Avoid Being On List With Mortgage Lead Generation Companies


Mortgage Lead Generation Companies

This BLOG On Mortgage Lead Generation Companies Was UPDATED On June 22. 2017

Do you have multiple mortgage brokers contacting you?

  • Getting unwanted solicitation calls can become really annoying, especially if you get dozens of calls everyday from mortgage brokers throughout the country. 
  • There are hundreds of lead generation companies that advertise on the internet. 
  • They advertise that they have the lowest rates and advertise of no closing costs loans. 
  • They have an inquiry box where they want you to enter your information in order to get a quick quote or a promise that a licensed mortgage loan originator will contact you. 
  • The problem with these mortgage websites are that they are not licensed mortgage companies. 
  • They are lead generation companies which sell your information to multiple mortgage brokers.

How Mortgage Lead Generation Companies Make Money

Mortgage lead generation companies sell your name to mortgage companies and mortgage brokers for a fee.

  • I remember I used to buy leads from mortgage lead generation companies and when I called on the mortgage loan prospect they would tell me that I was the 30th call. 
  • I used the mortgage lead generation company for a month and stopped using them. 
  • I was rather upset with the mortgage lead generation company because they promised me that I would be the only mortgage broker getting the lead but that was not the case. 
  • They distributed to at least 12 or more mortgage brokers charging each mortgage broker $25.00 or more per name. 
  • I do not think I ever got a mortgage loan from using a mortgage lead generation company.

Solicitation From Mortgage Lead Generation Companies

When you get multiple mortgage solicitation calls from mortgage brokers, it is not the mortgage brokers fault.

  • You probably inquired on the internet that you were interested in getting a mortgage quote or a mortgage loan and entered your information. 
  • It was not a mortgage company that you submitted your information to but a mortgage lead generation company. 
  • The mortgage lead generation company in turn sold your name and information to various mortgage brokers and mortgage companies for a fee. 
  • You will probably get a phone calls from mortgage brokers followed up by a computer generated email. 
  • If you are not interested, simply respond back on the email that you are not interested.

How To Avoid Mortgage Lead Generation Companies

If you inquire for a Fast Quote on my website, www.gustancho.com , you can rest assured that your information is kept private and confidential and is not sold to anyone.

  • I am the only person that has your information and you do not have to worry about any solicitation except for the questions you have. 
  • If I have answered your questions and you no longer want to be contacted, you can rest assured that I will comply with your request. 
  • I have no association whatsoever with any mortgage lead generation companies and the blogs I write is simply to educate and inform my mortgage clients and my readers about general mortgage information. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at 800-900-8569 .

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