Family Of Veteran Killed in Afghanistan Gets Mortgage Paid Off


This ARTICLE On Mortgage Balance Of Utah Mayor Family Paid Off In Full By Charity Was PUBLISHED On January 22nd, 2019

Family Of Veteran Killed in Afghanistan Gets Mortgage Paid Off


The Mortgage Balance Of Utah Mayor Family Paid Off in full. The Tunnel To Towers Foundation headed by Chief Executive Officer Frank Sillar was responsible for making this dream come true happen to the Taylor Family. Frank Siller was also responsible for having FOX News Paying Mortgage Balance to family of Police Officer Ronil Singh recently. A mortgage is the highest debt most families have. A mortgage payment is the highest monthly expense for most Americans. The mortgage balance of Utah Mayor Family Paid Off in full is a gift from God to the family of Utah Army National Guard Major. The Major and Mayor was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan while serving his country. The Stephen Sillar Tunnel To Towers Foundation, headed by CEO Frank Sillar, is a charity that was launched in honoring fallen NYC Firefighter Stephen Sillar. Stephen Sillar is a New York City Firefighter who passed away in the line of duty during the 9/11 Twin Towers Attack. The foundation raised the money to help the Utah Mayor’s Family pay off their mortgage. 

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Mortgage Balance Of Utah Mayor Family Paid Off Is Dream Come True

Which means the Utah mayor's family mortgage balance paid off is a dream come true

There are no words to express the work of Frank Siller of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. CEO Frank Siller presented the news and proof of mortgage payoff to widow Jennie Taylor live on “Fox & Friends”.

It was an early Christmas Present presented to the widow of our American Hero. Brent Taylor. Frank Siller stated, “It’s the least we could do [for you] as a country and from the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Merry Christmas.” Siller continue by saying “This is paid off in full, It’s done, it’s finished, you never have to worry about it again.”

The Death Of Our Hero Major Brent Taylor

U.S. Army Major Brent Taylor was killed in the line of duty on November 3rd, 2018. Besides being with the Utah Army National Guard who was called to active duty, Major Brent Taylor was the North Ogden, Utah City Mayor. Taylor was killed during an insider attack in Kabul. Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. This was the fourth tour of duty for this hero. He was only 39 years old. Brent and Jennie Taylor has seven children.

Our Heroes Of Our U.S. Military And How Much We Appreciate Them 

We are proud of the heroes of our US army and how much we appreciate them

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About Our Hero U.S. Army Major Brent Taylor And How The Mortgage Balance Of Utah Mayor Family Paid Off

“Brent is a man that’s larger than life, especially now that we’ve lost him,” Jennie Taylor said. “A man who loves his country, loves his family and above all, loves his God. I’m a Gold Star wife, which I never expected to be, but I’m a very proud Army wife. I really am.” Jennie Taylor knows that Brent Taylor has sent Frank Siller of The Tunnel To Towers Foundation as their Angel to having their mortgage paid off in full from Heaven. The grieving family has one huge burden off by not eliminating their single highest monthly expense. Jennie Taylor was a stay at home parent staying at home raising their 7 precious young children while Brent was out working to support their large family. Now, the single parent needs to work couple of jobs to make ends meet.  With eliminating the biggest monthly expense, it will make things easier but nothing can replace Brent Taylor missing. He is loved, missed, and appreciated by the Taylor Family and all Americans.

This BLOG On Mortgage Balance Of Utah Mayor Family Paid Off Was PUBLISHED On January 21st, 2019. Even though Mortgage Balance Of Utah Mayor Family Paid Off, the family is adjusting their lives with their beloved father.

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