Illinois Request For Federal Bailout Backfires On Governor JB Pritzker

This BREAKING NEWS Is About Illinois Request For Federal Bailout Backfires On Governor JB Pritzker

Illinois Request For Federal Bailout Backfires on first-term rookie freshman Governor JB Pritzker:

The federal fraud investigation is still ongoing and has expanded into the Cook County Assessor’s Office.

Illinois Request For Federal Bailout Backfires: JB Pritzker Ranks As One Of The Worst Governors In The Nation

JB Pritzker is definitely making a name for himself:

  • It is no secret JB Pritzker’s all-time lifetime goal is to become President of the United States one day
  • However, his name branding is going the opposite way
  • JB Pritzker is gaining national attention and fame for being a national idiot and one of the worst governors in the nation
  • JB Pritzker recently ranked as one of the worst governors in the United States
  • JB Pritzker ranks as the worst governor in the country, pretty much back to back along with California Governor Gavin Newsom, New York’s Andrew Cuomo, Michigan’s Rachel Whitmer. Illinois Request For Federal Bailout Backfires on JB Pritzker
  • Pritzker thought he had the federal bailout money in the bag with the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

President Donald Trump made it very clear he is not going to support the $900 billion dollars latest stimulus bill passed by the House of Representatives.

Illinois Request For Federal Bailout Backfires: Trump And Republican Governors Against Bailing Out Mismanaged States Like Illinois

The Democrats led by nasty Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer tried to pull another fast one again:

  • The second stimulus bill package contained 6,000 pages where members of the House of Representatives had no time to review a fraction of the bill
  • Nancy Pelosi pulled this type of stunt before with the Obama Care Act where members of Congress were forced to pass the bill before having a chance to read it
  • With the latest defeat for JB Pritzker, the obese heavyset governor is sitting scratching his head with no other solutions but to keep on increasing taxes and creating new taxes
  • The first-term rookie obese JB Pritzker is also forced into emergency budget cuts
  • This is because the incompetent governor inflated the potential revenue the state would have in hand with the passage of his FAIR TAX
  • The FAIR TAX got defeated by Illinois voters which derailed Pritzker’s budget
  • The FAIR TAX was changing the state’s flat-tax system to a progressive tax system that would penalize wealthy Illinoisans in paying more taxes
  • The more you make, the more taxes you pay with the progressive tax
  • Pritzker’s incompetence and lack of leadership are causing a mass exodus of not just individual taxpayers but small businesses to other lower-taxed states
  • When JB Pritzker was asked about the alarming numbers of Illinoisans moving out of state due to high taxes and incompetence among politicians, JB Pritzker again blamed it on the previous governor
  • JB Pritzker seems to be in a state of denial and not concerned with the outmigration rate of Illinoisans

In this breaking news article, we will discuss and cover Illinois Request For Federal Bailout Backfires On Governor JB Pritzker.

Congress Passes The Second Coronavirus Stimulus: Headed For President Trump To Sign

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate signed the second coronavirus stimulus bill.

  • However, President Donald J. Trump does not look like he is going to sign the bill surprising many
  • The President said the bill is a joke to Americans
  • Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other top Democrats know how to play the political game
  • The Democrats included billions of dollars in foreign aid which has nothing to do with helping American workers and small business owners hurt by the out of control Democrat governors shutting down their states
  • The nation’s top incompetent governors include Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, New York’s Andrew Cuomo, and Michigan Gov. Rachel Whitmer
  • Part of the bill included funding for financially irresponsible states like Illinois, New York, California, and dozens of other Democrat-led cities, counties, and states

JB Pritzker was really counting on a federal bailout so he can pay the money he borrowed twice this year from the Federal Reserve Board to pay the bills of Illinois. Now this plan has backfired on the 5’5″ 500-pound first term obese governor.

Part Of Stimulus Money Bill Was Federal Bailout For Democrat-led Cities And States

JB Pritzker must be the dumbest politician in the nation.

