Can I Qualify For FHA Loan With Credit Scores Under 620

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Mortgage Loan Programs have minimum credit score requirements.

There are several different types of loan programs.

  1. Government Loans
  2. Conventional Loans
  3. Jumbo Mortgages
  4. Bank Statement Mortgage Loans For Self Employed Borrowers
  5. NON-QM Loans
  6. No-Doc Investment Property Loans
  7. Fix And Flip Rehab Loans

Qualifying For Mortgage Loans With Credit Scores Under 620

On this BLOG, we will be discussing FHA Loans. FHA Loans is the most popular loan program in the United States due to its lenient mortgage guidelines.

Home Buyers can qualify for FHA Loans with the following:

  • 580 Credit Scores
  • 3,5% down payment
  • Outstanding Collections
  • Outstanding Charge Off Accounts
  • Borrowers can qualify for FHA Loans with judgments and tax liens as long as they have written payment agreement and 3 months of seasoned payments
  • When mortgage lenders require a minimum of a 620 credit score for FHA Loans, this is not HUD Guidelines but a lender overlay.
  • Most mortgage lenders want a minimum of a 620 FICO score before they are able to offer a mortgage pre-approval for home mortgage loan borrowers.
  • Again, the above requirement is a lender overlay.
  • Other lenders require 640 FICO credit score when HUD only requires 580 FICO
  • The Gustan Cho Team are experts in helping borrowers with credit scores of under 620 FICOSo the answer to the question, ” Can I get a mortgage loan if my credit scores are under 620?”
  • The answer would be a yes.

FAQ On FHA Loan With Credit Scores Under 620

Lenders consider borrowers with under 620 FICO higher credit risk borrowers. Many lenders will not lend to borrowers with under 620 even though HUD Guidelines On Credit Scores sets minimum credit score requirements at 580 FICO for 3.5% down payment FHA Loans. A large percentage of my borrowers are folks with under 620 credit scores.

  • For those with credit scores under 620, their mortgage rates will be higher.
  •  Borrowers with credit scores close to 620 like 615, it might be best interest if they can boost their credit scores.
  • There may be quick fixes in boosting credit scores.
  • There is pricing adjustments for FHA Loan With Credit Scores Under 620
  • The higher the credit score, the lower the mortgage rates.
  • Having a credit scores under 620 will also lower the debt to income ratio limit. 
  • For example, borrowers with credit scores over 620, can have debt to income ratio up to 56.9%. 
  • If borrowers credit scores under 620 debt to income ratio, maximum DTI for an approve/eligible per Automated Underwriting System is capped at 45%.
  • The difference in pricing adjustments for borrowers with credit scores under 620 and over 620 can be over 1.0% or more. 
  • For example, borrowers with credit scores under 620 might have an interest rate of 4.5% whereas if credit score is over 620 mortgage rates will be at 4.0%.

FHA Loans With Outstanding Collections And Charge Offs

FHA mortgage borrowers can qualify for FHA Loans With Outstanding Collections and Charge Offs without needing to pay them.

  • Do not pay any open collection accounts. 
  • By paying a past due open collection account will drop credit scores because it reactivates the derogatory information. 
  • Borrowers can get approved for a mortgage loan with outstanding collection and charge off accounts. 
  • There are mortgage lenders that might require for a collection account be paid but that is not HUD’s Guidelines but a lender overlay.
  • Borrowers who want to pay off outstanding collections and charge offs, but they can pay the open collection account prior to closing or at the closing of the mortgage loan. 
  • Judgments are treated different than collection accounts. 
  • Paying off a judgment will not drop credit scores like a collection account will. 
  • Please consult the advise of a mortgage broker/banker prior to taking any measures on paying collections, charge offs, judgments.

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