How To Simplify The Mortgage Process And Close On Time

This article is about How To Simplify The Mortgage Process And Close On Time
How To Simplify The Mortgage Process, avoid stress, and close your home mortgage on time:
There are ways on How To Simplify The Mortgage Process.
  • If you have an experienced loan officer and a great support team, the mortgage process does not have to be stressful
  • The first step on How To Simplify The Mortgage Process is to educate yourself with the mortgage process
  • The blogs at Gustan Cho Associates have thousands of easy to read articles on about every topic of the mortgage process
  • The mortgage process is a process and takes time
  • It has multiple stages

It takes an average of 30 days to close a home mortgage.

Proper Preparation Prior To Submission Is How To Simplify The Mortgage Process

Proper preparation prior to submitting to a mortgage underwriter is key in having a smooth mortgage process:

  • The loan officer needs to work closely with the mortgage processor
  • The mortgage processor needs to make sure all documents required are complete with no missing pages prior to submitting it to underwriting
  • The key is to get conditional loan approval with as little conditions as possible
  • An experienced veteran mortgage processor will not submit a borrower’s file to underwriting if the package is not fully complete
  • Most processors will kick the file back to the loan officer if the loan officer did not turn in a neat complete file with all the proper documentation
In this article, we will discuss and cover How To Simplify The Mortgage Process And Close On Time.

Key On How To Simplify The Mortgage Process And Avoid Stress

The key to How To Simplify The Mortgage Process is to educate yourself on the overall steps involved in the home loan process from taking the loan application to the clear to close.

  • The home mortgage process cannot be done overnight
  • It normally takes an average of 30 days to close on a mortgage
  • Everyone’s goal is to expedite the home mortgage process and close on the home loan as soon as possible
  • One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is not taking the time that all documents required to submit to the lender are not complete
  • It is best to take time and make sure you do things right the first go-around than things half-assed

All documents with missing pages and/or that are not legible will get kicked back and the outcome is the mortgage process needs to restart all over again.

How To Simplify The Mortgage Process By Documenting Any Paperwork During The Home Buying Process

How To Simplify The Mortgage Process By Documenting Any Paperwork During The Home Buying Process

Borrowers need to realize that cash money is non-existent in the mortgage world.

  • All funds need to be documented prior to and during the mortgage process
  • Make sure whatever you spend and/or deposit in your bank account is documented
  • This holds true of the earnest money check
  • The earnest money check should be paid with a bank check so it can get sourced
  • Make sure you do not tap into your cash to close
  • Do not bounce any bank checks
  • Many lenders will automatically deny a mortgage loan if there are any bank overdrafts in the past 12 months
  • Do not apply for any credit
  • Credit inquiries need to be explained which may cause delays in the mortgage process
  • Do not purchase any furniture and/or other high-ticket merchandise
  • Do not buy a new car or trade-in your car
  • Do not co-sign for anyone until you have closed on your home mortgage

Do not quit your job and/or change jobs during the mortgage process. Do not give notice that you will be retiring to your employer.

The Home Purchase And Mortgage Team

There are multiple professionals with different areas of expertise home buyers need to work with during the home buying and mortgage process. Everyone needs to be on the same page. Every one of these professionals play an important role during the home buying process. You ever hear the saying one rotten apple will destroy a team? This holds true here. Every professional need to be on the same page and be cooperative for the home purchase to close on time. All professionals need to work and communicate well with each other. Always keep the closing date in mind when working. If everyone is a team player and can work and communicate well with each other, there is no reason why a home purchase cannot close in 30 days or less. Make sure you make all of your monthly debt payments on time. Scrutinize your bank statements and make sure there are no bank overdrafts. Lenders will ask for updated bank statements. The mortgage underwriter will pull credit prior to issuing a clear to close so make sure you have not incurred any new debt. Do not max out your credit cards and other revolving accounts because it may affect your debt to income ratios.

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