Hiring Real Estate Agent For Home Purchase By First Time Buyers

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Is it necessary to hire a real estate agent to buy a home for the first time

Julie Hayward New Book OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS Has Been Released

I like to congratulate my dear friend, business associate, realtor partner, and real estate mentor Julie Hayward, President and Managing Broker of EDGE REALTY LLC for the release of her new book.

  • Julie Hayward new book OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS has turned out to be a best-seller
  • Not are just borrowers buying Julie Hayward New Book OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS, but loan officers, real estate agents, attorneys, title officers, and other real estate professionals as well
  • Many are buying Julie Hayward New Book OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS not just for themselves but as gifts for their clients
  • Julie Hayward new book OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS is hands down the most informative real estate book released
  • We are getting more requests for her new book than there are copies available
  • Unfortunately, we only had a limited supply of Julie Hayward new book OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS in inventory
  • We had to order several hundred more copies which are signed by Julie Hayward

In this article, we will discuss and cover Hiring Real Estate Agent For Home Purchase By First Time Buyers.

Message By Julie Hayward

Grateful Clients
Success stories speak for themselves. Read on to learn how I’ve helped area clients just like you.

  • Invaluable assistance with short-sale challenges
  • Julie Hayward is one of the most knowledgeable realtors I have ever met in my 25 plus year real estate and lending career
  • Julie Hayward is not just a licensed top producing realtor
  • She has extensive experience as the office manager of her husband and business partner, Chad M. Hayward

Chad is a prominent real estate and bankruptcy attorney with dozens of offices throughout the Chicagoland Area and its six counties:

  • Cook County
  • Lake County
  • Will County
  • DuPage County
  • McHenry County
  • Kane County

Hiring Real Estate Agent For Home Purchase Who Buyers Can Get Along

Julie is not just an expert in bankruptcies and how bankruptcies work, but she is an expert in foreclosures, deed in lieu of foreclosures, and short sales.

  • Julie Hayward is also a real estate investor and there are no words to describe her short sale negotiation techniques with lenders
  • OMG!!! With all of the many years of experience she has in real estate, bankruptcy, credit, lending, and investing, Julie Hayward is one of the most humble human beings I have ever met
  • Julie is a great listener and unlike many so-called real estate professionals, she will not tell you what you want to hear but will give you the facts

Julie and I talk many times a week discussing the latest market changes and mortgage guidelines.

Hiring Real Estate Agent With Great Reviews & Testimonials

How to hire a real estate agent with great reviews and opinions

“Julie has been very helpful during the challenges with our short sale. Our mortgage servicer changed a few weeks before closing. She went above and beyond our expectations in bringing our short sale to a close. We are very grateful.” – Erwin H, Honolulu, HA

Found us properties that fit our needs

  • “Julie was extremely responsive and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. She answered all of our questions in a timely manner, which always put us at ease. She listened to our checklist and really took the time to find us properties that matched our needs! She also did a fantastic job negotiating and the transaction couldn’t have gone more smoothly. I’d highly recommend anyone to use Julie as their realtor—she was truly wonderful to work with!” Dana R, Arlington Heights, IL

I’ve already recommended Julie to friends

  • “Julie did a fantastic job in advertising and selling our house. She made the process easy and everything went smoothly. We really appreciated her knowledge of the market and she was easy to work with the entire time. I’ve already recommended Julie to friends.” –Bella T, Aurora, IL

An outstanding agent with the deep market knowledge

  • “Julie is an outstanding real estate agent who knows the market and locations extremely well. She is able to find properties that match our requirements, saving us time in house-hunting efforts.”, Nicole R, West Chicago, IL

Helped us manage a quick sale

  • “Julie did a market analysis to determine the value and price of my in-laws’ house and the best time to put the property up for sale. The end result was a quick sale at a price better than I expected. Her sales experience, follow-up, and people skills were invaluable.” –Don O, Elk Grove, IL

Julie Hayward And Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage Group

The team at GCA Mortgage Group is extremely proud and honored to have Julie Hayward, President and Managing Broker of EDGE REALTY LLC to be our preferred realtor partner, our mentor, our real estate consultant, and our Realtor Whisperer and now an author of her best selling book OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS. Most mortgage loan officers are leery of referring real estate agents to their borrowers because in the event if the relationship does not work out, the loan officer will get a bad rap. With Julie Hayward, it is the opposite. Here are Julie’s natural born qualities and talents:

  • Julie Hayward is always available 7 days a week
  • Julie always returns phone calls, texts, emails
  • That I will GUARANTEE YOU
  • Julie Hayward will tell you FACTS and not what you want to hear
  • One of the most common complaints about realtors is that they like to do all the talking and not listen to home buyers or homeowners selling their homes
  • It is the opposite with Julie Hayward
  • Julie is a great listener
  • Julie takes notes when you talk
  • You never have to repeat yourself with Julie Hayward

Hiring Real Estate Agent Who Cares

Part of this trait is because she is a mother of four beautiful children.

  • Her legal experience working as the office manager at her husband Chad Hayward law firm, The Law Offices Of Chad M. Hayward makes her an expert when it comes to home loans with bad credit
  • Julie is an expert with dealing with clients who are facing foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sale, and filing bankruptcy

The above traits and experience have made Julie a true leader, role model, and extremely understanding.

  • When things do not go well on a real estate and/or mortgage transaction, many panic and avoid taking calls by their clients
  • Again, Julie is cool, calm, and collected and failure is not an option with Julie Hayward
  • Julie’s favorite saying is that if there is a will, there is a way
  • I have never ever seen a real estate transaction go bad under the leadership of Julie Hayward and EDGE REALTY LLC
  • Julie Hayward believes that KNOWLEDGE IS KING
  • You will find out how humble Julie is

Hiring Real Estate Agent Who Is Knowledgeable

How to hire a real estate agent who is competent

Julie knows more about bankruptcy, re-establishing credit, foreclosures, short sales, lending, and negotiations than any lawyer, other than Chad Hayward of course, that I know:

  • Julie Hayward is respected by every loan officer and lender I know
  • All of my loan officers are instructed to contact Julie Hayward if they have any real estate related scenarios.
  • Julie Hayward main purpose for publishing OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS is not to make millions
  • It was written to educate home buyers, home sellers, loan officers, and other real estate professionals
  • Julie Hayward is a one-stop-shop real estate and lending resource center
  • Julie can refer you to any reputable attorney, loan officer, insurance agent, home inspector, title company, contractor, investor, private money lender, appraiser, and even politicians
  • Julie Hayward is the WIKIPEDIA of the real estate industry

Parting Thoughts On Hiring Real Estate Agent By Julie Hayward

It is my sincere hope that this book has provided you the advice and expertise necessary to guide you through the process of preparing your home for sale, determining an accurate price, researching the market, and preparing to shop for a home, whether you are a first-time or seasoned buyer. For those homeowners currently sorting through the complexity of a short sale, I’ve offered insight into the process to guide decision-making. And, for first-time homebuyers seeking a path through the complexities of pre-approval, pre-qualification, and the lending process, I’ve given concrete guidance and also offered the expertise of my colleague Gustan Cho of Gustan Cho Associates.

Should you find that you could use my experience and professionalism in your real estate transaction, I’d be delighted to assist you. You can reach me (and learn more about my services) at http://www.edgerealtypro.com. Best wishes to you on your search for a happy home!

This BLOG On Was UPDATED On March 27, 2020

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