Keyboard Bullies and How It Affects People and Communities

Keyboard Bullies and How It Affects People and Communities

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In this blog, we will cover and discuss keyboard bullies and how it affects people and communities. Social media can be described as one of the best things ever created. However, as time goes on, there are more and more negatives on the other side of the argument. Now I bet you are thinking, how can this have anything to do with homes? Well, it actually has a lot to do with this, and I will give you firsthand knowledge and accounts that brought me to this conclusion. In this article, we will discuss and cover keyboard bullies and how it affects People And Communities.

What Are Keyboard Bullies

“Keyboard Bullies” as I like to call them are slowly but surely driving wedges between members of the community they reside in. It seems nearly every neighborhood these days has its own Facebook page/group. Fellow residents can talk about things and hear about all that is going on. On the outside, this looks like a great idea, residents can interact with each other and see what is going on in the neighborhood on any given day. However, people have turned these boards into their personal complaint sessions. Let’s see, where should I start?

Keyword Bullies And Social Media
Social Media

People complaining about the cops, yes you read this right, people are sitting behind their keyboards complaining about the cops that are “out to get them.” Okay, let me be the first one to say, our community has rules for a reason. If you are found to be in violation of the said rule, you should have to face the consequences. The law says after 9 pm, there is no parking on the street. If your car is left there overnight, and you wake up to a ticket on your windshield, get out your credit card, go to the police station and pay your $40 fine.

Nobody Is Above The Law

I don’t see in what entitled world people grew up in that they are above the law? Instead, people immediately put a post on Facebook saying how horrible the cops are and are only out to make money. Really?!?!?!  That is exactly what they are doing…   Another lovely rule people love to break is parking over the sidewalks which again is a “no-no”. It has been clearly stated that blocking the path on the sidewalk will result in a ticket.

Doing the Right Thing

Once again, when you block the sidewalk, you broke the law and need to pay for it. It seems like there is no way to reason with these people. This is because God forbid you to express an opinion that varies from theirs, you are ultimately the bad guy. All the sympathizers will then turn and attack you as well. I just don’t get what makes you so entitled to be above the law.

Keyboard Bullies And Facebook

People are also complaining about the following:

  • dogs that are walking on their grass when walking
  • people have their music on too loud
  • cars parking on the street
  • and the community looking horrible with cars parked on the street

Keyword Bullies: The Power of Facebook and Social Media
The Power of Facebook and Social Media

People get so petty and mean-spirited on Facebook. I know for a fact that if you confronted someone face to face you would NEVER say half the stuff you are typing because if you did you might be met with a fist to the face. All these actions do is drive a wedge between residents as you ultimately have to pick sides in these petty arguments in my case, I just see how truly mean people can be.

Keyword Bullies Hiding Behind the Computer

If they are this crazy behind a phone or computer, how fake are they to you in person. I just think people need to get out of their homes and TALK to their neighbors. People would be so angry if they weren’t attached to their phones 24-7. Get out, socialize, have a drink, and just be neighbors. Nothing is going to be perfect, but everything doesn’t have to be “awful”

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