Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Destroying Restaurants With Lockdown Order

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BREAKING NEWS: Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Destroying Restaurants With Lockdown Order
Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Destroying Restaurants With Lockdown Order:
  • What is the freshman rookie Illinois governor JB Pritzker thinking?
  • Illinois is hands down the state with the biggest financial crisis out of any state in the nation
  • Illinois was one of the first states to shutdown in early March 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak
  • The state was one of the last states to reopen from the coronavirus outbreak
  • Non-essential businesses in Illinois are only partially opened under restrictive measures by Pritzker’s executive coronavirus lockdown orders
  • In the meantime, small business owners, especially restaurants, are suffering financially
  • Many restaurants have permanently closed while others are planning on closing if the state does not relieve restrictions
  • J.B. Pritzker has given restaurants, bars, and cafes to reopen with a maximum of 25% capacity
  • This gave restaurant and bar owners some hope in hopefully surviving and weathering out this economic nightmare caused by the coronavirus outbreak
  • However, all of a sudden, the 5’5″ 500 pound oversized, overweight, obese Governor J.B. Pritzker did an about face
  • The heavy set overweight obese J.B. Pritzker said he will demand all restaurants, bars, and cafes ordered closed for inside dining effective October 30th, 2020
  • How long will he keep the state in lockdown?
  • Until data and science prove otherwise was Pritzker’s response
  • Pritzker was hoping for a federal bailout to fix Illinois’ financial crisis

However, Senate Republicans and the Trump Administration said no way in Hell will the U.S. be bailing out irresponsible Democrat states like Illinois.

Who Increases Taxes During Times Of Economic Uncertainty And Second State Shutdown: J.B. Pritzker

To add insult to injury, J.B. Pritzker has been lobbying to change Illinois’ flat tax to a progressive tax system.

  • J.B. Pritzker calls the progressive change proposal his FAIR TAX
  • Changing the flat tax to a progressive tax during time of economic unrest due to the coronavirus pandemic can devastate Illinois
  • Over 100,000 small business owners will become affected and see their tax rate go up over 50%
  • Most small business owners had their worst year ever in 2020 due to the extended shut down
  • A large percentage of restaurant and bar owners who had hope in surviving said the governor’s second lockdown order will no doubt make them go out of business
  • Many restaurant and bar owners cannot figure out what J.B. Pritzker is thinking by going through with his FAIR TAX amendment proposal during the worst economic time in Illinois history
  • Illinois was in a major financial crisis prior to the coronavirus pandemic hit in February 2020
  • With the coronavirus outbreak and the extended state shutdown, Illinois has lost billions in tax revenue and is probably leads the nation in being the state in the worst financial position
  • Many bi-partisan political analysts believe J.B. Pritzker still strongly believes he will get a federal bailout
  • Pritzker and his allies plan on fixing all of Illinois financial crisis with the federal bailout money he plans on getting
  • The FAIR TAX will increase state income taxes for middle class and upper middle class Illinoisans as well as wealthy taxpayers

Many nationally renowned economists are criticizing Pritzker for coming up with such an idiotic dumbass idea during the worst time for any tax increase.

Raising Taxes During Economic Uncertainty A Good Idea? Pritzker Says Absolutely YES

When asked by reporters during a recent press conference if he considered delaying the FAIR TAX and tax increase proposal until the state coronavirus outbreak economy has been stabilized:

  • J.B. Pritzker immediately fired back and said that right now is the best time for the FAIR TAX to take effect so the wealthy and rich can do their fair share and pay more in taxes
  • The out-migration rate of Illinoisans fleeing the state to other lower taxed states has never been as high as it is since J.B. Pritzker took office
  • Pritzker has pumped more than $56.5 million of his own money in ads for his FAIR TAX amendment
  • Voters need to vote YES on the FAIR TAX Amendment on November 3rd election
  • Over 60% of Illinoisans need to vote YES to support the FAIR TAX Amendment
  • If the majority vote YES, the FAIR TAX Amendment goes to Springfield where the state constitution needs to get amended and changed making the FAIR TAX the tax system of Illinois
  • Economists are expecting the FAIR TAX will crush Illinois in more ways than one

Millions of taxpayers and business owners will flee the state to other lower taxed states with competent leadership in state, county, and local government.

Pritzker Joins Democrats In Putting Politics Ahead Of The Livelihoods Of Americans

Nationwide coronavirus positive cases are no doubt on a rise.

