Reading Peoples Body Language

Reading Peoples Body Language And How It Builds Relationships

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This BLOG On Reading Peoples Body Language And How It Builds Relationships Was Written By Alex Carlucci of Gustan Cho Associates

Body language provides an amazing amount of information about what people are thinking if you know what to look for.  We already pickup more body language cues than we’re aware of.

  • A recent study shows that only approximately 7% of communication is based on words we utter
  • Your mind tends to pick up more body language signals than we’re consciously aware of
  • A good portion comes from voice and tone approx
  • 38% and the remaining 55% comes from body language
  • Learning to be aware and how to interpret this language can help you have an advantage with people you’re not familiar with

In this article, we will discuss and cover Reading Peoples Body Language And How It Builds Relationships.

The Power And Benefits Of Reading Peoples Body Language

When you’re working diligently and doing everything you can to achieve your goals anything than can give you an edge is powerful and worth considering if it helps streamline your path to success.

  • A group called “TalentSmart” have tested over a million people and found that upper echelons of top performers are filled with emotional intelligence
  • About (90%) these people know the power that unspoken signals have in communication

They monitor body language accordingly.

Reading Peoples Body Language And Signs To Look For

Usually crossed arms and legs signal resistance to your ideas:

  • these are physical barriers that suggest other people are not necessarily to open to your thoughts and ideas
  • this holds true even if they’re smiling and engaged in a pleasant conversation with you, their body language usually tells the story

The study video tapped 1500 negotiations for a book that was written on reading body language, not a single one ended up on an agreement when one of the parties had their legs crossed while in negotiations.

  • This posture are signals that a person is mentally, emotionally and physically blocked off from what’s in front of them
  • It’s not intentional which is why it’s so revealing

Reading Peoples Body Language And Facial Expressions

Which means reading body language and facial expressions

Real smiles crinkle the eyes:

  • when it comes to smiling the mouth can lie but the eyes can’t

Genuine smiles reach the eyes and crinkle the skin which usually creates the “Crows feet” look around them.

  • People often smile to hide what their really thinking or feeling out of courtesy, so the next time you want to know if someone’s smile is a real look for crinkles at the corners of their eyes

Reading Peoples Body Language And Posture

Posture tells the story: Have you ever seen a person walk into a room and immediately know they’re the one in charge?

  • That effect is largely about body language and often includes an upright posture.  Slouching on the other hand is usually an indication a collapsing of your form

Maintaining good posture commands respect and promotes engagement, whether you’re a leader or not.

Reading Peoples Body Language And Eye Contact

Eyes that lie:

On average, Americans hold eye contact for 7 to 10 seconds:

  • longer when we’re listening as opposed to talking
  • if you’re talking to someone who’s not engaging or seems to be not interested by staring out and away from the conversation this is usually an indication that something is up and perhaps not being honest or lying to you

Reading Raised Eyebrows

Raised eyebrows signal discomfort:

  • There are three main emotions that make your eyebrows go up; surprise, worry and fear
  • Typically we never raise our eyebrow when having a casual conversation with friends, it’s hard to do

If someone who’s talking to you raises their eyebrows and the topic is usually one that would logically constitute a surprise, worry or fear, usually there is something else going on.

Clenched Jaw

A clenched jaw:

  • Along with other body signals are usually an indication of stress, regardless of what the person is saying
  • The conversation might be delving into something anxious about or their mind might be elsewhere or their focus on things that might be stressing them out
  • The key is to watch for that mismatch says and what their tense body language is telling you

Bring it all together:

  • The bottom line is even if you can’t read a person’s exact thoughts, you can learn a lot from a person’s body language and that’s especially true when one’s words do not match the body language

About The Author

Alex Carlucci is a senior loan officer for Gustan Cho Associates. Alex is a contributing editor and writer for Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage And Real Estate Information Center.

Alex Carlucci is a moderator for Mortgage Portal. Alex is also a commercial loan officer and specializes in originating and funding commercial and non-conforming specialty loan programs. Alex is also a team leader who helps FDIC banker get their national NMLS federal exam and prepare them for NMLSTest.

Alexander Thomas Carlucci is a professional real estate investor and is an expert in all areas of commercial, residential, and non-conforming and specialty mortgage lending. Stay tuned to mortgage and real estate articles that Billy Alex Carlucci will be writing and publishing on Gustan Cho Associates.

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