Manners Today At The Workplace

Manners Today At The Workplace By Fellow Co-Workers

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This Article On Manners Today At The Workplace By Fellow Co-Workers Was UPDATED On January 15th, 2019

This sounds like a topic you would have with a kindergarten class. Unfortunately, many grown-ups don’t understand that using good manners, being polite and showing respect will help improve your everyday life.  I’m still part of a full-time workforce and would like to share with you a few not so good experiences where manners really do matter.

Treat Other’s People Property Like It Was Yours

I don’t want to sound too bitter but some of the things that people do or don’t do amaze me. For example, we have beautiful lunchroom at my office.  Every Monday morning it’s sparkling clean. By the time lunchtime is over, the chairs are not pushed in, tables are dirty and dishes are left in the sink.  Who do you think will clean up after you, your mother!? Come on people, we are not 5 years old.  Clean up after yourself.  I often wonder what their kitchens look like at home.

Manners At The Workplace

I really don’t want to go here but I must. RESTROOM.  I have encountered used toilet paper rolled up and on the floor, toilets not flushed and feces on the toilet seat.  Really? come on ladies, where is your class.  How gross is that!  To top it off, I will be in the restroom and watch someone leave the stall and walk right out the door without washing their hands.  And the ladies wonder why I never eat at our pot lucks, no thank you.  Remember, put a seat cover down, flush and wash your hands.

Gossip, what a great way for people to lose trust in you.  Have integrity people! Life would be so much better if people would mind their own business, do their job and respect other people’s lives.  Remember folks, we are a team.  Have you ever heard, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Just remember, present yourself with class, show good manners and treat people the way you would like to be treated.   This world would be a much better place if we all showed respect to one another.  Hold a door open for someone, say thank you and smile, it may be contagious.  Oh yeah, one more thing, remember to clean up after yourself, MUAH!!!!!!

About The Author: Lori Bennett

Lori Bennett is a writer for Gustan Cho Associates Commercial And Residential Mortgage Information Center and is currently studying to get her national NMLS mortgage license. Lori Bennett has an extensive accounting background and is an expert in all areas of accounting and is extremely knowledgeable in income tax analysis for self-employed borrowers. We are looking forward to the upcoming blogs in the coming days and weeks that Lori Bennett will publish on Gustan Cho Associates. Stay Tuned!!!

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