Changing Realtors: Switching Your Real Estate Agent


Changing Realtors

Changing Real Estate Agents
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Many home buyers and home sellers decide to switch real estate agents during their home buying or home selling process.  Changing realtors is very common.  The home buying process and the home selling process is an extremely stressful experience for the home buyer and the home seller and although that the majority of the real estate agents are professionals and are licensed, every real estate agent has different ways of doing business and the way a particular agent conducts his or her business may not click with the home buyer or home seller.  Some agents have assistants who deal with their clients and many clients do not want to deal with an assistant and rather deal with the realtor directly.  Some real estate agents do not work weekends or do not take calls after certain hours, and this may not be suitable to the home buyer or home seller.  There can be dozens of reasons why home buyers and home sellers switch real estate agents.

Common Reasons Why Clients Change Realtors

If you have not signed a broker agreement, you are under no obligation is using the real estate agent and the real estate agent has no claim on you.  If you have signed a broker agreement and you want to change real estate agents, most real estate agents are professionals who will get you out of your real estate agreement with them.  Many people who decided in changing realtors during the home buying process or home selling process change due to various reasons.  One of the most common reasons of changing realtors is due to poor communication skills.  Clients often feel that the real estate agent cannot properly answer their questions.  Another common reason why home buyers decide to change real estate agents is because they feel the real estate agent is not familiar with the area where they are looking for homes.  Also, many real estate agents shows home buyers homes that do not meet their parameters such as the square footage, lot size, amenities, price range, and location.  Others feel that the real estate agent lacks leadership and aggressiveness in he ability to negotiate and are more interested in his needs than have your best interest at heart.  The number one reason why home buyers and home sellers change realtors by far is because they do not return their client’s phone calls or often times do not pick up their phone.  It does not matter how competent a real estate agent is but if he or she does not pick up their phone or do not return their client’s phone calls promptly, their clients will change their real estate agent.  It does not matter whether you are a real estate agent or a mortgage broker, but if you cannot pick up the phone or return your clients phone calls promptly, you should not be in the business.  I have run into real estate agents who cannot be reached for days.


Real Estate Agents Are Professionals

Most real estate agents realize that changing realtors is very common and you should not be too concerned with hurting their feelings.  As a mortgage banker, I too have mortgage loan borrowers who switch to a different lender and I have no hard feelings at all.  I do want to know why they are switching and if it is due to me, then I try to correct what I did wrong so it does not happen again.  I prefer for a mortgage loan borrower to be honest with me instead of sugar coat it and lie to me because they do not want to hurt my feelings.  Most of the times where my mortgage loan borrower switch mortgage lenders is because they get low balled into an untrue mortgage rate and often times they come back.  If you get promised ridiculous things by a second real estate agent and due to the promises offered by the first real estate agent is you switching realtors, then you need to do some due diligence and see whether or not the second realtor is reputable.  However, if it is due to personality differences or the realtor not returning your phone calls promptly, then it is a good reason to switch real estate agents.

Open Communication

As mentioned above, there are countless of reasons why you are changing realtors.  Real estate agents are professionals and if you confront the realtor you are going to fire politely and tell him that you and him are not a good match, the realtor will understand and move on.  You do not have to stress on hurting your realtor’s feelings or coming up with dozens of excuses.  If your real estate agent asks you why he is being fired, it is up to you whether or not to give him your reasons for changing realtors.  If it is because your realtor does not return phone calls, tell him that so he can correct himself.  If the reason for changing realtors is due to lack of knowledge of the area, you may want to address that too.  Bottom line is that home buying process and the home selling process is a stressful process overall and the last stress you need is having to work with a real estate agent you do not get along with.
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