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Buying A Home With Dogs And Other Pets For Homebuyers

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This Article Is About Buying A Home With Dogs And Other Pets For Homebuyers

Americans love their dogs and other pets. Buying A Home With Dogs And Other Pets are the majority of homebuyers. 70% of homebuyers own a dog or cat or both. That translates into 85 million families who own a dog or other pets. People consider their dogs and cats as members of their families. Over $100 billion dollars are spent on pets by Americans every year. More and more Americans are adopting pets since the coronavirus outbreak hit the United States. This is because a large percentage of employers now offer remote job opportunities.

Remote workers can now live anywhere and do not have to regularly report to brick and mortgage locations. Many city dwellers are fleeing the city and moving to the suburbs or rural areas. Buying a home in the suburbs comes with a yard and more space benefits dog owners. Suburbs are more pet-friendly than city living. In this article, we will discuss and cover Buying A Home With Dogs And Other Pets for homebuyers.

Considerations When Buying A Home With Dogs And Other Pets For Homebuyers

One of the greatest advantages of being a homeowner is being able to have dogs and other pets without landlord approval. Renters need landlord approval to own dogs. Most landlords will ask for an additional security deposit for renters who are pet owners. Other landlords will not allow medium or large-sized dogs. Yet other landlords flat out will not allow dogs and other pets period. It is also hard on dogs who live in the city. Lack of greens and grass and walking on hot or cold concrete can hurt their paws. Many high rises in cities like Chicago and/or New York are not set up to be pet-friendly.

Surge In Adoptions During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Adoptions have greatly skyrocketed during the COVID-19 outbreak. More and more people are being transferred for remote job positions which means more folks can adopt dogs and cats. Pets are loyal, entertaining, offer unconditional love, and offer great companionship for their human owners.  Recent data show more and more homebuyers are fleeing the city to the suburbs during the coronavirus pandemic.

The suburbs are more pet-friendly than city living. Most suburban homes are single-family homes with open space and a private yard which are ideal for dogs. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss several important considerations for homebuyers to keep in mind when buying a home with dogs and other pets.

Location Considerations When Buying A Home With Dogs

When buying a home with pets, homebuyers should consider the location of their potential home purchase. You do not want to be buying a home that is on a main busy street. Buying a home near rail tracks should be avoided as well. Make sure you canvass the area and neighborhood. Are there wild animals such as coyotes and hawks that can threaten your pet? Is the home near a marsh, lake, river where dangerous creatures like Alligators can be a threat. Buying a home near an apartment complex or business district can be a negative also. How far is an animal emergency and/or the local veterinarian from the home you are buying?

The Type Of Home And Neighborhood

Buying a home in the suburbs is a no-brainer for dog lovers and other pet owners. The larger the breed of a dog, the more space they need. Larger breeds of dogs like Old English Mastiffs, Rottweilers, German Shepherds will most likely need a fenced private yard. A fenced yard is hands down a necessity for dog lovers. Having a private fenced yard should be a top priority for homebuyers with a dog. The dog can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors without supervision if they have a private fenced yard. Fences do not only provide security for dogs but are added security and privacy for the home.

There are communities where fences are not allowed. Many communities with subdivisions with homeowners associations will not allow fencing. However, an option would be electric fences for homeowners with dogs. Canopies are a necessity for dog lovers with the smaller breed of dogs. Hawks, Eagles, or other large birds can easily scoop up smaller dogs.

Making Sure Your Dog And Cats Are Content With Their New Home

Whether your dog and cats are happy with their new home

Many dogs are indoor doors and prefer indoor living versus staying outdoors. There are many toy and/or smaller breeds of dogs that spend countless hours daily looking out the windows. Make sure the home you are planning to purchase has windows where your small fur babies have access. Other dogs and cats enjoy the daily sun through the windows and can lay there for hours. Make sure the home and its surroundings are safe from danger. Make sure there are no ditches and/or swamps that can endanger your dog and/or cats.

Make sure there is no loose electrical wiring that can be a danger. Older homes need to make sure there is no peeling paint and/or toxic substances. Safety issues should be thoroughly examined both indoors and outdoors. Also, if you have larger dogs or aggressive dogs, make sure they are supervised. This holds true especially if you have neighbors with smaller children. You do not want your dog biting any small children.

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