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Homeowners Who Bailed On Mortgage

Residential home sales has been steadily increased and so has real estate prices.  Investor demand has been increasing more so this year than in the past several years and so has consumer confidence in the housing market.  Many of previous homeowners who have walked away from their mortgage loans due to the real estate and credit collapse are returning back to the housing market.

Those Who Bailed On Mortgage Loans Are Coming Back With Damaged Credit

Those who have bailed on mortgage loans, whether they bailed on mortgage loans due to a loss of job, loss of business, divorce, or because they were so upside down on their mortgage loans, are coming back strong back to the housing market with damaged credit.  Almost eighty percent of those homeowners who bailed on mortgage loans expressed interest in buying a home now or within the next year according to Moody’s analytics research poll.  The study also shows that the eligible potential home purchasers who had a prior foreclosure will reach 1.5 million by the beginning of 2014 first quarter.

Financial, Real Estate, And Credit Collapse Of 2008 And Those Who Bailed On Mortgage Loans

Nobody wants intended on bailed on mortgage loans.  Reason folks bailed on mortgage loans were due to plummeting housing values and mortgage loan programs that had teaser rates and after the teaser rate period expired, homeowners saw their monthly mortgage payments spike up as much as double their original mortgage payments.  Some homeowners have fought tooth and nails to save their homes even though the value of their homes was much less than the amount they owed on their mortgage loans.  They realized that the chances were not good in seeing the likelihood of seeing their lost equity back again for many years to come.  They saw being bailed on mortgage loan as being morally reprehensible.  Others who had stable income and who could have afforded paying on their mortgage loans saw that bailing on their mortgage loans was the most sensible business decision they could make and took the risk on hurting their credit and taking their chances on rebuilding and re-establishing their credit on buying a residential home at a later date.

Home Ownership In America

Homeownership in the United States has fallen from a high of 69.2% back in 2004 to a low of 65.2% in the beginning of 2013 according to data from the United States Census Bureau.  Americans still believe in the American Dream of owning their own home and homeownership.  A recent poll by U.S. Today about homeownership states that over 72% of Americans still have the belief that homeownership is part of the American Dream.  Recent FHA and Fannie Mae Guidelines make homeownership possible for those who have had a prior bankruptcy, foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure, and short sale as well as prior bad credit.  A home buyer can now qualify for a FHA mortgage loan with a credit score of 530 FICO.  For those with credit scores between 530 FICO and 580 FICO, a 10% down payment is required.  For those home buyers who have limited funds to apply towards their down payment, a credit score of 580 FICO or higher is required.  I specialize in bad credit mortgage loans and can qualify home mortgage loan borrowers with prior bad credit, open collections, judgments, tax liens, and recent late payments.  I represent dozens of wholesale mortgage lenders who have no overlays and can also do manual underwrites.

As Long As Mortgage Borrower Has Documented Income, They Can Qualify For Mortgage Loan Even With Low Credit Score

Home ownership is possible to anyone who has a job or documented stable income.  If you have had prior credit issues and a low credit score but have a stable job, I can get you qualified for a mortgage loan.  Over 50% of my business is handling mortgage loan applications where the mortgage loan borrower has gotten rejected by a bank or mortgage banker.  As long as you meet federal guidelines such as passing the necessary waiting period after a bankruptcy or foreclosure and are current on all of your government loans such as student loans, I can get you qualified for a mortgage loan in the state of Illinois and Florida.  I work with many bankers and other mortgage bankers who have clients that have open collections and/or late payments after a bankruptcy or foreclosure where their mortgage company cannot qualify the mortgage loan client.  They refer those mortgage loan borrowers to me and most of the time, I get them approved and closed in 30 days or less.

FHA Back To Work Extenuating Circumstances Due To An Economic Event

HUD’s new Back to Work Extenuating Circumstances FHA mortgage loan program now allows a minimum of a one year waiting period after a mortgage loan borrower has been discharged from a bankruptcy or had a foreclosure.  There are specific guidelines for a mortgage loan borrower to qualify for this program which I will cover in other blogs but a bailed on mortgage loans will not apply here.  Mortgage loan borrowers must have been unemployed or had a reduction of at least a 20% reduction in household income for them to qualify.  Foreclosing on a home, deed in lieu of foreclosured, or short sale because the property was underwater does not qualify for HUD’s Back to Work Extenuating Circumstances FHA mortgage loan programs.

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