  • JB Pritzker’s failed FAIR TAX amendment voters turned down has put the state’s budget upside down by $3.8 billion
  • Who in their right mind would count on $3.8 billion in the state’s budget on a potential tax increase when you did not get voter approval yet
  • You have to be pretty dumb, incompetent, and arrogant right?
  • You met the man. JB Pritzker
  • Now with what Pritzker thought was a sure deal with getting a federal bailout has backfired on the rookie obese governor
  • It does not seem like Illinois is going to get a federal bailout to fix its financial mess
  • JB Pritzker has been politicizing the coronavirus outbreak in Illinois so he can make a name of himself on a national level
  • JB Pritzker’s lifelong dream has been to become President of the United States
  • However, his trying to brand his name on a national level is backfiring
  • Governor JB Pritzker ranks as one of the most popular governors in the nation
  • From the day he got into office, there has never been a mass exodus of Illinoisans than we have today under his watch
  • All Pritzker knows what to do is increasing taxes, creating new taxes, and blaming others for Illinois’ financial crisis in the history of the state
  • While most Republican-led states are thriving and raking in billions, states like Illinois under poor incompetent leadership of JB Pritzker have their hands out for federal bailout money
  • Many Republican governors in well-run states are absolutely opposed to bail out Illinois and its out of control Ponzi-Scheme like underfunded pensions
  • The incompetence of JB Pritzker and other state Democrats is taking its toll on Illinoisans from individual taxpayers, families, businesses, schools, local municipalities, and hospitals

So, the bottom line is why should well-managed financially responsible states pay for JB Pritzker’s incompetence and poor financial mismanagement.

Paycheck Protection Program Included In The Coronavirus Stimulus Package Laughable According To President Trump

Included in the coronavirus economic relief bill passed in the House of Representatives and Senate was funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The Paycheck Protection Program is relief funding to help support small businesses and their employees which were affected by governors politicizing the coronavirus outbreak and extending their executive stay at home order lockdown. Lost business due to bans on indoor dining and other indoor businesses have crushed these small business owners where many can not reopen. Loss of business revenues mean loss of tax revenues for city, county, and state government.  $284 billion to fund forgivable loans was allocated for the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses and its employees.

Michelle McCue of Gustan Cho Associates has been following this story all year. Michelle McCue said the following:

The deal directs $15 billion to live performance venues, independent movie theaters, and cultural institutions that have taken a huge hit. More than $40 billion is allocated to buy COVID-19 vaccines and medicines and pay for state testing and tracing programs. But the package also features some bad choices. Another round of direct payments — $600 per person, down from $1,200 in the first round — will go to individuals making as much as $75,000 a year and couples making up to $150,000 a year. The blunderbuss approach was defensible in the spring when haste was in order to alleviate hardship and shore up the economy. But this time Congress should have means-tested aid to get it to the people most likely to need it, those with household incomes closer to the national median.

President Donald Trump has changed his mind in signing the coronavirus economic relief bill after it passed the House and Senate. He feels Americans got a raw deal while foreign countries got more than the $600 per person. President Trump said this is not taking care of America first. President Trump said he would like to see more like $2,000 per person instead of $600. This is a developing story. We will keep our viewers updated as this story develops.

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  2. Alex Carlucci

    JB Pritzker and dozens of Democrat mayors and governors have been politicizing the coronavirus pandemic to benefit themselves politically and is looking like it is going to backfire on the fat slob.

  3. J. Bernstein says

    Illinois is my home. I was born, raised, educated in Illinois. We need to make Illinois great again. We need to make sure Illinois Governor JB Pritzker is impeached, arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison for ruining the lives of Illinoisans, small business owners, and the future of Illinois. Never in history did our nation had such a fat obese, overweight, incompetent, dumb governor like JB PRITZKER. JB Pritzker is a human disgrace. He is hands down the most incompetent governor in the United States of America. This incompetent fat governor is on a power trip and is doing everything possible to bankruptcy Illinois business owners so Fatso can get a federal bailout from Bejing Joe and BJ GIVER KAMALA HARRIS. Porky does not realize China Joe and BJ SWALLOWER Kamala Harris will NOT BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT.
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