Starting New Career as MLO With Mortgage Lender Support

Starting New Career as MLO With Mortgage Lender Support

Gustan Cho Associates are mortgage brokers licensed in 48 states

This blog will discuss and cover starting a new career as a MLO or a mortgage loan officer. Have You Considered Of Starting a New Career as a MLO or a Mortgage Loan Officer? Have you ever thought about starting a new career as a mortgage loan officer?  A career as a mortgage loan officer is unlike any other job due to the complexity of the job and the hundreds, if not thousands, of case scenarios a mortgage loan originator often faces.  Keep on reading:

In this article about starting a new career as a mortgage loan officer, I will detail what it entails to get your federal and state NMLS licenses and how to get started in starting a new career as a mortgage loan officer.

Any loan officer can qualify a mortgage borrower who has 800 credit scores, 40% debt-to-income ratios, perfect credit payment history, no prior late payments, no prior bankruptcies or foreclosures, no gaps in employment, no outstanding collection accounts, no judgments, no tax liens, no charge offs, and ample reserves and assets. However, that is not how the real world works.

Understanding Case Scenarios of Borrowers With Unique Credit and Income Situations

Hard-working Americans run into extenuating circumstances such as job loss, business, divorce, and medical issues that affect their credit and financial status.  Mortgage bankers are direct lenders who fund the mortgage loans they originate and may or may not service the mortgage loans they fund. Mortgage bankers need to be licensed.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working as a licensed mortgage loan originator is that no two borrowers are alike. The job entails always learning new guidelines in different mortgage loan programs.

Depending on which mortgage company loan officers work for, you must know the federal minimum mortgage lending guidelines and be familiar with your employer’s investor overlays. This article will discuss Starting new career as MLO at Gustan Cho Associates.

Investor Overlays Versus Agency Guidelines

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Overlays, also called investor overlaysare mortgage lending guidelines on top of the federal minimum lending guidelines each mortgage lender can impose. For example, many mortgage lenders have overlays on credit scores.

FHA only requires a credit score 580 to qualify for a 3.5% down payment FHA home purchase loan. However, a particular mortgage lender can have investor overlays requiring credit scores of 640 FICO or higher to qualify for FHA loans.

This holds even though the minimum required is 580. HUD does not require paying off outstanding collection accounts to qualify for FHA loans.

How Every Lender May Have Different Requirements on Government and Conventional Loans

However, most banks and lenders require that unpaid outstanding collection accounts be paid in full before they will approve borrowers. Gustan Cho Associates and its licensed loan originators specialize in helping borrowers with previous credit issues and higher debt-to-income ratios.

We have no overlays and normally go off the federal minimum mortgage lending guidelines. Many of our borrowers could not qualify at other banks and lenders and come to us, where we get the loan closed and funded.

We pride ourselves in customer service. Most of our borrowers become our lifelong friends. We are a growing group of mortgage professionals looking for quality, hard-working people to train and become part of our growing family. The first several files will be worked together with a senior loan officer.

First Step In Starting A Career as a MLO, or Mortgage Loan Officer

To start a new career as MLO, you must first get your federal NMLS license. Candidates must first contact NMLS Resource Center and register and get an NMLS number. The NMLS number is the loan officer’s permanent license number.

Candidates will need it to sign up for the 20-hour pre-licensing course, which is mandatory for all new mortgage loan originators.

There are actual classrooms and online courses for the 20-hour mortgage loan originator pre-licensing course. Prices vary between $200 to $500 depending on the school, and so do schedules. Some schools offer a three-day course, schools offer weekends only, schools offer night courses, and the most popular courses are online webinars.

Taking The Federal NMLS Exam

Once candidates have completed the 20-hour NMLS pre-licensing course, their next step is to take your national NMLS examination, which is a three-hour exam and consists of 125 questions. Candidates need at least 80% on the national NMLS test to pass the exam. There are many prep courses and practice exams that you can purchase to help you pass the NMLS national exam.

Starting A Career As A Mortgage Loan Officer And Licensing Requirements

After passing the NMLS Federal examination, you are eligible to get licensed. Again, candidates must log in to the NMLS Resource Center and apply for their federal NMLS license. The licensing process requires a thorough federal criminal background investigation, including fingerprinting and credit checks.

All hardware, software, servers, main host, and other intellectual property and assets are owned, managed, and operated under the master parent company website Gustan Cho Associates under the management of Sapna and Ravinder Sharma.

