Looking To Break Into The Mortgage Industry? Take This Assessment

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Have you ever thought about breaking into the mortgage industry? Have you ever thought about a job in finance or as a loan officer? Or, maybe you are in a career that you really don’t like and would like to find something more fulfilling. Unfortunately, many people just accept that they hate their jobs and continue with it anyway.

If you aren’t one of those types and would rather find a job that helps people realize their dreams, then you would do well as a loan officer. There is an assessment that can be done that will show you what matches your personality so you can figure out if it is the right job for you. It is done by a professional with a Strong Interest Inventory certification that will open up your eyes to the various possibilities that you may not have even considered beforehand. 

In this article, I will go over how this assessment can help you find out if you are right for a role as a loan officer or a similar position.  

How does the Strong Interest Inventory work?

The system has been around for almost 80 years in one form or another. The basic way it works is that it uses a sample group of people that report what their interests are, the type of job that they do and how happy they are in that job. 

How does the Strong Interest Inventory work?

This sample group provides a boatload of data that can then be compared when put against the interests of somebody taking the assessment. 

many people don’t realize what characteristic best fits certain job types.  Before breaking into the mortgage industry or any industry and wasting time on your exams, licenses and money, it’s better to see what type of person you need to be to be successful in that job.

In the assessment that you will take, there are 291 items and it takes roughly 45 minutes to compete. Somebody that is already certified in providing the test will guide you through it.

In it, you will answer questions about your interests, about people and even your personal characteristics. Once all of this information is provided, it will be put through the database of the sample group to see which career comes up the most based on your results. 

Taking the assessment 

Your answers on the questionnaire will be put into six different General Occupational Themes or categories. Each of the categories will feature in the results and give you a classification. Then, this classification will be used to define what type of person you are with the first letter of each as the name.

For example, if your responses come in high in Artistic, Social and Enterprising then you will be in the ASE category based on the first letter of each.

The six categories are:

  • Realistic 
  • Investigative
  • Artistic
  • Social
  • Enterprising 
  • Conventional

Enterprising is the category that you will hopefully find is yours. This is because enterprising, or simply E types are the ones that have a solid base of entrepreneurial skills and self-determination. When combined with other types on the list, it can open up a lot of different job types that you are ideal for. For instance, if you are the EC type then this is the best combination for somebody who wants to be a loan officer.

These types are reliable and great at organizing and focusing on the details. Yet, at the same time are good at going with their gut and intuition rather than just what the data tells them. They are good at reading people and understanding how to deliver what they are looking for. 

Breaking Into the Mortgage Industry – Next Step

Now that you know that your personality is suited towards being a loan officer, you need to get qualified. Hopefully, you already have a degree in a finance-related field such as economics or accounting. If not, then you’ll need to go back to school to add another degree so you can qualify.

What is the next step in the mortgage industry

Then once you are set with the right degree, you will have to get a mortgage loan originator license. This involves a class of around 20 hours and a background check to make sure that you aren’t the type to commit some kind of fraud. 

Once you have this then you are set to start looking for jobs. Don’t worry about not having experience as you will be trained on the job. Many mortgage companies have a system that they prefer their officers to have so it is actually better in a way to go with no experience. 

As long as you have the proper education and background in finance then you will be a good fit for any company. Once in your job, you will be helping people get into the home of their dreams which leads to a lot of job satisfaction.

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