongings. I rented 2 of the biggest PODS they had and they were delivered to my 2-car driveway flawlessly with about 4 feet of space between them and just barely touching the grass on either side of the driveway. Both of the openings were facing the garage so it was easy to bring stuff in and out through our garage door. Now if you have ever seen PODS being moved or delivered they swing and rock quite a bit so you could only imagine what it is doing to your belongings.

Here is my advice on this front and what we did and that is you need to pack them as tightly as you can and all the way to the top. We put all of our bins and boxes in one POD and after every 8 feet or so we would tie ropes from the floor to the ceiling to have just a little extra support just in case something wanted to move. This POD filled rather quickly, but now the tricky part was getting all of our furniture tightly into the 2nd POD. With the help of my in-laws, we packed this POD as best we could and used any additional moving blanket, towel, or duffle bag of clothes to fill in all the gaps. We used extra rope to tie everything to each other or the floor and walls of the POD itself. As the PODS were picked up, we cringed and hoped that everything would be okay when we opened them up again.

My Experience Moving To New Home And Packing

Amongst all the packing of our townhouse, we also had to properly allocate what we were bringing with us to our in-laws. We had to bring enough items to feel comfortable. But at the same time, we tried not to bring a lot as all this would have to get packed up again in a few months. After 2 weeks of packing and unpacking, we had finally moved into our in-laws’ house for the short term. In what felt like the blink of an eye we had closed on our new home and were packing up again and getting our PODS delivered to our new house.

My Experience Moving To New Home With Unpacking

Moving To New Home With Unpacking

After closing on our new home, we had our PODS delivered 4 days later, and let me tell you, I learned my lesson and paid for 4 movers to come out and unpack these PODS for us. This was probably the best decision I have ever made. When the guys showed up at 8 am, I knew I had 4 hours for them to unpack everything and get it where I wanted. These guys were so efficient that after 2.5 hours we were just about done and had to find things for them to do. We even had them come into our new basement and help us organize our belongings down there as well.

The next week we rented a small box truck and loaded up our stuff from our in-laws and within 6 hours on a Saturday morning, we packed up, drove to our new home, and unloaded the last of our stuff.  We could finally relax, of wait, we can’t….. Now we have to unpack………

Conclusion Of My Experience

In conclusion, I can firmly tell you that moving is one thing I could do without for the rest of my life. If I can afford it, the next time I move, my plan is to hire movers to pack and move for me. The countless days of working full-time and coming home to eat a quick dinner and pack for another 4-6 hours really does take a toll on you. By the time you get halfway through, you start moving slower and slower as the adrenaline has long since worn off and it is just a game of will at that point!   So next time a buddy of yours asks for a hand with moving, help him out, even if only for a day as I can tell you he/she would be forever grateful!

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