SEO Marketing For Loan Officers

SEO Marketing For Loan Officers To Co-Brand With Realtors

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This guide covers SEO marketing for loan officers by co-branding with realtor partners with an all-in-one multi-functional loan origination website designed for loan officers. The SEO marketing for loan officers’ all-in-one multi-functional portal focuses on generating organic mortgage traffic and leads. Each multi-purpose and functional mortgage loan origination website is custom designed for each mortgage company, branch, or loan officer to suit their needs.  The SEO Marketing for loan officers program is offered by invitation only on an annual written contractual agreement, with a no-expiration term limit to the ideal mortgage professional.

Viral Website Solution and Gustan Cho Associates power it. Unlike other digital mortgage loan origination and marketing business platforms for branch managers and loan officers, the All-in-One Loan Origination and SEO Marketing Portal are powered by Viral Website Developers in partnership with Gustan Cho Associates.

Viral Website Developers’ SEO Marketing for loan officers’ custom websites and all-in-one multi-functional and purpose mortgage loan origination website portal is a mortgage loan origination business all engineered in one custom website.  The number one purpose and goal of SEO marketing for loan officers is driving organic traffic and leads from all the major search engines to your customized website. Hence, you no longer have to purchase expensive leads and pay-per-click Google Ads.

Type of Mortgage Loan Origination Business Model and Platform

“A” PAPER” What would a loan officer say if almost every mortgage leads were “A” Paper (cream of the crop)? Backlinks and content are the two most powerful ways to drive online traffic. Further, the advisor’s link is considered an “authority link,” which drives traffic and builds the credibility of the loan officer. What if those leads had plenty of money in the bank, buying and refinancing higher-end homes, and had excellent credit?  Wouldn’t that be better for a pipeline than trying to get a first-time home buyer to the finish line? This article covers SEO Marketing for loan officers by co-branding with realtor partners to get powerful organic leads.

SEO Marketing For Loan Officers Co-Branding With Realtors

That happens when a loan officer has a database of higher-income clients and a stream of referrals. That’s more than just a wish- there is a bona fide way to get such referrals, and one that most loan officers fail to address. Who are these people?  Financial advisors. Think about that for a moment. Who employs the services of a financial advisor or financial planner?  Those individuals have lots of assets that need to be professionally managed.

SEO Marketing For Loan Officers Targeting Higher-End Homebuyers

They’re also the ones who need jumbo loans, have excellent credit, and follow the advice of their financial advisor. If a financial advisor gives one of their clients the name of a loan officer when it’s time to get a mortgage, that individual pays attention.

After all, if the individual trusts the financial advisor with finances, they will also heed the advice when it comes time to secure a home loan.

But how do loan officers get in front of financial advisors in the first place, and how are relationships established?  One proven way is to get financial advisors to guest post on your website. That’s how. Some companies still want loan officers to discuss other mortgage matters and leave taxes alone. However, when a guest post from a certified financial advisor places a post, the readers receive valuable information from someone that can be trusted while enhancing the loan officer’s stature at the same time.

SEO Marketing For Loan Officers For Organic Leads

Unlike most other creditors, mortgage loan officers receive significant personal and financial information from an applicant. When applying for a mortgage, much more information is divulged than other credit applications, not just the social security number, address, and employer.

There’s a lot more. The application asks if a person is married. The application asks if the applicant has any dependents and their ages. If someone checks the “unmarried” box, that can trigger a request for a signed copy of a divorce decree if the individual is divorced.

And if any support payments are required each month, and if there are, how long will those payments last? But there is one bit of information that is overlooked and one that can lead to more quality referrals. The loan officer makes a phone call or, even better, a personal visit to the advisor’s office and makes the introduction.

Qualifying Homebuyers For Pre-Approval

When verifying assets, a loan officer asks for copies of bank and investment statements. It’s on the investment statements that list the applicant’s financial advisor’s name and contact information. That’s all the information a loan officer needs. T

It’s something to the effect of, “Hi (advisor’s name here), I notice that we have a mutual client in (client’s name here), and I wanted to introduce myself.

We’re in the process of approving a mortgage loan application to buy a home, and our client provided copies of his investment statements. That’s where I got your contact information.” At this stage, the loan officer gets in the front door of the financial advisor and takes it from there. But there’s more.


After a relationship begins to build, the loan officer then offers the financial advisor the opportunity to provide a guest post or two on the loan officer’s website. Remember, financial advisors work on commission and are also constantly on the lookout for new clients, and what better opportunity is there to guest post on a loan officer’s website and get promoted in front of an entirely new database?

At the end of each post is the author’s name and contact information, along with a backlink to the financial advisor’s website. The advisor gets in front of a brand-new market and receives a link back to the advisor’s site at no cost other than the time it took to compose the post.

For the loan officer, the advisor also agrees to provide a link to the loan officer’s site. The loan officer provides a fresh new copy to the financial advisor for posting on the advisor’s site, along with the loan officer’s contact information and backlink. One can’t just reach out to those who are assumed to make a lot of money, drop off a business card, or send an anonymous email.


How to add a symbolic valueOkay, so here’s what just happened. The financial advisor wins because now the advisor is marketing to a brand new audience, many of whom could use the services of a financial advisor, even those that may not be considered “wealthy” but could use some financial planning advice. The financial advisor is linked to the advisor’s site and drives new traffic.

The loan officer wins because the loan officer, too, gets back linked from the advisor’s site and can also gain new referrals from a lucrative market that is often very difficult to get in front of.

The advice is usually taken when the advisor suggests contacting a particular loan officer. And finally, many mortgage companies ask their loan officers to stay away from writing or talking about income taxes and leave that to licensed professionals. Yes, mortgage interest can be tax-deductible.

In the following sections, we will cover how SEO Marketing For Loan Officers’ Websites will be designed and how it works. All loan officers who get invited to become a licensee for Viral Website Developers will need to work with a senior technical advisor for the design, development, and setup of the website. Below we will go over the re-design and restructure process of Gustan Cho Associates so you get an idea on how the system works:

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