  • However, most states who have reopened are managing well and are recovering at a faster pace than expected
  • The reason for the spike in positive cases is due to many more tests being administered
  • More tests mean a larger pool of people being tested
  • Therefore, more positive cases are expected
  • The United States is so divided politically
  • Democrats have tried everything in their power including cheating, lying, and committing crimes in trying to unseat President Donald J. Trump during his first term in office
  • President Trump faced a two-year long criminal investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election
  • After two long years, Robert Mueller and his team of lawyers found President Trump did not collude nor conspired with Russia to win the 2016 Presidential election
  • Democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and dozens of others tried everything in their power and influence to unseat President Trump through impeaching him with the silliest charges
  • Trump was accused of withholding $400 in military aid from Ukraine until Ukraine started a criminal investigation into his political Democratic opponent Joe Biden’s corrupt activities
  • Democrats impeached President Trump on charges of abusing his powers as U.S. President and obstructing Congress

President Trump was eventually acquitted on all charges.

How The U.S. Economy Quickly Recovered To Normalcy

Then the coronavirus outbreak hit the United States in February 2020.

  • The country was at a complete shutdown
  • Democrats were hoping for an economic depression in the United States hoping to blame Trump so a Democrat can get elected in November 3rd, 2020
  • The Democrats wish almost came true
  • Most of the 50 states were shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • The nation’s unemployment rate peaked at 14.7% in April 2020
  • Trump was proactive during the coronavirus outbreak
  • The Trump Administration created economic stimulus firepower from all angles
  • The economy recovered at an alarming record fast rate like never in history
  • The unemployment rate dropped from 14.7% to 11.1% in June 2020 due to the U.S. economy adding over 5 million jobs

Americans knew under the Trump Administration the economy was going to recover from the economic damage from the COVID outbreak.

Political Divide In The United States

Democrats now needed another angle to destroy Trump and a game plan to do anything necessary to win the 2020 Presidential election.

  • The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota caused a stir up throughout the country
  • Riots sparked throughout the country
  • Black Lives Matter became a household brand
  • Riots was the next tool Democrats had under works and blame Trump to be the cause of riots and causing billions of dollars in damages
  • However, Trump fixed the national riot and looting problem by sending the national guard to protect cities in need
  • Now since Democrats exhausted all avenues to destroy Trump and get Joe Biden and Kamala Harris elected to the Presidency, the final strategy for Democrats was reviving the COVID fear as the last resort
  • The scare tactics has begun with the increase of positive coronavirus cases surging
  • Again, Americans and our viewers at Gustan Cho Associates should realize that the reason for the surge is due to massive testing

November 3rd is tomorrow and many Americans are hopeful President Trump will get reelected for another four term. However, angry Democrats will not go away easy.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Destroying Restaurants By Politicizing The Coronavirus Pandemic

J.B. Pritzker is politicizing the coronavirus for his own political gain.

  • Pritzker was always a wanna be politician and has run for public office multiple times but never won until 2018 when he got elected governor of Illinois
  • The main reason he won was because he spent over $177 million of his own money on his campaign
  • Pritzker has formed a committee for his 2024 run for President of the United States and be on the Democratic ticket
  • He is working hard to get a national presence as being America’s Governor: The Health Czar of America
  • Many bi-partisan political analysts do a double take when they hear Pritzker is promoting himself as the Health Czar of America
  • Is this a joke?
  • Just look at J.B. Pritzker
  • Pritzker is no doubt not just the fattest governor in the nation but most likely the fattest human being in the world
  • Look at how the Illinois governor looks
  • You do not have to ask for his health and/or medical records
  • No doubt he has all the major health issues that come with massive obesity
  • Just from looking at him, he does not seem to have a long lifespan
  • 12 to 18 months maybe?
  • Maybe 24 months?

Regardless, Pritzker’s politicizing the COVID-19 outbreak and ruining tens of thousands of lives and literally destroying the restaurant industry for his political benefits is not just evil but criminal.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Destroying Restaurants With Questionable Second Executive Lockdown Order

Pritzker said he will use his executive lockdown order as governor to issue the lockdown order on indoor dining as October 30th, 2020:

  • Outdoor dining will not be affected as long as proper social distancing measures stay in place
  • Really Governor?
  • Outdoor eating will remain open?
  • It is thirty degrees in Chicago and it has been snowing in many parts of Illinois
  • The news hit owners and employees of restaurants, bars, and cafes hard
  • The way this heavy set overly obese rookie governor has been running state government since taking office has proven not just his extreme incompetence but his danger in being the Chief Executive to run the state of Illinois
  • Tens of thousands of small business owners have no other choice but to give up hope of any chance of survival
  • Permanent closure and/or bankruptcy is what to come
  • Over two thirds of Illinoisans are employed by small business owners
  • Tens of thousands of workers are expected to be affected by the governor’s power hunger in closing down restaurants, bars, and cafes

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover how Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Destroying Restaurants With Lockdown Order. Pritzker’s out of control power hunger is not just bankrupting businesses but is also affecting individual taxpayers. Thousands of Illinoisans will not just be temporarily laid off but will be permanently out of jobs due to Pritzker’s illegal executive lockdown order.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Destroying Restaurants With Lockdown Order And How Its Going To Affect Industry

Restaurant owners are filing lawsuits against J.B. Pritzker’s indoor dining ban. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has issued a lockdown order on indoor dining for restaurants, bars, and cafes.