Candidates will have a separate criminal background check for every state they apply for by the state’s law enforcement agency. Once candidates get clearance on criminal and financial background checks, their mortgage NMLS license will be approved. The next step will be to get hired by a mortgage company.

Career as a Mortgage Loan Officer: Banks Versus Mortgage Brokers Versus Mortgage Bankers

Once candidates get their NMLS mortgage license, their next step is to get a mortgage lender to sponsor and hire them. Those seeking employment with an FDIC bank or federally chartered credit union are not licensed and are exempt from licensing requirements. Some mortgage loan originators choose to work for a mortgage broker.

The Role of a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers are third-party mortgage consultants who represent actual wholesale mortgage lenders and get paid a commission by the wholesale mortgage lender. Mortgage brokers do not fund loans and just broker mortgage loans.

The commission they receive is called a yield spread premium. Loan officers working for mortgage brokers need to be licensed. There will be dozens of different case scenarios.

No two mortgage applications will be identical, and you will never be alone on any mortgage file. Gustan Cho Associates, headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, is a national mortgage banking firm licensed in multiple states with a five-star national reputation.

Career as a Mortgage Loan Officer: Employment Opportunity at Gustan Cho Associates

If you are interested in a career as a loan officer with Gustan Cho Associates, please get in touch with us at Gustan Cho Associates at 800-900-8569 or text us for a faster response. Or email us at

We aggressively hire experienced mortgage loan originators and select mortgage loan officer recruits.  Neither party, whether the licensee of the GCA website or the administrator, can change usernames or passwords without notifying the other party.

We are looking for quality and not the number of loan officers. Candidates with at least one year of full-time loan origination experience and are a self-starter have come to the right place.  We have remote loan officer positions available nationwide for those with at least one year of experience in full-time loan origination.

Career as a Mortgage Loan Officer: Applying For States After Passing The National NMLS Exam

Once the Federal NMLS exam is passed, candidates apply for their license with the states they want to get licensed. As mentioned earlier, the licensing process takes two weeks and covers federal criminal background checks,  fingerprinting,  credit checks, etc.

Once you get the licenses, we will send an employment package and application. Once it’s completed, we will send you an employment letter. We will then send you your credentials, including your Corporate email address,  Encompass software,  Credit Plus software,

Fannie Mae and FREDDIE Mac Automated Underwriting System software and all other programs needed to conduct business. Our IT department will guide all candidates and help set up everything.  As new mortgage loan officers, candidates will be assigned to several senior mortgage loan officers for training.

Career As A Mortgage Loan Officer? How Do I Get Clients?

The products we deal with are in demand. Gustan Cho Associates is a full-service mortgage banking company with a reputation for getting loans closed and getting home loans closed on time.The products we deal with are in demand. Gustan Cho Associates is a full service mortgage banking company with a reputation for getting loans closed and getting home loans closed on time. We are licensed to originate and fund FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional, Jumbo, Reverse Mortgages, FHA 203k, Non-Warrantable Condominium, and Non-Conforming loans.

In the event of an exit, the exiting party will receive all accounts payable dated on and before the exit date. A separate agreement can be made after both parties and the exiting parties exit. However, this agreement will come to an end.

A new loan officer does not need to cold call. We will provide borrowers to every new loan officer recruit. With every new borrower, the new loan officer recruit gets, the loan officer will contact the home buyer’s realtor, home seller’s realtor, home buyer’s attorney, home seller’s attorney, and other professionals.

This agreement is between Gustan Cho and a New Member of Gustan Cho Associates, renewable year to year (every 12 months). A new agreement does not need to be written every year but needs to be signed and dated by both parties.

If no changes have been made, both parties can sign and date this agreement. If any modifications are made, they can be added to this original business agreement, and both parties need to initial the altered or new sections of the agreement.

Suppose additional associates or third-party vendors are part of this business agreement. In that case, the new member’s role, the scope of work, name, signature, and effective date of the agreement needs to be written in this agreement and initialed and signed by all active and new members of the agreement.


Both parties, a director of Gustan Cho Associates and the loan officer at Gustan Cho Associates, who has taken the time and given their commitment they want to be a career member of GCA’s one-stop mortgage loan origination training program, will have a scope of work and general guidelines, they need to follow.

Guidelines can change at any time if mutually agreed upon. The changes should be stated in this agreement and initialed and dated by both parties. The contract will be between the new Gustan Cho Associates loan officer or team lead and a senior director or advisor of Gustan Cho Associates.

