Refinace Mortgage Home Loan With Bad Credit

Many mortgage loan borrowers and first time home buyers question themselves whether they can get a home loan with bad credit.  Getting a home loan with bad credit is no problem as long as you have income.  Income and credit are the two most important deciding factors that play into getting a mortgage loan.  Getting a home loan with bad credit is doable as long as you have been timely with your monthly credit payment obligations for at least six months.  Most mortgage lenders do not want to see any derogatories in the past twelve months but there are some mortgage lenders that will approve a mortgage loan with only six months of timely payments.  First time home buyers who are seeking a home loan with bad credit should consult with a mortgage lender as soon as possible to evaluate their credit and income so they can qualify for a mortgage home loan.

Can I Get A Refinance Mortgage Home Loan With Bad Credit?

If you are a homeowner and are interested in a refinance mortgage home loan with bad credit, you are in luck if you are a current FHA insured mortgage holder.  The new FHA streamline refinance mortgage program enables FHA insured mortgage holders to get a refinance mortgage home loan with bad credit, no income verification, and no appraisals.  You can be late on all of your monthly credit obligations except your mortgage payments.  There is no income verification required.  You do need a job but the  mortgage lender will not require to see your income.  There is no appraisal requirements either.

Home Loan With High Debt To Income Ratio And Bad Credit

You can  have high debt to income ratios,  recent late payment history, recent bankruptcy, collections, and other derogatories.  Once condition that the FHA streamline refinance mortgage loan program requires is that you be on time on your mortgage payments for the past 12 months.  The FHA streamline refinance mortgage program streamlines your mortgage approval process and most closings are done in less than two weeks since an appraisal is not required.  If you are a refinance mortgage borrower in Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, Indiana, or California and are interested in the FHA streamline refinance mortgage home loan with bad credit, please contact me at 262-716-8151 or at

By Gustan Cho

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