Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Against Governors Executive Order

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Against Governors Executive Order

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BREAKING NEWS: Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Against Governors Executive Order

Why the Wisconsin Supreme Court Adjudicates on Executive Enforcement
Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Against Governors Executive Order on Wednesday, May 13 angering Tony Evers and his administration.

  • Governor Tony Evers was adamant in extending his emergency stay at home order
  • The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in blocking Governor Tony Evers Safer at Home extension on Wednesday
  • What this means is Wisconsin businesses and residents can not abide to the governor’s stay at home order effective immediately
  • On Thursday, tens of thousands of business owners opened their doors
  • Many happy Wisconsinites flooded stores, restaurants, bars, and other public places on Thursday

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Against Governors Executive Order.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Against Governors Executive Order: Businesses Can Open

Most state governors in the U.S have issued emergency orders shutting down their state economies.

  • Under the governor’s state emergency executive orders, all non-essential businesses need to remain closed
  • Residents are not allowed to congregate in public and/or public places where there are 10 or more people
  • Social distancing guidelines need to be followed by businesses and people
  • State parks, beaches, and recreational areas need to remain closed
  • Under most state constitutions, governors are allowed to issue emergency orders
  • However, the order is only good for a one time 30 day term
  • Many governors such as Tony Evers have extended the executive stay at home orders beyond the 30 day mark
  • Other governors such as governors of Georgia, Florida, Texas, and other Republican led states have reopened their states recently
  • Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature have filed suit against Tony Evers’ stay at home order
  • The state’s supreme court ruled against Governor Tony Evers’ COVID-19 stay at home order on Wednesday, May 13th

The justices of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court ruled the Evers’ administration has overstepped its authority when it extended the coronavirus stay at home order for an additional month without approval of the state legislature.

What Does The Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Against Governors Executive Order Mean

The 4-3 Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling on Wednesday means the state can reopen effective immediately. Wisconsinites are now allowed to travel as they please. They can be open in public. Following social distancing guidelines on their own is optional. There are no longer maximum caps on gatherings. All non-essential businesses that have been ordered closed can now reopen. This includes restaurants, bars, and other public places.

The supreme court decision does allow local and county government to have their own health and safety standards.

CLICK HERE to read through the decision of the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Urgency In Reopening The Economy

Why is the urgent need to re-open the economy

The coronavirus pandemic economic shutdown has devastated the U.S. economy.

  • Prior to the pandemic, the U.S. economy was booming
  • Unemployment rates were under 3.5% which was at historic lows
  • Millions of businesses closed leaving millions of Americans unemployed
  • Today, unemployment claim numbers came in at just under 3 million
  • Over 36 million Americans filed for unemployment in the past 8 weeks
  • Many Republican led states such as Georgia, Texas, Florida, and countless others have reopened their states couple of weeks ago
  • The longer businesses remain closed, the more likely they may never reopen

Reopened states are flourishing with new coronavirus cases and death tolls declining.

Out Of Control Power Hungry Governors

Democrat led states such as Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California and others are extending the stay at home order. The extension of the stay of home orders is angering business owners, workers, and taxpayers. However, Democrat governors are using fear and trying to have control by extending the stay at home orders. Governors are allowed to issue a one time 30 day executive order for a health crisis. However, most legal scholars are questioning the legality of governors extending the stay at home orders. Freshman Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker announced he will not reopen Illinois until there is a cure and/or vaccine for the coronavirus. Republican lawmakers are filing suit against Pritzker and winning. Southern Illinois Republican lawmaker Darren Bailey recently won a court ruling against J.B Pritzker’s stay at home order. Pritzker, furious and angered, said he will start using the Illinois State Police to ticket and arrest violators of his stay at home orders. Many Illinois county sheriffs have announced they will not enforce Pritzker’s stay at home order.

Major Victory For Citizen’s Rights

Which means a big victory for civil rights

Wednesday’s Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling is a victory over citizen’s rights. Many governors are out of control and their true colors are coming out. This holds true with Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker. Pritzker said he plans on using the Illinois State Police to arrest violators of his stay at home order. Pritzker also said he is considering revoking state licenses for violators of businesses that open despite his executive stay at home order. This is a developing story. We will be updating our viewers as this story develops in the coming days and weeks. STAY TUNED!!!

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