Gustan Cho Associates senior officers in charge of technology and digital marketing must be the master administrators on all websites, social media platforms, CRM systems, and AI technology platforms. Sapna Sharma and Ravinder Sharma are the directors of GCAs technical and digital media departments nationally.  Sapna and Ravinder are managing partners and owners of Viral Website Developers, Inc.

Tne Team at Viral Website Developers

The Sharma Team will exclusively manage staffing, operations, compliance, support, and 24/7 maintenance of Viral Website Developers. All operations, support, designers, developers, and the technical team will be in-house, and very little work will be subcontracted as the managing partners and directors of Viral Website Developers, Inc.

Sapna, Ravinder, and their senior advisors and consultants will have exclusive master admin access to all websites, hosting, servers, and third-party vendors for Gustan Cho Associates and its subsidiary and affiliate websites, social media sites, and other digital media and social business platforms. \

Our corporate websites will be used as the main engine HUB for backlinking for GCA loan officers’ or team leaders’ websites and future websites. This offer is by invitation only exclusively to members of Gustan Cho Associates. The website assigned to the GCA loan officer will be a lifetime lease as long as the GCA loan officer honors the terms and conditions of the contract and business agreement.

Exit Terms and Conditions of the Contract

The terms of the exit agreement will be modified to a permanent term under the equity ownership of no later than January 1st of each calendar year and stated in the newly updated corporation papers of the Gustan Cho Associates, Inc subsidiary website. If the username and password need to be changed in an emergency due to being unable to reach the other partner, one of the partners may do so but must notify the other partner of the new username and password.

All website data and third-party information need to be fully disclosed between the two parties. If one partner requests the username and password of one of the websites, the partner must provide the request immediately or no later than 24 hours upon request. All Confidential data and information is private between the two partners.

All websites and third-party vendors need to be paid from the business account of Gustan Cho Associates. Changes in revenue splits, duties, or other day-to-day operations can be verbally changed without amendments to this business and partnership agreement. Revenue and profit/loss split should be stated and updated annually.

Operations, Support, Technical, Creative, and Content Staff and Management

Hiring any employees and third-party vendors needs to be agreed upon and 100% unanimously voted by both parties. This includes loan officers,  marketing consultants, mortgage support and operations staff, marketing consultants and marketing companies, services, and third-party vendors. If one party adamantly does not agree, but the other party feels it is necessary, the party who wants to use the vendor must pay for its services.

The party deciding not to pay for the new vendor will not benefit from its benefits. Both parties agree to hire a third-party company, Viral Website Developers, to oversee the general security and maintenance of Gustan Cho Associates and its partner sites.

Gustan Cho Associates and the assignee licensee’s leased websites. Remember that we will be limited in the expansion of this project and want to assure everyone, especially us, that every single master power website is successful, viral, and represents our good name and reputation. Gustan Cho Associates is the management company for Viral Website Developers, Inc., under the direction and management of Sapna and Ravinder Sharma, who will have full and discretionary 100% control of the websites, their content, and all third-party vendors bearing Gustan Cho Associates brand and control.

Operations of Gustan Cho Associates and Assignee and Licensee

Gustan Cho Associates agrees to be transparent on all ownership of all owned websites or partner sites of Gustan Cho Associates. All websites created going forward (a list of websites will be listed on Exhibit A), their content to the licensee and all other third-party vendors, such as hosting companies, server companies, and all other third-party service providers, will be transparent, in a contractual format, and accessible at all times.

All content at Gustan Cho Associates ( other affiliated sites such as Gustan Cho Associates FORUM,, and other social media sites is the sole property of Gustan Cho Associates since all assignee licensee websites and digital market platforms are connected and powered by Gustan Cho Associates, Gustan Cho Associates, and its affiliates.

All content of the assignee and other affiliated sites branded by the assignee, such as any forums, social media sites of the assignee, phone numbers, emails, and any other third-party vendors, are under the exclusive management of the assignee and licensee. The assignee licensee has a partnership agreement with Gustan Cho Associates, so all conditions that need to be addressed must be mutually agreed upon in advance and come to a mutually compromising agreement as of the terms of the time off.

The Support and Technical Team Is Always on Duty 

If it is a vacation, the person taking the vacation needs to be available as of what time they can be reached daily. If it is working remotely, the other party needs to be aware of the location and accessibility of the other. Open communication and compromise are key and expected by all parties to this business agreement.