  • J.B. Pritzker who wants to be known as America’s Governor and Health Czar said due to scientific data, he has no other choice but to ban indoor dining at restaurants and bars effective October 30th, 2020
  • The reason J.B. Pritzker issued an executive lockdown order for the second time this year is due to the surge in coronavirus positive cases
  • J.B. Pritzker and his team of so called medical experts do not seem to realize that the reason why there is a surge of coronavirus positive cases is due to way more testing nationwide
  • If you expand testing, you will be getting more positive cases
  • The survival rate from those getting COVID-19 is 99.0%
  • Many younger healthy individuals with COVID-19 go without any symptoms and quickly recover from the virus
  • Pritzker has issued an executive restriction on indoor dining at restaurants, bars, and cafes effective October 30th, 2020
  • Pritzker said he has no other choice but to issue his executive orders to shut down indoor dining due to scientific data that leads him to his decision
  • Pritzker said his main concern as governor is to save lives
  • Many people are questioning Pritzker’s data and his so called scientific evidence
  • Pritzker’s science and data jargon is forcing to put thousands of hard working people out of work
  • This second round of shutdown is estimated to cost over 120,000 jobs
  • Over 20% of all Illinois restaurants and bars will close their doors permanently with this second lockdown by Pritzker

Only a fraction of positive coronavirus cases can be traced to indoor dining at restaurants and/or bars.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Destroying Restaurants But Many Suburban Mayors Will Not Enforce Pritzker’s Restrictions

Tens of thousands of jobs will be affected by Pritzker’s second round of the shut down.

  • Close to 90% of all restaurants in Illinois will not be profitable in 2020 due to Pritzker’s extended state shut down and restrictions
  • A group of restaurant owners from McHenry County filed an emergency lawsuit against J.B. Pritzker and the state of Illinois over the coronavirus executive order lockdown by the governor
  • However, a McHenry County Circuit Court judge sided with Governor Pritzker and denied the lawsuit seeking an emergency restraining order blocking the restrictions placed on indoor county
  • Even Democrat mayors and local, county, and state politicians and public officials turned against the overweight governor
  • Village Mayors from Orland Park, Aurora, Morton Grove, Libertyville, and Itasca said they will not be enforcing the governor’s lockdown order in restricting and banning indoor dining
  • These suburban mayors said they have instructed their police departments not to enforce the governor’s orders and not help the state enforce the ban

Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau who is one of the suburban mayors who will not have his police department enforce the governor’s lockdown executive order said the following:

You can only assume one of two things: Either the data doesn’t support the decisions that they make, or they don’t trust the data that they’re getting.  In which case they don’t have the data to make the decisions either.

Pritzker’s State Shutdown Ruled Unconstitutional By Clay County Circuit Court Judge

Clay County Circuit Court Judge Michael McHaney ruled J.B. Pritzker’s executive shutdown order only valid for the initial 30 days.

  • The initial governor’s executive lockdown order was issued in March and expired on April 28th, 2020
  • Any executive shutdown orders is unconstitutional the judge ruled
  • However, J.B. Pritzker ignored the judge’s ruling and kept on extending his executive lockdown orders over and over again
  • Pritzker and his team appealed the Circuit Court’s ruling to both state and U.S. District Courts
  • Many cannot understand why the governor is restricting the reopening of Illinois with a virus with a 99% survival rate
  • Other reopened states are thriving and making a better than expected economic recovery while Illinois is facing an economic collapse and meltdown
  • Many wonder if J.B. Pritzker is trying to destroy Illinois economically so the federal government has but no choice but to bail Illinois out
  • And what is Pritzker thinking with his aggressive lobbying of increasing taxes in Illinois with his FAIR TAX
  • You cannot be increasing taxes during an economic downturn due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus outbreak
  • What is this heavy set freshman rookie politician thinking

It seems the only solution he has in fixing a budget gap is to increase taxes and/or create new taxes.

Many Sheriffs And Police Chiefs Will Not Be Enforcing Pritzker’s Lockdown Orders

Many county sheriffs and local police chiefs said they will not be enforcing business owners who defy the governor’s ban on indoor dining. However, J.B. Pritzker said he will send the Illinois State Police to enforce his executive shutdown orders. Anyone who is in violation, Pritzker said troopers from the Illinois State Police may issue warnings, tickets, arrest, and may throw those who remain open after a warning and/or ticket in jail. Pritzker said he is even going go as far as revoking the business owner’s business and/or liquor licenses. It is difficult to believe that we are living in the United States of America and power hungry politicians like J.B. Pritzker still exists. Illinoisans have rights and can decide for themselves on which actions to take. They should not be instructed on how to live their lives by a dictator. A state governor works for the people of the state. They are a public servant elected by the voters and nobody gave them the right to be a dictator.