Complimentary Letter From Another Satisfied Borrower

Another Satisfied Borrower Of The Gustan Cho Team At CrossCountry Mortgage: Dr. Synthia Miller

As a mortgage loan officer, I am blessed to represent mortgage loan borrowers who consult with me and ask for my help in helping them get a home loan to make their dream of home ownership a reality . Every mortgage loan originator should be blessed when a borrower hires them to do their mortgage loan.

The Faith, Confidence, And Trust We Get By Our Borrowers At The Gustan Cho Team At CrossCountry Mortgage

  • Borrowers trust their mortgage loan officers with all of their financials, including tax returns, W2s, bank statements, divorce decree if applicable, bankruptcy paperwork if applicable, and other personal financial and credit documents.
  • Mortgage loan officers should be available at all times for their borrowers, 7 days a week, evenings, and weekends as well as holidays.
  • The word extension or closing delay is frowned upon from me and my team of licensed mortgage loan officers and processors and support staff at The Gustan Cho Team at CrossCountry Mortgage.
  • There is a reason why mortgage loan officers get positive reviews and positive testimonials.
  • It is because they treat borrowers with respect and are always available to them at anytime they may have any questions.
  • There is no reason why a pre-approved borrower should not close on their home loan.
  • Over 75% of borrowers of The Gustan Cho Team at CrossCountry Mortgage are folks who gotten a last minute mortgage loan denial or are going through stress during mortgage loan process and the only reason for this is due to not being properly qualified by their loan officer.

A Fine Mortgage Processor

Trisha Mangiaracina of The Gustan Cho Team at CrossCountry Mortgage is one of the most talented individuals I have met in my professional career in the mortgage business and am proud that she is part of our fast growing team. Trish Mangiaracina is one mortgage professional who really goes above and beyond and is one of the main reasons why The Gustan Cho Team at CrossCountry Mortgage closes so many loans and credits her for making the dream of home ownership a reality for my mortgage borrowers. Here is a complimentary letter by one of my special clients commending Trisha Mangiaracina of The Gustan Cho Team at CrossCountry Mortgage.

Review By Another Satisfied Borrower

Here is a testimonial by Dr. Synthia Miller, another satisfied borrower of Gustan Cho about her experience with Trisha Mangiaracina of The Gustan Cho Team at CrossCountry Mortgage.

January 21, 2015

To All Whom It May Concern From Another Satisfied Borrower:

I am writing concerning my experience with one of your processors – Ms. Trisha Mangiaracina, mortgage processor of The Gustan Cho Team at CrossCountry Mortgage

I am almost at a loss for words because of the level of excellence that she exemplified
This is truly rare in this day and time

From the beginning of our interaction, Trisha Mangiaracina of The Gustan Cho Team at CrossCountry Mortgage indicated a care and concern for my file which was amazing. She was friendly, outgoing, sincere, detail-oriented – and it was evident from the beginning that she was skilled.

At every step, I was amazed at her due diligence. She was thorough and worked incredibly long hours on my file – as evidenced by the late hours and weekend dates on the e-mails.

At a time which is stressful for most, she did all of this with so much grace and professionalism. (I know that in my field as a Doctor of Pharmacy – many do not perform well in the setting of stress.)

With every email….phone call….and with all of my contact with Trisha, I was very pleased that she kept everything moving smoothly and appeared to be the engine that pushed my file closer and closer to closing.

Trisha Mangiaracina of CrossCountry Mortgage juggled multiple documents…multiple details…and was still keenly aware of everything going on and affecting my file. She kept everything streamlined, moving along, and was always pinpoint accurate and organized when she would request documents from me. Her high level of skill, organization, and professional assertiveness saved me – as the client – a great deal of time.
It became evident that pulling everything together and being ready before the closing date was very important. This too is very important to me as the client.

To say that my experience with Ms. Mangiaracina was outstanding is an understatement at best.
Trish would be an incredible asset to any organization. I believe that your company is so fortunate to have her. I too feel incredibly fortunate and grateful that she was the processor working on my file. I cannot say enough good things about Ms. Mangiaracina of The Gustan Cho Team at CrossCountry Mortgage and my experiences with your company thus far. Trisha is truly a bright and shining star in, and for, your organization.

Sincerely Another Satisfied Borrower Of The Gustan Cho Team At CrossCountry Mortgage,

Dr. Synthia S. Miller

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