Foreclosure Pets

Homeowners who have no means of keeping their home go through foreclosure.  Nobody wants to lose their home and many of those who have had great jobs but are victims of the Great Depression of 2008 have lost their jobs or businesses and are now unemployed or underemployed where foreclosure was unavoidable.  Unfortunately, many pets are left abandoned due to the result of foreclosure.

Foreclosure Is Stressful Event

Foreclosure is an emotional and stressful event in one’s life and it affects each individual differently.  Some move in with family, while others gather enough money to rent an apartment where animals are not allowed.  Many foreclosed homeowners do not have immediate family members or friends and are forced to dump their beloved pets to the nearest animal shelters or just abandon their pets.  Many animal shelters are over populated and a large portion of the animals are euthanized.    There are many instances where pets are discovered in foreclosed home locked inside without any food or water for days to be discovered barely alive, only surving on toilet water.

People Can Be Cruel

I have been raised with animals and am a dog lover.  Each dog is like a human where every dog has its own unque personality and feelings.  I cannot imagine anyone leaving behind their pets abandoned in an empty home with no food and just an open toilet.  It is cruel and inhumane and no different than killing an animal who has had unconditional love towards you.  The dog or cat did not ask to be adopted nor did they do anything to deserve to be homeless.  Unfortunately, there are homeowners who leave their pets behind unattended and most of these dogs and cats die a miserable death:  Starvation and dehydration.  Why do people do this and how can they be so cruel?  The answer to this is another question:  Why do homeowners strip everything in their foreclosed homes?

Abandoned Pets

In a million years, I will never understand why anyone can abandon their pets.  I deal with folks who are going through foreclosure or have gone through foreclosure every day and do understand the strain it puts on them.  Everything you have worked so hard for all your life can get wiped out during a foreclosure of bankruptcy.  Your personal belongings, year of memory, and the place you call your home will be lost forever.  However, leaving your pets behind is inexcuseable no matter how emotionally distraught you are.  Your dog or cat depends on you and gives you unconditional love and always will.  If you have a home that is vacant due to foreclosure and/or bankruptcy, please keep your eyes open to see if the homeowner has not left a pet behind.

By Gustan Cho

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