Changing Realtors

Changing Realtors During Home Buying And Mortgage Process

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In this blog, we will cover and discuss changing realtors during the homebuying and mortgage process.

Many home buyers and home sellers decide to switch real estate agents during their home buying or home selling process.  Changing realtors is not too common but does happen.

The home buying process and the home selling process can be extremely stressful experiences for home buyers and sellers. Although the majority of the real estate agents are professionals and are licensed, every real estate agent has a different way of doing business.

How To Avoid Changing Realtors During Home Buying Process

The way a particular agent conducts his or her business may not click with the home buyers or sellers. Some agents have assistants who deal with their clients. Many clients do not want to deal with an assistant. They rather deal with the realtor directly. Some real estate agents do not work weekends or do not take calls after certain hours.

This may not be suitable for some home buyers and sellers. There can be dozens of reasons why buyers and sellers change realtors during the home buying process.

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Common Reasons for Changing Realtors

Buyers and sellers who have not signed a broker agreement are under no obligation to use the real estate agent. The real estate agent has no claim. For those who have signed a broker agreement and want to change real estate agents, most agents are professionals who will agree to cancel the real estate agreement with them.

How Do You Politely Change Real Estate Agents?

Many people who decided on changing realtors during the home buying and selling process change due to various reasons. One of the most common reasons for changing realtors is poor communication skills. Clients often feel that the real estate agent cannot properly answer their questions.

Another common reason why home buyers proceed to change realtors is that they feel the real estate agent is not familiar with the area where they are looking for homes. Also, many real estate agents show home buyers homes that do not meet their parameters such as the square footage, lot size, amenities, price range, and location. Others feel that the real estate agent lacks leadership and aggressiveness in the ability to negotiate.

Can I change my realtor after signing a contract?

Yes, you can change your realtor after signing a contract, but you should be aware of the terms and conditions outlined in your contract. Here are some steps to consider:

  1. Review the Contract: Carefully review your agreement with your current realtor. Make sure to carefully review the sections regarding termination, the length of the agreement, and any potential penalties or fees for ending the agreement early.
  2. Discuss with Your Realtor: Talk with your current realtor about your decision to change. They may be willing to release you from the contract without penalties, especially if there are valid reasons for your decision.
  3. Negotiate: If fees or penalties are specified in the contract for early termination, try to negotiate with your realtor to minimize these costs or come to a mutually acceptable arrangement.
  4. Notify the Brokerage: Inform the brokerage where your realtor is affiliated that you wish to change realtors. They may have specific procedures for handling such requests.
  5. Find a New Realtor: Once you’ve resolved any issues with your current realtor, look for a new realtor who meets your needs and preferences. Make sure to communicate your expectations clearly with the new realtor.
  6. Sign a New Agreement: When you find a new realtor, you must sign a new agreement with them. Review this contract thoroughly before signing to understand the terms and conditions.
  7. Close Out the Previous Agreement: Ensure that all aspects of your previous agreement, including any financial obligations or property listings, are properly closed out before moving forward with the new realtor.

It’s important to handle the transition professionally and by the terms of your contract to avoid any legal issues or misunderstandings.

Common Reason In Changing Realtors

Changing realtors is not very common but does happen. Buyers and sellers should not be too concerned with hurting their realtors’ feelings. As a mortgage banker, I too have borrowers who switch to a different lender and I have no hard feelings at all. Other borrowers feel more comfortable with me and my team and request changing lenders.

I do want to know why they are switching and if it is due to me, then I try to correct what I did wrong so it does not happen again.

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How To Tell Your Realtor You Chose Someone Else

I prefer for borrowers to be honest with me instead of sugarcoating it and lying to me because they do not want to hurt my feelings. Most of the time when switching mortgage lenders is because they get lowballed into an untrue mortgage rate and often times they come back.

If promised ridiculous things by a second real estate agent and the promises offered by the first real estate agent are the reason for changing realtors, do due diligence and see whether or not the second realtor is reputable. However, if it is due to personality differences or the realtor not returning phone calls promptly, then it is a good reason to change realtors.

Tips for a Smooth Transition

    • Stay Organized: Keep a meticulously organized record of pertinent documents, encompassing property listings, inspection reports, and communications, to facilitate a smooth transition for your new realtor.
    • Set Clear Expectations: Communicate your expectations and preferences to your new realtor to establish a strong working relationship from the beginning.
    • Regular Check-Ins: Arrange consistent follow-up meetings with your new realtor to confirm alignment and ensure a seamless progression of the home-buying process.

Open Communication

Changing Realtors

As mentioned above, there are countless reasons for changing realtors.  Real estate agents are professionals and if confronted with customer dissatisfaction the realtor is going to be fired politely, they will understand.  Tell the realtor of not being a good match, the realtor will understand and move on.

Clients do not have to stress about hurting the realtor’s feelings or coming up with dozens of excuses.  If a real estate agent asks why he is being fired, it is up to you whether or not to give him reasons for changing realtors.  If it is due to the realtor not returning phone calls, tell him that so he can correct himself.  If the reason for changing realtors is due to a lack of knowledge of the area, you may want to address that too.

Changing realtors during the home buying and mortgage process may seem daunting. Still, careful planning, open communication, and strategic coordination may result in a more favorable and prosperous outcome. Remember, the right realtor is crucial in navigating the complex world of real estate. Finding the perfect fit can make your home-buying journey a rewarding experience.

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FAQ: Changing Realtors During Home Buying And Mortgage Process

1. What are common reasons for changing realtors during home buying? Clients may change realtors due to poor communication skills, unfamiliarity with the desired area, showing properties that need to meet requirements, or a perceived lack of leadership and negotiation skills.

2. Can I change my realtor after signing a contract? Yes, you can change your realtor after signing a contract. Still, you should review your contract for termination clauses, discuss it with your realtor, negotiate any fees or penalties, notify the brokerage, find a new realtor, sign a new agreement, and close the previous agreement professionally.

3. How should I tell my realtor I’ve chosen someone else? It’s best to be honest with your realtor about your decision. Explain clearly if it’s due to personality differences or communication issues. If it’s because of promises from another realtor, do due diligence before making the switch.

4. What are some tips for a smooth transition when changing realtors? Stay organized with documents, set clear expectations with your new realtor, schedule regular check-ins, and maintain open communication throughout the transition process.

5. How do real estate agents handle client dissatisfaction and changing realtors? Professional real estate agents understand that only some client-agent relationships are a perfect fit. They should accept client feedback gracefully and use it as an opportunity for improvement.

6. What should clients prioritize when choosing a new realtor? Clients should prioritize finding a realtor who communicates effectively, understands their needs and preferences, has expertise in the desired area, and demonstrates strong negotiation skills and leadership.

7. How can clients ensure a successful home-buying experience with their new realtor? Clients can ensure success by maintaining clear communication, providing feedback, being proactive in property searches, staying organized with paperwork, and actively participating in home-buying.

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