One of the scopes of work of Viral Website Developers is to make sure the website is protected, monitor broken links, and toxic links, make sure the Smart App is not broken. Not getting penalized by Google and other search engines, and make sure no person maliciously hijacks the website and Gustan Cho Associates is protected. There will be two main mortgage websites:

Any outside business activities, such as side business, investments, and other business agreements, must be disclosed, communicated, and approved by both parties. This is to avoid a conflict of interest. Any private and intellectual confidential information must be private among members of this agreement.


This agreement is renewable annually and signed and dated by both and all parties of this agreement. Not all business agreements are indefinite nor lifetime and require an exit agreement such as a marriage prenuptial agreement. If there is an exit, Gustan Cho will part the business agreement with Gustan Cho Associates and all its vendors associated with Gustan Cho Associates.

The assignee and the licensee will part this business agreement with the assignee licensee and all its vendors associated with assigned leased websites and digital media platforms and all its vendors associated with assignees leased websites. Before the exit, both parties or other members will try to work things out and try to come to a compromise.

An exit is inevitable if either of the party of this agreement does not perform their scope of work, have a habit of disagreement that affect business operations, violates the above basic terms of this business agreement, cannot count on the other party, does not disclose mutually confidential information, and any other actions that disrupt the livelihood and operations of the business at hand.

GCA MLOs Entering Into a Long-Term Business Agreement With Gustan Cho Associates

Suppose Gustan Cho Associates and the assignee’s leased websites merge and separate. In that case, the ownership of Gustan Cho Associates, Inc. will go 100% to Gustan Cho Associates due to everything being back-linked and powered by Gustan Cho Associates.

No, later than January 1st of each calendar year, both parties agree to merge Gustan Cho Associates. Either party has the right not to renew the contract every year and with the exit terms and conditions.

Both parties will work diligently to work together as lifetime partners, and the exit agreement will be written in the event of potential circumstances where both parties cannot work together due to reasons beyond repair or changes of ideology or goals or are not on the same page with constant disagreements.



Both websites will work equally to support each other equally and successfully. Leads will be distributed and worked by the director of the assigned, leased website, which is the licensee. The team agreement between the director of the websites and the licensee’s loan officers’ terms and conditions. Gustan Cho Associates will be under Gustan Cho Associates. All profit and loss splits will be divided accordingly to the equity unless otherwise modified and mutually agreed.

Partner’s Loan Origination Compensation As Independent Licensed Loan Officer

Both members agree you need to lead by example. Any personal loan origination as licensed loan officers will be paid ONLY as a GCA-provided comp plan, currently set at 75 basis points. It is up to the members to set up a separate agreement of getting either a personal assistant or mutually shared assistants such as LOAs and Mortgage Processors.

The equity position will reflect the profit and loss position starting at the executed date of the contract. Gustan Cho Associates and the assignee and licensee can mutually agree to a separate compensation agreement depending on their circumstances. For example, one member wants to take one year off due to traveling the world.

Both members can mutually agree the non-working member will take a profit cut to replace the duties of the member’s scope of work, like hiring a third-party vendor to perform the equity holder’s duties. No self-generated comp plan is currently set at 125 basis points due to not being fair to the partnership profit and loss.

Starting New Mortgage Career With Gustan Cho Associates

These new contacts can be future referral partners for the new loan officer. The borrower who closes their loan with the new loan officer will also give friends and relatives as referrals. Loan origination is voluntary and not the scope of work of this business agreement. However, if it affects the duties of the partners, each needs to reduce origination activities and concentrate on their scope of work under this business agreement.

As time passes and the new loan officer does more and more closings, the loan officer’s name will get branded, and the loan officer will develop a reputation. Our offices will help every loan officer recruit with marketing and business development.

You do not have to worry about starting and making money with our team.  We are aggressively recruiting hard-working folks looking to start new careers as mortgage loan officers nationwide. Please get in touch with us at Gustan Cho Associates at 800-900-8569 or text us for a faster response. Or email us at

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  1. whats acceptable credit issues and whats not. its really annoying its such a grey area. i have an offer contingent on credit check. and the lady helping me fill out the paper work. is not helpful at all. i need to know if i shouldn’t get my hopes up!!!

    1. You need a minimum credit score of 580 FICO to qualify for a 3.5% down payment FHA home purchase loan. You can have outstanding collection accounts. Medical collections and charge offs do not count in the calculations of debt to income ratios. Non medical collection accounts with aggregate unpaid balances of over $2,000, 5% of the outstanding unpaid balance will be used as a monthly debt payment in the calculations of the borrower’s debt to income ratios even though the borrower does not have to make that monthly debt payment. If the outstanding unpaid collection balance is too high, you can enter into a written payment agreement and whatever the agree monthly payment agreement is, that figure will be used as the monthly debt payment in the debt to income ratio calculations. Hope this help. Call me or email me if you have any further questions.

