Benefits Of Buying Seaside CA Real Estate


What are the benefits of buying a seaside property?

Does buying seaside property is really worth it? Purchasing real estate is a big decision, not to be taken lightly. However, when a property you want is on the seaside of California, it makes it that much easier to make a decision. It may cost you a bit more but it’s worth it. 

Here are some benefits of living on the coast: 


You may be too lazy to get out and exercise in the middle of the city or in the suburbia where mornings smell of pancakes but being too lazy to exercise near the sea is impossible. The beach is always so clean and inviting in the morning that you might just take up jogging or yoga. 

Aside from that, living in a seaside property near the sea will help your physical and mental health in many ways. You can take up a wide variety of activities. For instance, try surfing, fishing, swimming, sailing or any number of fun things to do. 

Scientific studies confirmed that these activities help your physical health and mental health alike. Over the years, the benefits of this kind of lifestyle are even more evident. 

Plenty of New Friends When Living in Seaside Property

More friends when living in a seaside property

Finding friends is hard. Especially so when you have no choice but to stay inside your home. When people live in suburbia or in apartments, interacting with other people is not the easiest thing to do. You don’t want to leave your home because there’s nothing fun outside to do. 

However, living by the sea can mean being outside more. After all, with those marvelous sights and adventures waiting just steps away from your door, why would you be inside? 

This way, you’ll probably meet a ton of people with similar interests. If nothing, you’ll get to know your neighbors better than you would anywhere else. You’re likely to become great friends with them as you share that unique coastal lifestyle.

Renting The Seaside Property With Airbnb

When you own your seaside property you can always rent one of your rooms from $60 to even $250 per night at Airbnb! It depends on you location and how big is your room. What is more, seaside properties tend to appreciate in value faster than properties located in suburban areas

Excellent Sleep

The air by the sea is so much different than that in the city or any other place. It’s full of negative ions which make it easier for you to breathe and your body to take in oxygen. This means that you’ll be more peaceful and happier in general. 

And we all know that peace means that you’ll be less stressed and therefore sleep better. Your mood will improve, and your sleep will be deeper and more nourishing for your entire body, as Guardian reported here:

Sunny Days

How much money make a seaside property on Airbnb

We hear all about the sun’s UV rays being bad for us. However, the sun is also beneficial for you because it helps your body produce vitamin D which improves your immune system and makes you stronger in general. 

Being exposed to the sun regularly when living in seaside property – still in moderation – helps you reduce inflammation and solves various skin conditions. 

Keep in mind that you don’t want to spend too much time in the sun as it can be harmful, especially so during the hottest times of the day. Wear SPF lotion and a hat to protect you when it’s too hot. 

But, in general, the sun can bring great improvements to your health and mind. 

Tasty Food

Fresh seafood is hard to find if you live further inland. However, near the sea, seafood is ample and always fresh. There are many seafood restaurants and markets – and you can even catch your own lunch. 

These meals turn out delicious, not to mention healthy, as they are full of omega-3 fatty acids and numerous vitamins and minerals that improve your health. 

The Social Aspect of Living in Seaside Property

What is the social aspect of living in seaside property

Living by the sea has a certain allure that living elsewhere doesn’t have. Because you live in a prime Seaside CA real estate, you’ll appear to be higher up on the social ladder, even if nothing except your location changed. People will want to be around you, perceiving that you are successful. 

Your friends will also love coming to your home and your family will love visiting. 

And remember, most people living by the sea are extremely successful and they will be able to help you advance in your career. Network with your neighbors and be kind to them and you might learn something new and get opportunities that you never did before.

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