Second Home Versus Investment Home Financing

This article is about Second Home Versus Investment Home Financing

For homeowners who currently own a primary residence, they can possibly qualify for a second home on their next home purchase. A second home can be a vacation home in a resort area or just a regular condominium or single-family home.

  • Second home financing requires more of a down payment than an owner-occupied home
  •  Conventional mortgage lending guidelines require a minimum of 10% down payment for second-home financing
  • Second-home financing mortgage rates are slightly higher than owner-occupied homes
  • Maybe 1/8% or 0.25% higher than primary residence mortgage loans
  • Second-home financing have strict requirements
  • If the second home buyer does not meet the second home financing mortgage guidelines, the second home financing will not be allowed
  • It will need to be financed as an investment home mortgage loan

In this article, we will cover second versus investment home mortgage guidelines.

Classification Of Second Home

Classification Of Second Home

Home Buyers buying a second property, the home purchase needs to qualify as a second home financing property.

  • If it does not, the lender will classify it as an investment home financing
  • With investment home financing, the minimum down payment is 20% to 25%
  • Mortgage rates are 0.50% or higher on investment properties because lenders consider it a higher risk
  • There are certain criteria for property to fall into the second home financing category

For second home financing, second home buyers need a 10% down payment versus a 20% to 25% down payment and mortgage rates are over 0.50% lower than investment home financing.

Second Home Qualification Requirements

There are certain requirements for a second property purchase to qualify for second home financing.

  • The deal needs to make sense
  • Homeowners who live in Tampa, Florida in a 2,500 square feet home and want to purchase another 2,500 square feet home two miles away from a primary residence, the second property purchase will not qualify for second home financing
  • On this case scenario, the second property purchase will qualify for an investment home financing and not second home financing

However, if buyers were to purchase a 2,500 square feet home in Vail, Colorado, this purchase will qualify for second home financing because there is a great distance from Tampa, Florida to Vail, Colorado.

Second Home Financing Close To Primary Home

Second Home Financing Close To Primary Home

Home Buyers can qualify for second home financing on a home purchase that is close to their primary residence.

The only way home buyers can qualify for second home financing on a property that is nearby main owner-occupied residence is if the second property purchase is the following:

  • Waterfront property
  • Oceanfront property
  • Golf course property

The second home needs to make sense where the homeowner can use it as a second home due to the amenities and luxury of the second home purchase.

Qualifying For Second Home Or Investment Home Financing

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