Lightfoot Increasing Taxes

Lightfoot Increasing Taxes Despite Mass Exodus Of Chicagoans

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BREAKING NEWS: Lightfoot Increasing Taxes Despite Mass Exodus Of Chicagoans
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The news of Mayor Lori Lightfoot Increasing Taxes has not just skyrocketed individual taxpayers leaving Chicago, but a large percentage of small business owners are planning on leaving as well.
  • Under the leadership of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago has deteriorated like never before
  • Chicago murder rates are increasing every month to set new records
  • The crime rate is out of control
  • Chicago is ranked as the highest taxed city in the nation
  • Despite having the highest tax rate in the U.S., the city is on the verge of bankruptcy
  • There are other cities that are prospering
  • The U.S. economy was booming prior to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Dozens of lower-taxed states and cities were raking in billions of revenue
  • However, Chicago and the state of Illinois kept on raising taxes and were on the verge of bankruptcy
  • The city is led by incompetent politicians who are absolutely clueless
  • Lori Lightfoot is a far-left liberal
  • She is condoning the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) and went as far as joining the protests with the far-left anti-police group
  • Lightfoot even pledged to defund the Chicago Police Department (CPD)
  • This plan in trying to be on the side of BLM has backfired on Lightfoot
  • Hundreds of Black Lives Matter rioters turned on Lori Lightfoot
  • Rioters gathered on Lightfoot’s home in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood
  • Lightfoot order over 100 Chicago police officers to be detailed to protect her home
  • The combination of incompetent far-left liberal politicians, corruption, high taxes, high crime rates, rioting, and anti-police mentality is creating a mass exodus of Chicagoans and small business owners to the suburbs
  • The city’s Magnificant Mile Shopping District has suffered millions of dollars in damage from rioters over this past weekend
  • Many tourists and high-end shoppers are fleeing to the suburbs to shop due to the constant riots and safety issues

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover Mayor Lightfoot Increasing Taxes Despite Mass Exodus Of Chicagoans.

Lightfoot Increasing Taxes Backfiring 

Recent data and poll numbers show the majority of Chicagoans are not happy with Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s first term as Chicago’s chief executive.

  • Not only are individual taxpayers not happy with the Mayor, but small business owners are threatening to leave Chicago to the suburbs and/or other lower-taxed states
  • The city has the highest tax rate in the nation but yet is broke
  • Incompetence, financial irresponsibility, corruption, a broken pension system, patronage hiring, high murder rates, and crime rates, violent rioting, and a Mayor who has no clue in running city government are the key reasons why Chicago is so messed up
  • Chicagoans and small business owners have steadily been fleeing the city due to high taxes

With news Lightfoot increasing taxes are now accelerating the exodus of Chicagoans and businesses.

Lightfoot Increasing Taxes And Not Cutting Spending

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The city has not just been raising taxes but has been spending money like there is no tomorrow.

  • Lightfoot and city leaders are clueless and lost when it comes to financial management
  • Now they are so broke with mounting deficits they are planning on laying off city workers which never happened
  • A city job was always considered rock solid and secure
  • Thousands of stores and businesses are considering leaving the city due to violent rioting.

Chicago business owners were struggling to reopen after the coronavirus outbreak to now fact the riot violence and looting.

Raising Taxes During Economic Crisis Will Backfire On The Mayor

The Mayor should realize that raising taxes during these economic times would mean a death sentence for Chicagoans.

  • However, she said she has no other options but to raise property taxes and other taxes to keep the city running
  • The city, like many other U.S. cities, faces a budget shortfall due to a shortage of revenues from the coronavirus pandemic business shutdown
  • However, Chicago is suffering more than other cities due to being at a huge deficit prior to the pandemic where other states had hefty reserves
  • The city is facing a $700 million budget shortfall

The Mayor seems to be robbing Peter to pay Paul. Mayor Lori Lightfoot also announced a $10 million commitment from the city to help businesses damaged by the riots last week at the Magnificent Mile. Over 100 rioters were arrested and 13 police officers were hurt and needed to be transported to hospitals. Lightfoot has been pro-protest, pro-BLM, and ordered no arrests of protesters. These protests turned into riots including at her Logan Square neighborhood.

Crime In Chicago Skyrocketing Like Never Before Due To Incompetent Politicians

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Chicago has always had the highest murder rate in the nation. Chicago also has the highest crime rate in the country. However, over 70% of the violent crimes and murders in Chicago are in the South Side and West Sides. However, in recent months, violent crime has spread to safe areas of the city like the Loop, Gold Coast, and North Side of the city where traditionally hardly had violent crimes and murder. Many shoppers of the Magnificent Mile said they do not plan in shopping there anymore and rather travel 15 miles to the suburbs. Another reason why Chicago’s violent crime rate is expected to increase is George Soros sponsored Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx is anti-police. Foxx has recently released 25,000 inmates convicted of felonies due to the coronavirus outbreak. Foxx has ordered all of her prosecutors to release all inmates who are arrested for protests. Kim Foxx is being criticized by Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, law enforcement leaders, and many crime experts at both local, state, and national levels.

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