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This ARTICLE On Rashad Carmichael Of The Insurance Plaza Discount Insurance

Rashad Carmichael @The Insurance Plaza is an amazing insurance agent/broker of insurance products and he is an excellent advisor in his role as a wealth manager.  Finding the best insurance is more than finding the best price but includes finding the best reputable company, the correct coverage amount to ensure your assets and family members are fully protected, and most importantly includes receiving the correct education and information about the insurance products and the industry as a whole.

In this article at GCA Mortgage Group, we will discuss and cover Rashad Carmichael Of The Insurance Plaza Discount Insurance.

What Rashad Carmichael Of Insurance Plaza Offers

What is Rashad Carmichael Of The Insurance Plaza Discount Insurance

Rashad Carmichael brings the diligence, service, and justice to the insurance client because unlike many insurance agents, he does not sale insurance, he helps clients locate the best insurance carrier and product that fits the budget and needs of each individual or a business owner.  When you contact the Insurance Plaza, not only do they have homeowners, auto, health, life, disability, and commercial insurance but they also work with almost every single major brand (Aetna, Blue Cross, Coventry, United Healthcare, Berkshire Hathaway, Lloyds of London, Zurich, The Hartford, Travelers, Transamerica, Voya, Star bop, and the nation’s largest flood insurance companies!!!).  Insurance is a form of protection and provides a way to also leave assets like property, cash, and valuables to your loved ones if something happened to you while diversifying your wealth outside of the real estate and your current business.

Customer Service # 1 Mission

Since I assist many consumers with purchasing real estate homes, buildings and commercial property-I loved meeting and working with Rashad Carmichael and the Insurance Plaza because he really cares about the client, his intention is to educate and reduce the cost of insurance premiums, whether they are first time home buyers, commercial business owners, contractors or seasoned investors.  Rashad and the agents at the Insurance Plaza will search for the best pricing on the insurance product of your desire-making sure your mortgage is the lowest possible payment.  P.I.T.I, which is principal, interest, taxes, and insurance are very important to clients and loan officers like me because when you add all of the numbers together it forms the total mortgage cost and the mortgage cost determines the affordability and happiness of the client!

Full Service Insurance Agent

Which means the insurance agent is fully serviced

Having a huge selection of options available when searching for any product whether it is a TV, radio, or car-always helps the consumer make the best decision by showing them what the competitor’s prices are and this is why once you meet Rashad Carmichael and see the many carriers he represents with the Insurance Plaza, you will know all you need to know because the Insurance Plaza has over 50 insurance companies under one roof.  The other amazing attribute to mention about my friend Rashad Carmichael, insurance agent/wealth manager is he understands economics, he is a graduate of Illinois State University Applied Computer Science department (means he is great at math, problem-solving…) and Rashad also attended Keller Graduate School of Business.

The Importance Of An Experienced Insurance Agent

Rashad does not talk about what he has not done, unlike most agents of these days, they are trying to sell and not teach and most of the current agents in real estate and insurance don’t actually invest or buy what they sell and are not wealthy. Rashad Carmichael is a hands-on insurance agent /broker and wealth manager because he focuses on helping the client understand what he knows and uses for his personal life and has no pressure on him to sell, he has no reason to coerce you to buy from a particular company because he represents them all!!!!  The Insurance Plaza is located in 5 states and they are growing fast because of their in-depth knowledge and the fact they teach clients and helps them save their money dramatically, not to mention Rashad Carmichael, as well as The Insurance Plaza brokerage, can assist daily, the office remains open 7 days a week!!!  I told you, this guy is amazing!

Rashad Carmichael Is Insurance Agent Of Choice By Most Lenders

Why should you contact Rashad Carmichael

Lastly, since I’m a numbers man and numbers don’t lie-When I met Rashad Carmichael and the Insurance Plaza, I was paying $2900/year for my homeowner’s insurance and another $1300/year for my automobile insurance.  In one day of communicating with Rashad and the team at the Insurance Plaza, they reduced my { 4000 +} square foot home insurance premium to $1400/year with higher coverage limits than I previously had and I’m now paying only $1000/year for my automobile insurance premiums!  Yes, I saved more than $1600/year.  Another case to show the ability the Insurance Plaza has to assist the client, The Insurance Plaza is one of the nation’s largest flood zone insurance agencies that also work with FEMA, they have currently put out a new campaign in Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Washington DC to educate the property owners of commercial and residential properties of the free coverage comparisons on current flood insurance policies.  Rashad Carmichael and the Insurance Plaza have excellent pricing on flood insurance policies and unlike most agents – Rashad can bind the flood insurance the same day for closings for real estate transactions for buyers, agents, and loan officers!

High Debt To Income Ratio Borrowers: Contact Rashad Carmichael

While I’m working on deals covering many states and many different clients’ needs at all different budgets, it really pays to know a company like the Insurance Plaza and a very likable, diligent, caring, energetic, knowledgeable agent like Rashad Carmichael, who you can call 7 days a week.   If you need questions answered and quotes from all of your favorite companies – while receiving detailed information and analysis on what is the best Home, Life, Health, Flood, Employee Benefits, Auto, and Commercial insurance product available for you, don’t hesitate, give Rashad Carmichael and the Insurance Plaza a call, they will exceed your expectations, while explaining new trends and giving comparisons of insurance product benefits offered by over 50 companies, 7 days a week, free of charge.

The insurance plaza has satellite locations and if needed Rashad Carmichael can come to your home, office, or community to help you with your insurance coverage and provide you with a free coverage comparison to make sure you are fully protected and have the best coverage and premiums!

Contact Rashad for mortgage protection insurance and also ask Rashad or an agent at the Insurance Plaza about the new affordable care act registration coming November 1st, they will help you with your subsidies if you qualify and he can help you get covered for major medical health insurance 7 days a week, including evenings, and holidays.