How Presidential Election Uncertainty Affects The Housing Market

How Presidential Election Uncertainty Affects The Housing Market

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BREAKING NEWS: How Presidential Election Uncertainty Affects The Housing Market

How Presidential Election Uncertainty Affects The Housing Market:

  • As of today, Americans do not know who the next President of the United States will be
  • The Trump Administration is alleging not just voter fraud but election fraud in the 2020 Elections
  • Lead Trump Attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell have made strong statements they have over 250 sworn affidavits from first hand witnesses of election and voter fraud in key battleground states
  • These folks are actually people that witnessed vote tampering
  • These folks witnessed and were instructed to destroy Trump votes and help Biden to win the election
  • Dominium is the voting electronic system that was rigged to change Trump votes into Biden votes
  • Giuliani and Powell said they have whistleblowers from Dominium who have signed sworn statements under oath and ready to testify against the company and high ranking Democrats who were part of the conspiracy
  • Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell are powerful creditable attorneys who would not be making such a statement with such conviction on the matter
  • Both Giuliani and Powell said they have rock solid proof
  • This is breaking news that will turn the heads of all Americans
  • Trump lawyers said solid proof and evidence will be released in a matter of days proving that Democrats in leadership positions were involved in the 2020 election and voter fraud scheme

There are countless lawsuits with regards on how states have manipulated votes to favor Joe Biden.

Who Confirmed Joe Biden And Kamala Harris As President And Vice President Elect

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In the meantime, the mainstream media are on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s side and have declared them the President and Vice President-Elect respectively:

  • Joe Biden is not wasting any time in acting like the next President of the United States
  • The 78 year old elderly candidate and his team are already setting up the transition team to assemble cabinet members and the new team
  • The Presidential Election Uncertainty is having an impact on the housing market
  • The U.S. economy and the housing market will have an impact depending on who the next President of the United States will be
  • Under President Trump, the housing and mortgage markets were thriving
  • The economy was booming
  • Unemployment numbers were at historic lows
  • The Trump tax cuts and a reduction of regulations across the board stimulated the economy
  • The housing market was poised to remain strong under a second President Trump term
  • However, President Trump does not have the final word he got reelected
  • There are many issues here with potential election and voter fraud which we will most likely find out in the coming days or weeks

Presidential Election Uncertainty: Is Joe Biden The President Elect?

Joe Biden is hands down the media favorite. Even prior to Donald Trump getting elected as the 45th President of the United States, the media and Democrats did not like Trump.

  • The mainstream media and Democrats never thought it would be possible for Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election
  • Hillary Clinton assumed she had the U.S. Presidency under the bag in 2016 where
  • Hillary Clinton did not even bother to campaign in key battle ground states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania
  • Hillary Clinton even had a large banquet set up for her victory party
  • Then the vote counts came in
  • Donald J. Trump won the electoral votes
  • Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States
  • The Clintons, the Obamas, and the world was shocked

Democrats were livid and could not believe the man they despise became the 45th president of the United States.

2020 Presidential Election Uncertainty Started As Soon As President Trump Got Elected President In 2016

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The lynching process for Trump had begun:

  • Democrats and the media made Trump’s Presidency very difficult
  • Trump was harassed non-stop
  • Democrats Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and countless other conspired to take President Trump out of office
  • First was the Russian Collusion Hoax that cost taxpayers over $50 million and took a long two years
  • The investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller vindicated President Donald Trump of any wrongdoing
  • Then it was the Ukraine deal where Democrats impeached President Trump
  • However, President Trump was found not guilty
  • Then the COVID-19 outbreak hit the nation in February 2020
  • President Trump took the leadership role and kept Americans calm
  • The economy was hurt initially
  • However, the economic recovery was faster than anyone can ever expect
  • However, Democrats blamed President Trump on just about anything and everything
  • President Trump had national campaign rallies
  • Tens of thousands of supporters showed up

Every campaign rally was sold out. Joe Biden on the other hand, limited his campaign rally and hibernated in his basement. Biden barely had any supporters at his campaign rallies.

Presidential Election Uncertainty: Trump Presidency During His First Term

Donald Trump did a phenomenal job as President of the United States during his term.

  • Trump was poised to win reelection for a second term by a landslide
  • Democrats, with the backing of the mainstream media, were up to something
  • We now know what they were up to
  • Can Democrats and the mainstream media stoop this low as to orchestrate and conspire to hijack the 2020 Presidential Race by committing election and voter fraud?
  • Joe Biden said on national television and cable weeks before November 3rd, 2020 that the U.S. is poised to set off the biggest election and voter fraud in history
  • This statement by Joe Biden is on tape which we will post on this article
  • Trump beat all the major negative hurdles during his first term in office
  • Now Trump and his lawyers need to prove their allegations of election and voter fraud
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are NOT President and Vice President Elect
  • The media crowned them as the President and Vice President Elect
  • Who gave the media the authority to declare the winner of the Presidency
  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going around and introducing themselves as the next President and Vice President of the United States
  • They may be the next President and Vice President of the United States
  • But as of today, Joe Biden is no President Elect

President Trump has not conceded and their team of lawyers are fully investigating the voter and election fraud that allegedly happened. These strong allegations is being investigated and will be solved despite the mainstream media debunking and censoring President Trumps allegations.

America Is Waiting For Confirmation And U.S. Supreme Court Ruling On Who The Next President Of The United States Is

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The uncertainty over who the next president of the United States will be is dragging on. Many Americans have put their personal and/or business plans on hold until the next president of the United States is decided upon. The Trump Administration have a team of the best lawyers and investigators working around the clock on the potential election and voter fraud they claim occurred. There are many lawsuits that have been filed in key battle ground states where the alleged conspiracy and crimes have occurred.  The U.S. economy and housing market is still plugging away but not at full capacity. Americans are pretty much on hold until the presidency has been certified by the electoral college and the U.S. Supreme Court and not the media. Homebuyers are holding off on the type of home they plan on buying until the president has been selected. Home sellers are holding off on listing their homes until who the president is decided upon. Nobody knows what the outcome will be of the 2020 Presidential Election. It seems the U.S. Supreme Court will get involved and issue the ultimate ruling. There could be a criminal probe and inquiry if the allegations of election fraud has merits. Recounts, court cases, lawsuits, criminal investigations can all be in the works. It could takes days, weeks, or months before everything is ironed out. The economy never pauses. However, it can slow down until what the outcome of the election will be. If Joe Biden becomes president, it means higher taxes, reverting the Trump tax cuts, higher interest rates, more regulations, climate change laws and regulations, defunding the police, and the country leaning more left. A Biden win can affect wealthier Americans and corporate America on capital investments.  If Trump wins, it means lower taxes, less regulations, lower interest rates, and a booming economy. Luxury real estate may be affected with a Biden win. More regulations could impact the housing market. Trump did a lot in getting rid of regulations and restricting the CFPB from all the power the agency had.  This is a developing story. We will keep our viewers updated as this story develops and how it impacts the economy and housing market.

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