Mastering A Job Interview For Mortgage Loan Officers

This Article On Mastering A Job Interview For Mortgage Loan Officers By Arlene DiSessa of Gustan Cho Associates

What is Mastering A Job Interview for Mortgage Loan Officers

In the job world these days, there is nothing better you can be than an excellent, skilled, and confident job interview.

  • The job interview is what will ultimately determine if you get the job or you don’t
  • Yes, you can have all the skills and “check all the boxes” for being qualified for that position
  • But without a good interview, you are sunk

Mortgage Companies are becoming more and more selective when hiring loan officers and support personnel. With rising risks and constant new rules and regulations, many mortgage lenders have been forced to lay off workers nationwide.

Importance Of Mastering Interview

In my experience, I have obtained 8 jobs over the course of 11 or so years.

  • Now this may be a lot of turnovers
  • However, what this helps me with is always being on the top of my game when it comes to the dreaded interview
  • I know people that are nervous and scared silly about sitting down with management and getting grilled about their background, experience, etc. 

What I am going to go over with you next is how to put your best foot forward and make sure you get that job of your dreams.

Advice On How To Master A Job Interview

What are the tips to master the interview

The most important bit of advice that I can give you is you need to walk in there with confidence and be as calm as possible.

  • When you sit down, you need to great the individual with a handshake and direct eye contact
  • This will show that you are engaged and want to be there
  • If you have studied your resume, you won’t have to worry about getting caught up on the “walk me through your resume” requests that so many HR people love to ask of you
  • If you know your resume up and down, also know what your strengths and weaknesses are
  • This is another standard question, but you need to make sure that you don’t give the cliché answer that everyone uses
  • Be honest as most interviewers can read through nonsense if that is how you choose to answer
  • Another thing you must do is make sure you speak slowly and stay calm
  • The interviewer will catch on if you are starting to ramble or stutter over your answers
  • Speak slowly and be direct without going on and on and on, doing this will prevent the interviewer from tuning you out
  • A final point about being confident, is knowing the job description inside and out

You must be prepared to talk about the functionality of the job and how you will be the best at it.

Due Diligence Prior To Job Interview

Another important thing you can do is make sure you know as much background information as possible about the people you are interviewing with, as well as the company.

  • You need to see if they have been in the news lately, see if the interviewers have been with the company for a short or long period of time, and see where they have worked previously
  • Knowing this information gives you a lot of talking points during the course of the interview
  • For example, you can say “I have seen that you have been in talks to merge with company X, how does this affect the company in the short-term and long-term?” 

If the position is for an accounting or finance-related position, you can look for the company financials online so you can ask about specific points of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Engaging During The Interview

How to get involved during the interview

One last thing you can do is make sure you talk yourself up and don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back a little bit.

  • Also, show how hungry you are for getting this position and how you will give 110% no matter what
  • Employers want to see that you are ready to go and will be engaged in your day to day activities
  • This has to be one of my strongest attributes when going through the interview process
  • I make sure I am direct with the interviewer and give them what they want to hear as well
  • Think of the interview as a conversation between a couple of individuals and not something rigid and uncomfortable
  • I can honestly say, the interviewer is just as nervous on the other side as well
  • Just remember, show that confidence and you can get any job you wish! 
  • This is exactly how I can close nearly 100% of the jobs I interview for

If I want the job, I KNOW that I am going to get it!

About The Author

Arlene DiSessa is a senior loan officer for Gustan Cho Associates. Arlene is also a contributing editor and writer for Gustan Cho Associates Mortgage And Real Estate Information Center.

  • Arlene is a Moderator for Mortgage Portal, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing real estate and mortgage lending informational online community
  • Members of Mortgage Portal are real estate professionals, mortgage loan officers, home buyers, home sellers, and consumers all become members and participate in online discussions
  • Arlene DiSessa is also a licensed mortgage loan originator and is always looking for career-minded individuals starting a career as a mortgage loan officer to recruit for her team
  • Arlene is an expert in all areas of accounting and has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has been an accounting department manager for many medium and large size companies
  • The need of helping others in realizing the dream of homeownership become a reality made Arlene DiSessa pursue a career as a licensed mortgage loan originator

Armed with managerial experience in both the accounting and mortgage lending field, Arlene DiSessa is ready to develop an army of licensed mortgage loan officers to help home buyers with less than perfect credit or higher debt to income ratios. Arlene DiSessa and her team of loan officers specialize in originating and funding mortgage loans with no lender overlays.

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