21 Day Fast  Track TBD Loan Progam at Cross Country Mortgage

21 Day FAST Track TBS Loan Program at CrossCountry Mortgage Was Written By Michael Gracz

The 21 Day Fast Traclt at CrossCountry Mortgage: 21 Day  Fast Track TBD Loan Prorgam at CrossCountry Mortgage has a 21 day fast tract mortgage prrogam when most loan close in 21 days.

  • Realtors lover this program where you do not need a subject property and a mortgage processor will process the mortgage file and submit the mortgage loan to the underwriting department to the mortgage underwriting division.
  • A mortgage underwriter will be assigned to the mortgage file and will do a full underwrite the only thing that will be mission is the subject property and tile and appraisal for the property.
  • Michael Gracz of The 21 Day Fast Track TBD Loan Program at CrossCountry Mortgage along with Nicholas Ferrante is in charge of The 21 Day Fast Track TBD Loan Program at CrossCountry Mortgage NLMS 3029.
  • Michael Kracz and Nicholas Ferrante are the National Consumer Direct Manager of the National Consumer Direct Manger of the National Consumer Direct Managers of The Gustan Cho Team at CrossCountry Managers.
  • Mike Gracz and Nick Ferrante are available 7 days a week, evenings, weekends, and holidays for The Gustan Cho Team at CrossCountry Mortgage.

Once the property is is sumitted , the title and appraisal will be reviewed and a clear to close will be be approved and a clear to close will be issue. Most closings on the Fast Track TBD Loan Program will get a loan commitment will be get a clear to close in a less than than a week.

Same As A Cash To Close

Most borrowers, home sellers and real este brokers do not realize is that the fast tract TBD Loan Progam at CrossCountry Mortgage is similar as a cash to close. There is no pre-approval here. It is a full blown mortgage approval and the only condition loan approval is tha loan appraisl. unless the house is comlete a shack where it is completely inhabilasble, the house can be financed . If the house is a comlete a complet shack and is uninhabiltale, the home can be onverted to a FH203K lOAN.


Michael Gracz and Nicholas Gracz are not normal loan officers. Both Michael Gracz and Nicholas Gracz has gone through an intense grueling six week training program where 80 candidates applied and make the grade and there were the two only ones that make the grade. Just graduating the program was not enough. They had a six month hands on training with Gustan Cho and made the grade. No job with the Gustan Cho Team at Gustan Cho Team is guaranteed. Whenever their is a life tranfer call, they are expected to pick up. If they are on the phone, they have 15 minutes to call back. These two fine gentlemen are the top guns of the loan business and I like do not like to compliment my loan officers but I would have to say that they are the best of the best and them some. Michael Gracz and Nicholas Ferrante are lifelong family and partners of The Gustan Cho Team. No is a not a vocalbulary and if there is a way, they will close. The will not close on time, but will get a clear of close wah ahead of time . You can bank on it and I put my name of these two top Green Beret of the loan business. These two fine gents make me look like a hero to my borrowers and are irresplacable. Kudos to Michael Gracz and Nicholas Ferrante. Special thaks to my partner Peter Bieda, our Area Marketing and Branch Support Manager who makes all this happen.

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