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Gustan Cho Associates Named Top Places To Work By Mortgage Posts

Gustan Cho Associates are mortgage brokers licensed in 48 states

In this blog, we will discuss and cover how Gustan Cho Associates has been named top places to work by Loan Consultants. Kudos to National Sales Manager Michelle McCue and Vice President Alex Carlucci, the two engines that made Gustan Cho Associates what it is today. Loan Consultants named Gustan Cho Associates as the number one winner of the 2022 Top Places To Work. Close to 150 mortgage companies were contenders in Loan Consultants.Org Journal Best Places To Work.

It Is The People That Make A Great Company

It Is The People That Make A Great Company

Out of the many companies who competed for the Best Places To Work Awards, it is no surprise that Gustan Cho Associates was named the number one and the winner of Top Places To Work Award. Senior Loan Officer Alexander Thomas Carlucci, National Sales Manager Michelle McCue and the whole Gustan Cho Associates Family nationwide are extremely proud of this award.

How Gustan Cho Associates Was Chosen As The Top Best Places To Work

Competing companies and employees competed for questionnaires and surveys which was administered by Quantum Workplace. The administrator of the survey took into account the following in determining the top best places to work in St. Louis and surrounding areas:

  • Communication Between Employees, Management, Owners
  • Structure Of Management
  • Both Health And Other Employee Benefits
  • Teamwork Among Employees And Department Heads
  • Other Factors Making The Workplace A Friendly Environment

 Gustan Cho Associates The Ideal Home For Top Producers

It is no surprise to all employees why Gustan Cho Associates won the Top Places To Work Award by the Mortgage Posts Business Journal. Most loan officers who are hired at Gustan Cho Associates never leave. The average seniority of an average licensed loan officer at Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Brokers is 9 years where the mortgage industry is common of loan officers hopping from one job to another.

The Team of Michelle McCue and Alex Carlucci

The Team of Michelle McCue and Alex Carlucci

Michelle McCue and Alex Carlucci worked extremely hard making Gustan Cho Associates, powered by Nexa Mortgage, the largest number one five-star lender in the nation. Unlike other mortgage companies, Gustan Cho Associates does not have layers of management. You have loan officers who not only report to their branch managers but have direct access to Michelle McCue and Alex Carlucci. There are no Junior Vice Presidents, Area Managers, Regional Vice Presidents, and so on, and so on. It is a growing mortgage company of 1,600 plus employees but everyone knows one another and most importantly, both Gustan Cho, Alex Carlucci, Michelle McCue,
Martyna Szettel, and the team at Gustan Cho Associates are hands-on.

Nationwide Platform

The Business Model of Gustan Cho Associates works. There is no other mortgage company like Gustan Cho Associates. Many companies will promise their recruits of having no overlays. When Gustan Cho Associates promises no overlays, they mean ZERO MORTGAGE LENDER OVERLAYS. When loan officers inquire about employment at Gustan Cho Associates they often wonder what the catch is. If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is. RIGHT? Not at Gustan Cho Associates. Many borrowers, loan officers, and realtor partners do not realize that a company like USA Mortgage exists. The company, just licensed in 3 states three years ago is now licensed in 25 states. Per Alex Carlucci and Michelle McCue, Gustan Cho Associates is poised to be licensed in 48 states.

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