      Gustan Cho
      Directors Financial Group

    1. Lol. Like your style. Maybe. Need to talk to you first and interview you. If you and I are a good fit, then we can proceed the hiring process with our company.

  2. I know this post is kind of old, hoping that it is still actively looked at. I will be retiring from the military and looking to make a career change. What would you recommend to make myself more marketable. Right now I am working towards my degree in business management thinking of switching to accounting or finance. After researching becoming a MLO I think it would be a great fit for me.

    1. You can start now before you finishing your degree. Get your NMLS 20 course and take the NMLS exam and get licensed.

  3. Greetings! I am looking into changing careers. I am seriously thinking about studying and getting my license to become a MLO. I have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Organizational Leadership (both obtained online). I am and have been working in government for the past 12 years. I am a bit of an introvert but am very driven, disciplined, and a fast learner. I would like to work from home after obtaining my license. Especially with COVID and having a baby. Do you think this is possible to become a MLO in GA working remotely being a novice?

    1. It is possible to work as a remote loan officer. However, if you have no experience, I strongly recommend that you start with a local brick and mortar mortgage broker. After about a year or two, you can work remotely at any company. I highly recommend David Reinholtz at They have the best 20 hour NMLS online course and practice study materials for you to pass your exam the first time around. The very best to you and your new career.

  4. Gustan,

    I absolutely appreciate your article and responses to queries. Like finding a needle in a haystack about what to actually do after you pass you exam and have no mortgage experience. I am in Las Vegas, any recommendations for picking and best way to contact a brick and mortar location? I am also a Realtor and my broker is fine with me doing both jobs, however Im assuming that would be another hurdle/concern for many employers. I do already have numerous potential clients.

    Thank you in advance for any incite.

    1. Give my friend John Grimaldi a call on his cell at 973-618-9833. John runs a branch in Nevada and is well connected in Las Vegas as well the whole state. He will talk to you and may give you an opportunity.

  5. Hi I’ve been a cosmetologist for over 25 years and I’m looking for a career change. I’m very interested in getting my MLO and since I’ll be new at this I realize that I cannot work remotely as of yet. I’m located on the Va/NC border do you have any offices here? I’m very motivated and ready to begin a new journey.

    1. Tracy, you can train and start working remotely if you have a company to train you. If you are a go-getter and willing to learn and give it 110%, I will hire you and take you on our team. You first need to get your NMLS license. I highly recommend you contact David Reinholtz. Visit his website and call the toll free number. Tell him Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates and Capital Lending Network, Inc. referred you. He will give you a discount. David has the best online training and best practice exams for you to pass your NMLS exam on the first try. Once you have passed your 125 question federal NMLS exam, apply for your NC and Virginia state NMLS license. Once you get approved for your state licenses, contact me and lets get you onboarded and get you trained and started. Our North Carolina and Virginia company NMLS licenses are pending so it may be perfect timing for both of us. Post any other questions you have on this comment section and I will answer all of them for you. The best of luck to you and your endevours. W

  6. Gustan,

    Thanks for taking the time to provide us with this write up. I recently just passed the NMLS MLO exam here in Ventura County California. I am looking for a way to get my foot in the door in this field. Wondering if you might have any leads about work opportunities here? I am from this area and recently just moved back after being based out east working as crew member on superyachts for a few years, so I am coming from an unrelated field.

    1. The best way to learn this business is to work for a local brick and mortar mortgage broker where you can go in to the office everyday. Or a national lender with a structured training program. Let me know if you cannot find one. I will help you. Starting out as a remote loan officer without any experience is extremely difficult with us because we do not have someone to train newer loan officers at this time.

  7. Greetings,

    My name is Ruben and I am a full-time agent in the Long Beach area for Southern California. I am currently taking the 20-hour SAFE course to obtain my MLO.

    I don’t want to spend too much time within the actual loan process but I’d like to be legally compensated for the value that I add. Am I able to hang my loan license with your office and receive compensation for the loans that I bring in? I plan on staying with the same RE broker so no changes on that end.

    1. Ruben,

      As long as you are Licensed, we can compensate you. You can refer your buyers and other borrowers and we can assign a Licensed mortgage loan officer to handle all of your leads exclusively. You and the loan officer will split the commission.

