Home Buying Experience In Chicago

Home Buying Experience In Chicago: Will We Ever Cross the Finish Line? 
During my recent home purchase, I remember asking myself and mortgage loan officer will we EVER cross the finish line?  You see, you hear about all of these people buying homes and their deals were seamless, done in a few weeks, that’s what I should expect right? Little did I realize, every loan is unique and all sorts of things can happen. My mortgage loan officer once said to me, “It feels like we are in a Die Hard movie!”, and I couldn’t have agreed more.

Home Buying Experience In Chicago: Selling Your Home And Buying New Home In Chicago

When we listed our home, we did not expect for it to sell within the first 24 hours after listing it on the market. We had shopped the market and had found a home we liked so we made an real estate purchase offer. We went through inspections and our mortgage loan officer ordered the home appraisal. This is where the fun really began right? You get a home appraisal, schedule closing and then you move right? Well, I couldn’t have been more surprised when my plane landed from my business trip to find emails letting me know the home we had selected had some issues. So, this deal fell through and now I needed to find another home, mind you, I only had two weeks left in our current home before we had to move! Thankfully, our realtor had a new listing that we were able to look at and we loved the home. We quickly put in our offer and submitted the information to our loan officer to get the file going, again. When a deal falls through and you have to start all over, you ask yourself, “Will we ever cross the finish line?”

Conclusion & Coming To The Finish Line Of Home Buying Experience In Chicago

Even during times that I did not think we would cross the finish line, the team at Gustan Cho Associates and The Gustan Cho Team at Nationwide Mortgage had no doubt. What an amazing group of people I was so fortunate to work with! This group of people made it their mission to get our loan closed and would have moved mountains to make sure it happened as fast as possible. Every part of this team was with me to the finish line and happily celebrated with me once WE CROSSED THE FINISH LINE!

The Gustan Cho Team at Nationwide Mortgage

We like to thank all of our borrowers for giving The Gustan Cho Team at Nationwide Mortgage and Realty LLC the faith, trust, and confidence for having us help them getting their mortgage loan closed. This trust by our borrowers is priceless and we take great pride in taking this trust given by our borrowers extremely seriously. I have worked at multiple mortgage companies but never could I have imagine that I would land to a phenomenal five star mortgage company like The Gustan Cho Team.  Nationwide Mortgage and Realty in Oak Brook, Illinois  is extremely proud of our company:

  • Understands on How Important The Home Buying Experience Is To The Borrower
  • Getting The Stress Of The Home Buying Experience In Chicago to be Non-Existent
  • 21 Day Closings
  • Upper management and the President and CEO Michael Auriemma is still a loan officer and knows the ins and outs of the mortgage business first hand and the importance of no overlays and not just closing loans, but closing loans on time
  • No Overlays on FHA Loans
  • No Overlays on VA Loans with the exception of 580 FICO Credit Scores
  • No Overlays on USDA Loans
  • No Overlays on Conventional Loans
  • Non-QM Loan Programs such as banks statement loans, one day out of foreclosure, short sale, deed in lieu, and bankruptcy
  • 90% LTV Jumbo Mortgages

We like to thank our borrowers sharing their home buying experience in Chicago with our viewers. The mortgage process can be a very stressful process and everyone from the home buyer, home sellers, buyer’s attorneys, sellers attorneys, mortgage loan officer, mortgage processors, and title company all needs to work as a team in order for the real estate transaction to reach the finish line. Like to thank our two top members of The Gustan Cho Team, Nicholas Auriemma and Victor Hoffmann for the phenomenal work that they do for our borrowers and Omar Garay our processing manager for being their backbone and assisting in closing every pre-approvals these two top gun loan officers issue. Our goal is not to just close all of our pre-approvals we issue, BUT to close all of them on time.

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