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Applying for a formal mortgage application has never been simpler.  You can now apply for a California, Indiana, Texas, Indiana, Florida or Illinois mortgage application online.  Just click on the APPLY NOW icon on the top RIGHT section of this website.  It is a secured confidential mortgage application.  Within minutes of submitting your online mortgage application, I will get alerted and contact you to go over the application with you before submitting it to our automated underwriting system for a formal approval.

Online Mortgage Application and Pre-approval in minutes

When you are filling out the online mortgage application, please take your time and fill in all of the information requested as accurately as possible.  It is to your best interest that all the information be as accurate as possible.  Make sure you state your full name, including middle initial.  On the section where it states subject property, you may type in To Be Determined unless you have a property in mind.  If you have a rough idea of the property taxes and homeowners insurance, please fill that in.

Online Mortgage Application: Pre-approvals 7 days a week

On the section where it asks for your bank account information, you do not have to fill out the account numbers but do write the name of the bank and the amount you have in your checking or savings account.  All income is monthly gross income.  You can also state part time income, pension income, social security income, and child support income if it applies to you.

No mortgage lender overlays

If you have a co-borrower, make sure the co-borrower’s information is as accurate as possible.  We will approve your online mortgage application on the information that you are stating and if the information is wrong, your online mortgage application will get denied.  Every information that you state will be verified and documentation will be needed if you proceed with your mortgage application.  If you have judgments, collections, bankruptcy, or foreclosure, please state that on your online mortgage application.  I can still approve you with prior bad credit so stating your prior credit will not hurt you.  Not disclosing it will.

Online mortgage application: Solid pre-approval with automated findings

Once you have completed your online mortgage application, I will contact you to make sure all of the information is correct.  I will then run a credit check and go over any derogatory information on your credit report.  I will then submit it to our automated underwriting system for an approval or an approve eligible.  If I get an approval, I will go over the interest rate and mortgage terms with you and issue you a preapproval letter.  If it comes back approval eligible, I will go over with you what we need to do to get it approved.  We might have to repair your credit to boost your credit scores. Or your debt to income ratio might be a little high and we might have to restructure the loan application or pay down some credit cards or some other debt or see if we can utilize overtime income or other income to reduce your debt to income ratio.

Minimum 580 FICO for 3.5% down payment home purchase home loan

Either way, all of my online mortgage application clients will get approved now or in the near future.  If your credit is bad, then I will help you repair your credit and improve your credit scores.  If you recently filed bankruptcy, I will help you reestablish your credit so you will be eligible for a mortgage loan in the very near future.  If you need help, I am here for you.  All of my clients are long term clients and friends.

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