Recent Trends And Issues In Mortgage Regulations

Recent Trends And Issues In Mortgage Regulations

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This ARTICLE On Recent Trends And Issues In Mortgage Regulations Was PUBLISHED On July 13th, 2018

What are the latest trends and problems in mortgage regulations

We now have an update on recent trends and issues in mortgage regulations.

  • Recent Trends And Issues In Mortgage Regulations for RESPA and HUD are ongoing
  • The CFPB, or which stands for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, were set to implement the recent trend and issues in mortgage regulations as well as the changes
  • As an organization, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is not required to obtain any legislative approval prior to making those changes as set forth by the Dodd-Frank Mortgage Act
  • The only requirement the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has to fulfill is to fill out a two-page form and send it to them within 60 days the policy change is supposed to take effect
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau missed the deadline
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is an agency whose responsibility it is to oversee a 2 trillion dollar a year industry and can’t seem to fill out a two-page form in time

In this article, we will discuss and cover Recent Trends And Issues In Mortgage Regulations.

Recent Trends And Issues In Mortgage Regulations On Home Building Starts

Homebuilding starts, depending on where you live, is showing signs of growth and life and promising future growth.
  • The resilience of the economy to create can and seems to surpass any obstacle that comes before them
  • Some say this is due to banks opening up commercial lending to builders in the form of construction loans and lines of credit
  • Others say it is the looser credit standards(use this term loosely) banks have in lending to individual borrowers  for home loans

As construction costs, which include labor and materials, as well as permits all go up, the price of these homes will have to trend upward in order for margins to be maintained.

Recent Trends On Regulations On Rates And Prices

What are the latest trends in rate and price regulations?

Rates and prices have an effect on purchasing power.

There is another cost too, which many parents who move into a great school district or one lacking commercial tax burden can sympathize with:

  • real estate property taxes

No matter how long homeowners own their property, if and when they pay off that note, they still owe their local government for taxes:

  • For that reason, local governments own a part of the home, even if a lien does not come up
  • If and when homeowners can, please appeal those taxes
  • Homeowners can find an attorney to charge on the back end
  • This would be extremely beneficial to homeowners to consider their services
  • Loving their family and wanting the best for them should not require homeowners to unload their pocketbook to some municipality that spends before they save
This article was written by Ron Granado, a veteran title officer and an expert in real estate and mortgage rules and regulation.  Ron Granado is well respected by real estate attorneys, mortgage bankers, realtors, and consumers.  Ron Granado is a guest writer for Gustan Cho Associates and other professional real estate organizations.
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