Open Enrollment For Health Insurance

Good morning open enrollment blog for day 1 of the open enrollment period to purchase health insurance.
Avoid high out of pocket cost and  medical bills with Rashad Carmichael.  Get fully covered, do you have gaps in your insurance?  If you were hospitalized, would your family members and yourself receive $1000 per day? If not we need to talk about all your money that is in the trash.  Find the best options for your individual or business need. Get the subsidy discount if you qualify and get your questions answered because the best client is a client who understands what they are buying.

Get Covered Today For Health Insurance With Rashad Carmichael

Sign up on the phone or come into one of our offices and get covered.

Licensed agents who sale bcbs, aetna, humana, coventry, united health and more are available to sit with you on a phone call, at your home or office and explain the many features included in each plan,assist with deductible, assist with deductible insurance, and assist each individual or company with full protection.  The top causes of financial loss is bankruptcy, divorce, and medical bills- lets knock down one and ensure that any unexpected injury or illness will get covered and lets avoid medical bills together.

Insurance Plaza

Please visit The Insurance Plaza website you can also sign up to have a licensed agent call you and assist you in finding the best insurance carrier and health plan daily-around your schedule.

Avoid the frustration of long hold times, not getting signed up after being on hold for hours while talking to unlicensed people in the marketplace who sale the wrong plans. Deal with experts like myself & let me reduce the application time, cost and confusion of the affordable care acts new trends and many plan options

If lines are busy- agents are speaking to clients
Calls are returned by our call center team within the hour if missed
Or complete the form below and have an agent call you on your schedule by visiting–health.html

Rashad Carmichael Of The Plaza Insurance

Rashad Carmichael is the President and Chief Operating Officer of The Plaza Insurance, a national insurance brokerage firm with offices throughout the United States. Rashad Carmichael and his associates are full service insurance professionals specializing in all aspects of insurance. Rashad Carmichael is not just an expert in insurance but is a veteran real estate agent and licensed mortgage loan originator. Rashad Carmichael feels that knowledge and education is what makes an insurance agent successful. With extensive knowledge in every aspects of the businesses he insures, Rashad Carmichael’s objective is if you want to give the best services to your clients, he needs to also needs to be an expert in his field. Most homeowners who Rashad Carmichael represents also have all of their insurance policies insured with Rashad Carmichael of Plaza Insurance. Rashad Carmichael is a firm believer in educating his clients on products he sells and represents. He is a writer for Gustan Cho Associates as well as dozens of other professional media sources. Rashad Carmichael is also a consultant to many real estate agents, attorneys, mortgage lenders, and members of the healthcare industry.


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