      1. Thank you for the quick response.

        I’m currently researching different mortgage companies to work with. What is the split rate between licensed agents and the MLO? So far the most attractive split I have been offered is 1% but I have had some bad experiences with that company. What are some of the things that set your company apart from other lenders? It’s ost important for me to make sure my clients get the best service, rates, and lowest fees.


    2. All self generated comp for LOs are 125 basis points. Corporate provided leads are 75 basis points. Therefore, you would bet 50 basis points and the loan officer that does all the work would make 75 basis points. Our rates are super competitive and we are 100% transparent. Loan officers can be on a higher comp plan but then your rates will not be competitive. Loan officers can be on a much higher comp plan but then they are pricing themselves out of the market. We are licensed in multiple states and our goal is to get licensed in most of the 50 states. Feel free to try other companies out so you get a feel on how they operate. If you are a real go getter, you will always have an open door with us.

      Gustan Cho NMLS 873293
      National Managing Director
      Gustan Cho Associates | Loan Cabin Inc.
      Corporate NMLS 165732
      Direct (800) 900-8569
      Cell (262) 716-8151 Text For Faster Response
      Corporate Offices 1910 S. Highland Avenue, Suite 300 | Lombard, Illinois 60148
      Equal Housing Lender

  8. I recently passed the national SAFE test. I’m confused on the next step. You say to get your license – but every state I’ve seen requires you to have a “sponsoring entity” in other words a company to hire you. Buuuuuut mortgage companies are saying get the license first. It seems like a catch-22. How can I get a license without getting hired first??

    1. You need to get licensed first before you can apply to mortgage companies. There are certain states that do require sponsorship like California and Georgia. Other states you can get licensed without sponsorship like Illinois.

  9. I am a 15 year vet of the luxury vehicle business and used to the hustle. Looking for a career change, I am very interested in becoming an LO and started looking into getting licensed to show initiative to potential employers ahead of time. I am in Colorado, but from what I see, it looks like sponsorship is required for the MLO exam to get my license. Can you please confirm and advise what might be the best route for me?

  10. I have passed my NMLS exam and I am completing my MU4. What are the things that they look at when they are going over your credit report? Do I need a specific score or something? That’s what’s holding me back from submitting my application.

    1. What state are you applying to? Depends on the state. California and Illinois are very lenient on collections and charged-off accounts. Georgia and Texas are very strict.

  11. Hi Gustan,

    I am currently in the real estate business and recently just started studying for my MLO Exam. I am currently in the Philadelphia and I have been looking at job postings online and they all require at least 2 years of experience to be a MLO. How do you get your foot in the door if it’s hard to find companies that will hire or train you? And how do you find companies? Do you have any offices or recommendations in the Philadelphia area?

  12. Hi,
    I’m currently a MLO licensed in CA and have joined a mortgage broker. I am considering to switch a company. Does your company cover in CA?

  13. Great article, may I post it to some LO groups I’m in? There are a lot of folks new to the industry that this will help.

    I’m brand new, licensed and coming from a marketing and consulting background. I’m a go getter and motivated to get business. I was sad to see you’re not in MC, I like your approach!

  14. Hi Gustan Cho,

    I am a realtor and I would like to also get MLO license. I reside in California Bay Area. So once I get license, is there a way I can get the job without experience? I am also Notary Loan signing agent and I am very familiar with all the loan documents and a little bit about the FHA, VA, and Conventional. Do you hire new MLO? Thank you.

  15. Hello,

    I currently work in the healthcare field. I am looking to change careers. I have been wanting to get out of healthcare for a few years now. I am not happy working in healthcare and it shows. My friend is an MLO and really enjoys it. He said his bank is hiring and I could get a job. I am just struggling to make the decision. It’s a big one. What steps should I take or things to research before making this choice. Not sure how long the job will be available .

  16. I passed my MLO exam in November 2021. I am also a licensed realtor in the state of Georgia. I have a bachelors degree in business management and worked as a finance manager for a large automotive corporation. They downsized during Covid and my job was eliminated. I’m excited to start my new chapter as an MLO, but everything I look at says experience required. I’m in Georgia and need a I need a sponsor, any suggestions on what I can do to get a sponsor?

  17. Hey Gustan,
    I am currently working at a Credit Union in Kansas City as a new MLO or Jr. MLO. Not required to be licensed to work here but I plan to get my license in the near future. In your opinion where/what would be the best training material to acquire?

    1. Contact David Reinholtz at Loan Officer School at and tell him Gustan Cho referred you and he will get you a discount. Once you pass the test contact me and I will go over career opportunities with you with our organization.

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